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Alfonso Perotti MP (1891 - 1912)

Name: Sig. Alfonso Perotti Born: Saturday 15th August 1891 Age: 20 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 2 Denmark Place, Charing Cross Road London London England - Map Occupat...

Adela Perotti (deceased)

Adele Perotti (Libelli) (deceased)

Alberto Perotti (deceased)

Alda Perotti (deceased)

Alexandre Perotti (deceased)

amintore perotti (deceased)

Andre Perotti (deceased)

angela perotti (deceased)

Aunt Angie (deceased)

Antonio Perotti (deceased)

Antonio Perotti (deceased)

Bill Perotti (deceased)

Camilla Perotti (deceased)

Carla Perotti (1918 - 1999)

Carlo Perotti (1918 - 1997)

Charles Perotti (deceased)

Edward Perotti (b. - 1978)

Ema Perotti Bonetto (1906 - 1986)

Emilia Perotti (Del Piombo) (deceased)

Emilia Perotti (deceased)

Enrique Perotti (deceased)

Enrrique Perotti (deceased)

Francesco Perotti (1922 - 1996)

giacomina passerini perotti (deceased)

Gino Perotti (deceased)

Gioconda bondiolotti Perotti (1923 - 2011)

Giovanni Perotti (deceased)

Giulio Perotti (1896 - 1978)

Giusepe Perotti (deceased)

Giuseppe Secondo Perotti (deceased)

Jean Baptiste Perotti (deceased)

Lena (Ida) Perotti (nardi) (deceased)

Leo Perotti (deceased)

levio perotti (deceased)

Lina Perotti-Sogno (deceased)

Lucia Perotti (Fodera) (deceased)

Lucy Perotti (DeBenedetto) (deceased)

Luigi Perotti (deceased)

Luigi Perotti (deceased)

Luigi Perotti (deceased)

Luis Perotti (deceased)

Marcel Perotti (deceased)

maria moschini perotti (1895 - 1953)

Maria Ciregna (Perotti) (c.1640 - d.)

Maria Moschini Perotti (1896 - c.1953)

Marietta Perotti (deceased)

Marino Perotti (deceased)

Mary Taddeo (Perotti) (deceased)

Matilda contessa Perotti (1814 - 1875)

Matilde Perotti (b. - 1875)

nardina perotti (deceased)

Olivio Perotti (deceased)

Osvaldo Francisco Perotti (deceased)

Pedro Perotti (deceased)

Peter Paul Perotti (deceased)

Pietro Perotti (deceased)

Renata Perotti (1918 - 1977)

Rosa Perotti (deceased)

Rosa Teresa Perotti (deceased)

Susanne Perotti (deceased)

velia perotti (deceased)

Vera Perotti (Fajt) (1922 - 1994)

Virginia Scribante (Perotti) (1856 - 1939)

Grandma Scribante's obituary: Mrs Virginia Scribante, better known to her relatives and many friends as Grandma Scribanti, who had been critically ill for several days, died at the St. Francis hospit...

William F.Coiley coiley,Perotti, Reynolds (deceased)

Yvonne Perotti (deceased)