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Agnes Alice Townsend (Payne) MP (c.1365 - c.1390)

Ann Payne MP (1693 - 1795)

Until recently there was no information that pointed to the ancestors of Joseph Payne who died in Bedford County, Virginia and the father of several children who settled in Robertson County, Tennessee....

Ann Payne (Fleming) MP (1705 - 1785)

Needs research. Could not have been married to Dudley - link needs to be broken Burial Find A Grave Memorial# 11294358 Marriages Josias Payne Thomas Dudley -- Not possible. Link to spouse n...

Anna Payne (Underhill) MP (1597 - 1621)

Anne Proude (Payne) MP (c.1551 - 1577)

Anne Leete (Payne) MP (c.1621 - 1668)

Notes from Christopher Schafer's PAF file state that she may have died in 1691.

Anthony Payne (Paine) MP (1536 - 1606)

Anthony Payne: Born 1536 St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England Gender Male Died 3 Mar 1606 Lavenham, Suffolk, England Buried 3 Mar 1606 Nowton, St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

Catherine Payne (Thompson) MP (c.1654 - 1685)

Catherine Payne MP (1565 - 1654)

Charles Payne MP (1732 - 1814)

Cynthia Fitz de Villiers (Payne) MP (1089 - d.)

Daniel Payne MP (1686 - 1709)

Dolly Madison, First Lady of the USA MP (1768 - 1849)

First Lady of the United States from 1809 to 1817. She also occasionally acted as what is now described as First Lady of the United States during the administration of Thomas Jefferson, fulfilling the ...

Dorothy Payne (Drury) MP (1771 - 1853)

Elen Calkins (Payne) MP (1580 - 1605)

Elizabeth Payne (Johnson) MP (1772 - 1845)

Betsy Johnson and her husband John Payne has Thirteen Children.

Elizabeth Payne (Rotherham) MP (b. - c.1632)

Elizabeth Payne (Hunting) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Payne (Lawson) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Barrett (Payne) MP (b. - 1674)

Elizabeth Sarah Payne (Pope) MP (1667 - 1716)


Elizabeth Hammond (Payne) MP (1586 - 1662)

-=-=-=-=- This is Elizabeth Payne, wife of "William of Watertown", not to be confused with Elizabeth Penn who married William Hammond ("William of London"). Elizabeth Penn is the ancestor of William Pe...

Elizabeth Peyton (Payne) MP (c.1760 - 1854)

Many LDS files and others have this Elizabeth confused with the following Elizabeth: Gravesite of Elizabeth Payne Genealogy

Elizabeth Payne MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Rogers (Payne) MP (deceased)

George Payne, Jr MP (1707 - 1784)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A086006 Gravesite There was a George II born in 1734 son of Josias but the data below is for JR.

George Payne MP (1678 - 1744)

Burial Buried in an unmarked grave in Payne Cemetery. Find A Grave Memorial# 11294367 Note : His FindAGrave memorial and many family web sites give 1695 as his birth birth year, but that could no...

Hairston P. Payne, Pvt. MP (1830 - 1862)

Isaac Payne, Trumpeter MP (1854 - 1904)

Isaac Payne (1854 – 1904) was a Black Seminole who served as a United States Army Indian Scout and received America's highest military decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in the Indian Wars o...

Joanna Payne MP (c.1535 - 1594)

Rev. John Payne MP (c.1595 - 1635)

John I Payne, Sir MP (1616 - 1690)

John is possibly not the son of Moses Payne. He isn't mentioned in Moses' Will which refers to Moses as his eldest son....... 1. John Payne was born 1615 and died 1690. He married Margaret . Childr...

John Payne MP (1646 - 1726)

Lord John Payne, III MP (c.1483 - 1526)

John Payne1 (M) (~ 1483-b 1526) Pop-up Pedigree Appears on charts: The Paynes of County Kent, England from 1420 to the emigrant Moses Payne John Payne was born ~ 1483 at Frittenden, Kent, E...

John Payne MP (1739 - 1792)

Birth: 1740 Death: 1792 Family links: Children: Dolley Madison (1768 - 1849)* Lucy Payne Todd Payne Washington (1772 - 1846)* Spouse: Mary Coles Payne (1743 - 1808)* Point h...

John Payne MP (deceased)

Brig. Gen. John Payne, Kentucky Light Dragoons MP (1764 - 1837)

General John Payne, who was a Brigadier General led the Kentucky Light Dragoons in the War of 1812 (in particular the Battle of the Thames). John and Betsy had 13 children and lived in the stone house ...

John Howard Payne MP (1791 - 1852)

John Howard Payne (June 9, 1791 – April 10, 1852) was an American actor, poet, playwright, and author who had most of his theatrical career and success in London. He is today most remembered as the...

John (Jackie) Henry Payne MP (1769 - 1846)

John H. Payne, was born Feb. 14, 1789. He came to this county in 1827 and bought 1,400 acres of land, settling his children around him. He died March 24,1846. From Roman Catholic Diocese Dorothy ...

Joseph Payne, Sr. MP (c.1725 - 1803)

Until recently there was no information that pointed to the ancestors of Joseph Payne who died in Bedford County, Virginia and the father of several children who settled in Robertson County, Tennessee....

Judith Payne (Burton) MP (c.1707 - 1787)

Gravesite I consider the below to be credible due to the birthdates of children. Notice the typo on Eliz(s)abeth birthdate as 1790 s/b 1760. Judith dates appear incorrect as well.

Katherine Stourton (Payne) MP (1402 - 1473)

Leona B McCurry MP (1897 - 1968)

Lettia Y. Peden (Payne) MP (b. - 1826)

Lucy Todd / Washington (Payne) MP (1772 - 1846)

BURIAL DATE IS CORRECT. Lucy was re-interred in 1893. See bio below. Birth: 1772 Hanover County Virginia, USA Death: Jan. 29, 1846 Wife of George Steptoe Washington. Was buried on the Was...

Lydia Payne MP (1682 - 1737)

Madelyn Lee Dunham (Payne) MP (1922 - 2008)

Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham; October 26, 1922 – November 2, 2008, and Stanley Armour Dunham (March 23, 1918 – February 8, 1992) were the maternal grandparents of Barack Obama, the junior United States Sen...

Margery (Ash) Payne MP (1510 - 1536)

Margaret Ash: Birth 1510 Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England Gender Female

Margery Haliday (Payne) MP (1485 - 1544)

Margery Payne (Yeovilton) MP (c.1367 - d.)

Martha Case (Payne) MP (c.1686 - 1723)

Martha Payne (Devotion) MP (deceased)

Martha (Castell) Payne MP (1535 - 1603)

Margaret Castell, b. 1535, Hengrave, Suffolk, England , d. 28 Jun 1603, Lavenham, Suffolk, England Married 1558 Lavenham, Suffolk, England Children 1. Thomas Payne, b. 25 Jan 1559, Lavenham, Suffolk, E...

Mary Payne (Day) MP (deceased)

Mary Franklin (Payne) MP (1710 - 1790)

In 1734, Lawrence Franklin and Edward Franklin, along with neighbors and relatives - the Clevelands,Madisons, Paynes, and Taylors in addition to others - moved to St. Thomas Parish in Orange County. Th...

Mary Brewton (Payne) MP (deceased)

Mary Jane Payne (Woodson) MP (1678 - 1766)

Genealogy of Mary The following are not official sources. 3) User-submitted trees for Mary Woodson at

Mary W Payne (Coles) MP (1743 - 1808)

Birth: 1743 Death: 1808 Family links: Children: Dolley Madison (1768 - 1849)* Lucy Payne Todd Payne Washington (1772 - 1846)* Spouse: John Payne (1740 - 1792) Point here for...

Mary Louise Payne (Farrow) MP (deceased)

Mercy Frost (Payne) MP (1645 - 1693)

Monica Payne (Cissell) MP (1732 - 1767)

3. Monica CISSELL was born ABT 1732, and died ABT 1767. She was the daughter of 6. Arthur CISSELL and 7. Mary DOYNE.

Monica Payne MP (1763 - 1837)

Child of Monica CISSELL and Leonard PAYNE is: 1. i. Monica PAYNE was born 13 MAR 1763, and died 3 FEB 1837 in Perry Co., Missouri. She married Bernard Emil CISSELL, son of James CISSELL and Elizabeth ...

Moses Payne (Paine), twin MP (c.1581 - 1643)

Moses Paine immigrated to Braintree, Mass. aboard the Castle in 1638. From Patrick Payne of Fredericksburg, VA. -------------------- ___________ He came to New England in 1638 with three children...

Nicholas Payne MP (c.1535 - 1617)

Phebe Payne (Offill) MP (1734 - 1803)

Rebecca Payne (Peck) MP (c.1620 - 1688)

Rebecca Payne (Freeman) MP (1724 - 1810)

Robert Payne MP (1706 - 1738)

Sir Robert Payne of Midloe MP (1604 - 1632)

Sir Robert Payne, High Sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdonshire MP (1573 - 1631)

From "The History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and St. Neot's in Huntingdonshire and of St. Neot's in the County of Cornwall" by George Cornelius Gorham, M.A. (London, 1820):

Robert Payne MP (c.1644 - c.1685)

Rolla Charles Payne MP (1892 - 1968)

Sallie Payne MP (deceased)

Sarah Higgs (Payne) MP (c.1568 - 1602)

Sarah H. French (Payne) MP (1738 - 1772)

Sarah Payne (Parker) MP (deceased)

Thomas Payne MP (c.1624 - 1673)

Birth: Jan. 25, 1559 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Death: Apr. 14, 1631 in Cookley, Suffolk, England.

Thomas Payne MP (c.1462 - d.)

Thomas Paine (Payne), I, of Cookley MP (1539 - 1631)

Thomas Payne of Paynshay MP (c.1363 - 1470)

Thomas "Trader" Payne, Sr. MP (c.1721 - 1811)

This is a direct quote from "The History of Fanklin County, Georgia". No source is offered. Page 34: Payne's Creek - in Old King's Bench of original Franklin County was one of the first streams to be...

Tobias Payne, of Fownhope MP (c.1636 - 1669)

He had come to Boston from the West Indies in 1666. Links

Vivian Ponsonby Payne MP (1889 - 1912)

Name: Mr Vivian Ponsonby Payne Born: 1889 Age: 22 years Last Residence: in Montreal Québéc Canada Occupation: Clerk 1st Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th Apr...

William Payne MP (c.1800 - d.)

William Payne MP (c.1329 - d.)

William Payne (Paine) MP (1510 - 1568)

William Payne, b. 1510, Market Bosworth, Leicester, England , d. 1568, Hengrave, Suffolk, England Mother Margert Ash, b. 1510, Boxford, Suffolk, England , bur. 29 Apr 1648 Married 1530 Boxford, Suffolk...

William Penn, Keeper of Penn's Lodge MP (c.1525 - 1591)

Children of William Penn & Georgianna Chaplet Penn William Penn (b. 1548 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England) -------------------- His will said that he received a grant of land at Minety in 154...

William Payne (Penn / Paine) MP (1565 - 1648)

William Paine, son of Anthony became the Lord of the Manor Norton. He was known as the father of the Ipswich branch of Paines, as his children, Robert, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Phoebe came to Ipswich, M...

William I Payne MP (1652 - 1698)

I was a Friend of George Washington

William Payne, II MP (1692 - 1776)

I carried President George Washington to his burial.

William Payne (Paine) MP (1669 - d.)

Payne (Johnston) (c.1665 - 1698)

Payne (deceased)

Payne (deceased)

Payne (deceased)

Payne (c.1799 - d.)

Payne (deceased)


Payne (c.1899 - d.)

PAYNE (deceased)