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Chiuke Pathkiller MP (c.1804 - c.1852)

Nunna'hi-dihi, Chief Pathkiller MP (c.1764 - 1839)

Birth: 1742 Death: Jan., 1827 Cherokee Chief. Born it present day Alabama, he rose to the chieftainship of Gun'-di'ga-duhun'yi or Turkey Town, the largest of the Cherokee settlements and a princi...

U Ga Lo Gv "Leaf" Nelly Pathkiller MP (c.1734 - c.1790)

The Children of Chief Pathkiller and Peggy (woman of the Red Paint Clan of The Overhill Cherokee, NC.) Chief Nunnaa hi-Diha Pathkiller B. abt 1764 Nancy Ann (Polly) U’ga’lo’...

Ailcey Eldridge (Pathkiller) (1790 - d.)

Ailcey Pathkiller (deceased)

Ailsey Pathkiller (c.1790 - d.)

Alcey Eldridge (Pathkiller) (1790 - 1835)

Annie Pathkiller (Bird) (1890 - 1982)

Arhhilla Pathkiller (deceased)

Archilla Pathkiller (deceased)

Charwahvooca peggy Pathkiller, 2 (1745 - 1833)

Charwahyooca Pathkiller (1804 - 1852)

Cheif Pathkiller (deceased)

cherokee Indian Peggy Pathkiller (deceased)

Chief Pathkiller (c.1745 - 1827)

Chief Pathkiller (Oconostota) (deceased)

Chief Aganstata Groundhog Sausage Oconostata Pathkiller (1702 - 1783)

Chief Nunna'hi Pathkiller Pathkiller (c.1719 - 1827)

Chief Nunnaa hi-Diha Pathkiller (1764 - 1841)

Chief Nunnadihi Pathkiller, Sr (1742 - 1827)

Chief Nunnadihi (Moytoy) Pathkiller (Pathfinder) (deceased)

Chief Onocosota Pathkiller (deceased)

Chief Pathkiller Pathkiller (1742 - 1827)

Chowayoucha Pathkiller (c.1780 - c.1811)

Chowayoucha Pathkiller (deceased)

elsie eldridge (pathkiller) (deceased)

Elsie Pathkiller (deceased)

Elsie Eldridge (Pathkiller) (c.1790 - d.)

ga lo gv "Leaf" Nelly Canoe (Pathkiller) (deceased)

granny pathkiller (deceased)

Inola Pathkiller (deceased)

Jennie Pathkiller (deceased)

Jennie Pathkiller (1804 - 1852)

Jenny Pathkiller (deceased)

johnson pathkiller (b. - 1929)

Johnson (John) Crittenden Pathkiller (1857 - 1977)

Johnson (John) Robert Pathkiller (1887 - 1969)

Judge Pathkiller (c.1820 - d.)

Judge William Choo Huh Loo Huh Pathkiller (1835 - d.)

Julie Pathkiller (deceased)

key pathkiller (deceased)

Leaf Pathkiller (deceased)

martha ann pathkiller (west) (1884 - d.)

Nancy Ann Polly Pathkiller (deceased)

Nancy Ann polly Moore (Pathkiller) (1777 - 1832)

Nancy Pathkiller (deceased)

nancy pathkiller (crittenden) (deceased)

Nancy A. Pathkiller (deceased)

Nancy Ann "Polly" ann Pathkiller (1777 - 1835)

Event: full blooded Cherokee Nationality Note: believed to be from the Red Paint Clan. Father: Nunnaa hi-Dihia PATHKILLER b: 1742 in NC, USA Mother: Peggy Marriage 1 Robert Alec MOORE b: Abt ...

Nancy anne polly pathkiller (deceased)

Nunnahi Dihi Pathkiller (Oconostota) (deceased)

Oo-Loo-Sta Pathkiller (Paint Clan) (1720 - 1783)

Peggy Pathkiller (deceased)

Peggy Pathkiller (Pathfinder) (deceased)

Peggy Pathkiller (deceased)

Peggy Jr Chowayoucah Pathkiller (c.1804 - c.1852)

Polly Pathkiller (deceased)

Princess Nancy Ann "Polly" Moore (Pathkiller) (deceased)

Quatee Pathkiller (deceased)

Racheal Tabatha Moore (Pathkiller) (deceased)

Robert Pathkiller (deceased)

Sarah Pathkiller (deceased)

Sarah Pathkiller (c.1812 - 1860)

PATHKILLER GARDENHIRE, James T. & wife, Sarah vs. Wiley BLAIR & others - Circuit Court - 1849 Editor's Note: The following case is a follow-up to a case involving Pathkiller, a Cherokee Indian, who...

Sarah Pathkiller (deceased)

The Bark Pathkiller (Oconostota) (deceased)

warren nmn pathkiller (25 - 73)

warren pathkiller (deceased)

william ezra pathkiller (1896 - d.)

Woodrow Louis Pathkiller (1920 - 2008)

Woody Pathkiller (deceased)

You-choo-howee-yah Bearmeat Pathkiller (deceased)

YouChoohoweeyah BearMeat Pathkiller (c.1791 - d.)