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Perles (deceased)

? Perles (Margolioth) (deceased)

??? Perles (deceased)

A (Perles) (deceased)

Aaron Perles (deceased)

R' Abraham Jekutiel Zalman Rappoport Perles (1720 - c.1798)

Adele Perles (Tauber) (1882 - d.)

Agnes Perles (Schiller) (1848 - 1932)

Alain Perles (deceased)

Alice Falkenberg (Perlès) (deceased)

André Perlès (deceased)

Anna Spitz (Perles/ Pereles) (deceased)

Anthony H. Perles (1936 - 1987)

Arthur Perles (c.1904 - d.)

Basilia Perles (deceased)

Bella Perles (Margolese) (c.1910 - d.)

Benjamin Perles (deceased)

Betti Perles (Fischer) (deceased)

Brenda Perles (Perlmutter) (deceased)

Charna Abeles (Perles) (deceased)

Cipe Perles (Pomerantz) (deceased)

Clotilde Perlès (Oppenheim) (1841 - d.)

Clémentine Perlès (Rosenbaum) (1872 - d.)

Dora Spectoroff Perles Pelsmajer Perles (deceased)

edmund rudas-perles (1907 - d.)

Edna Eiseman (Perles) (deceased)

Elizabeth Perles (1914 - d.)

Elsa Pollak (Perles) (1880 - 1963)

After her husband's death, she moved to the USA where she applied for United States citizenship in 1948.

Enrique Perles (deceased)

Ernst Perles (1876 - d.)

No. 75061 Year 1876 Numerative 3939 Code 1 Volume Wien Last Name Perles First Name Ernst Parents/Annotation Moriz/Schiller Agnes

Erwin Perles (deceased)

Estelle Kushin - Perles - Werner (deceased)

Franz Perles (1841 - d.)

Françoise Franziska Perlès (Furth) (deceased)

Frieda Perles (Taussik) (deceased)

Fritz Perles (c.1909 - d.)

George Perles (deceased)

Gerald Perles (Perlmutter) (b. - 2011)

Gertrude Perles (deceased)

Gisela Neuschul (Perles) (1919 - d.)

Gustavo Perles (deceased)

Hans Perles (c.1911 - d.)

Hedi Perles (Rosenbaum) (1908 - 1994)

Irving Perles (deceased)

Jacob Perles (deceased)

Jacob Perles (deceased)

Janice Perles Adelson (deceased)

Janice Perles (deceased)

Josef Perles (c.1901 - d.)

josef perles (deceased)

Joseph Perles (c.1875 - 1929)

Josephine Perles (Maleveckas) (deceased)

Julia Perles (c.1914 - 1998)

Julius Perles (deceased)

Julius Perles (Pereles) (1850 - 1922)

Lazar Perles (deceased)

Lazare Salomon Perlès (1832 - d.)

Lilly Vilinsky (Perles) (1909 - 1987)

Malya Rochel Perles (b. - 1958)

Marianne Perles (1905 - d.)

Marie Perles (Ullmann) (1893 - c.1942)

Marion S. Perles (Slonim) (1905 - d.)

Mary Dilius/Daliute Perlis(Perles) (1873 - d.)

Max Perles (c.1903 - d.)

maximilian perles (deceased)

Miriam Rina Perles Karwat (deceased)

Moritz Perles (Pereles) (1844 - 1917)

Morris Perles (deceased)

Mr. (Husband 2) Perles (deceased)

Nadine Perles (deceased)

Netti Pintschof (Perles) (deceased)

Nicole Ziza (Perles) (1921 - 2011)

Oskar Perles (1875 - 1942)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Oskar Last Name Perles Date of Birth 16.04.1877 Place of Birth Wien Residence Wien 2, Tandelmarktgasse 11/10 Depor...

Otto Perles (deceased)

Paul Perlès (deceased)

Paul Salomon Perlès (1865 - d.)

Paul Siegfried Perles (1908 - 2001)

Paul Siegfried Perles (1908 - d.)


Paula Schoen (Perles) (deceased)

Rabbi Yitzchok Moshe Perles (deceased)

R. Isaac Moses b. Jacob Perles (1784–1854), Hungarian rabbi. Born in Brod, Moravia, R. Perles studied under R. Meshullam Eger in Pressburg and with R. Joseph b. Phinehas, rabbi of Posen. He se...

Beckie Diamond (Shereshevsky Perles) (c.1890 - d.)

Regina Fani Klein (Perles) (deceased)

Robert Perles (1878 - 1942)

DOW: Surname Perles First Name Robert Date of Birth 20.11.1878 Place of Birth Wien Deportation Prag/Theresienstadt Date of Deportation 15.05.1942 Last place of residence Wien 1, Wiesinger...

Rose Perles (deceased)

Roslyn Perles (deceased)

Sali Perlesz (deceased)

Salomon Perlès (deceased)

Sharkie Shereshevsky Perles (Shapiro) (deceased)

Shlomo Perles (1915 - 1986)

Shlomo-Fritz Perles (deceased)

stefan perles (1883 - d.)

Suzane Perlès (Levi-salles) (deceased)

Suzanne Perles (deceased)

Thelma Perles Lifland (deceased)

Thelma Perles Lifland (1935 - 1988)

William Vincent Perlis(Perles) (1864 - 1911)

Willie Perles (William) (deceased)

Willy Perles (deceased)

Yetta Perles (Magram) (deceased)

Yetta Magram Perles (deceased)