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Alexander Pitcairn, Min. of Dron MP (1622 - 1695)

The new 2004 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography records: "Pitcairne, Alexander (d. 1695), Church of Scotland minister and college head, was the son of Alexander Pitcairne, minister of Tannadice,...

David Pitcairn of Dreghorn MP (1648 - 1709)

ID: I21557 Name: David (of Dreghorn) Pitcairn Sex: M Death: 27 JAN 1708/09 Event: Info 5 Pitcairn information provided by Judy Kemp ( Jrkemp@Tpg.Com.Au ) from her research of "The History of Th...

Eleanor Pitcairn MP (1701 - 1745)

appears not to have moved to America with husband; one source shows death year before he moved

Not Eleanor Pitcairn MP (deceased)

Not Eleanor Pitcairn MP (deceased)

Pitcairn (deceased)

Agnes Helena Picairn (Pitcairn) (1875 - d.)

Agnes Pitcairn (Miller) (c.1609 - d.)

Agnes Pitcairn (Ayton) (c.1519 - d.)

Agnes Pitcairn (Ayton) (deceased)

Alexander Pitcairn (1768 - d.)

Alexander Pitcairn, Min. of Tannadice (b. - 1665)

ID: I21551 Name: Alexander Andrew (Dean of Orkney) Pitcairn Sex: M Event: Info 5 Pitcairn information provided by Judy Kemp ( Jrkemp@Tpg.Com.Au ) from her research of "The History of The Fife Pit...

Alexander Pitcairn (1750 - 1814)

Alexander Pitcairn, Min. of Kilmany (c.1650 - 1700)

Biographical Summary " Alexander Pitcairn , bapt. 13th Jan. 1650, son of Alexander P., Principal of the New College, St Andrews ; educated at Univ. of St Andrews ; M.A. (22nd July 1692); licen. by Pr...

Alexander de Pitcairn, 8th Laird, of that Ilk (deceased)

Alexander Pitcairn (c.1800 - d.)

Alexander Young Pitcairn, WS (1837 - d.)

Biographical Summary PITCAIRN, ALEXANDER YOUNG . 5th December 1861. Apprentice to Robert Haldane. — Only surviving son of the Rev. Thomas Pitcairn, Free Church Minister at Cockpen. Born 5th ...

Andrew Pitcairn (1613 - 1734)

Andrew Pitcairn (Pitcarne) (deceased)

Andrew Wheler alias Pitcairn (b. - c.1730)

Andrew Pitcairn (deceased)

Anna Marie Pitcairn (1810 - 1865)

Anna Pitcairn (b. - 1754)

Annie Pitcairn (1746 - d.)

Archibald Pitcairn, Dr. (deceased)

Archibald Pitcairn (1697 - d.)

Asher Pitcairn (1928 - 1954)

Barbara Pitcairn (deceased)

Beatrix Pitcairn (deceased)

Bella Jackson (Pitcairn) (1884 - 1960)

Bethel Pitcairn (1921 - d.)

Bret Pitcairn (1954 - 1954)

Bruce Pitcairn (1933 - 1975)

Caroline Harriet Picairn (Pitcairn) (1871 - d.)

Catherine Pitcairn (deceased)

Catherine Pitcairn (deceased)

Catherine Pitcairn (1829 - 1893)

Catherine Arbuthnott (Pitcairn) (c.1537 - 1576)

Parents Two listings: Father: John PITCAIRN (AFN: B1QT-PQ) Family Mother: Agnes AYTON (AFN: B1QT-QW) Father: Alexander PITCAIRN (AFN: 186K-LXF) Family Mother: Mrs-Alexander PITCAIRN (AFN: 186K-LZM)

Catherine Pitcairn (deceased)

Catherine Pitcairn (deceased)

Charles Douglas Pitcairn (1878 - d.)

Charles Victor Pitcairn (deceased)

Christian Pitcairn (Seton) (1513 - d.)

Christina Pitcairn (1682 - d.)

Clara Pitcairn (Davis) (1896 - 1964)

Clerke Pitcairn (died young) (deceased)

David Pitcairn, 12th Laird (1496 - 1569)

David Pitcairn (1515 - d.)

David Pitcairn (1683 - d.)

David Pitcairn (1540 - 1653)

David Pitcairn (c.1565 - 1627)

David Pitcairn (1768 - 1809)

David Pitcairn (deceased)

David Pitcairn (deceased)

David Pitcairn, Rev. (1673 - 1757)

David Pitcairn (b. - 1569)

David Pitcairn (deceased)

David Pitcairn (deceased)

Dorothie Pitcairn (deceased)

Dorothy Jessy Pitcairn (Dumas) (deceased)

Dr. Archibald Pitcairn (deceased)

Duncan Pitcairn (deceased)

Duncan Pitcairn (1927 - 1928)

Edward H. Pitcairn (1937 - 1976)

Eleanor Pitcairn (1634 - 1708)

Elizabeth Pitcairn (Ramsay) (1455 - 1460)

Elizabeth Pitcairn (c.1739 - 1809)

Elizabeth Pitcairn (1495 - d.)

Elizabeth Pitcairn (Ramsay) (b. - 1460)

Dau of David Ramsay of Clatto. --- Henry Pitcairn, married Elizabeth Ramsay, a wealthy heiress, and from then that particular branch of Pitcairn arms were quartered with the Ramsay arms. --- Fo...

Elizabeth Robinson (Pitcairn) (1662 - 1691)

Elizabeth Pitcairn (Dury) (deceased)

Elizabeth Anne Cockburn (Pitcairn) (1831 - 1923)

Elizabeth Stevenson (Pitcairn) (deceased)

Unfortunately Lord Winton never made a recognised marriage. It was alleged, by a claimant to the Earldom, that he had married about 1710 Margaret McKlear; but this was never proved. It is however cer...

Elizabeth Pitcairn (Campbell) (1776 - d.)

Elizabeth Aytoun (Pitcairn) (deceased)

Elizabeth 'Betty' Pitcairn (Dalrymple) (1724 - 1809)

Ella Choidiere (Pitcairn) (deceased)

Ellie Pitcairn (deceased)

Emanuel Pitcairn (1938 - 1973)

Euphemia Ringrose (Chalmers Pitcairn Knowles) (1824 - d.)

Gabriele Pitcairn Pendleton (1913 - 1999)

George Pitcairn, 9th Laird, of that Ilk & Airdrie (deceased)

Grizel Pitcairn (deceased)

Grizzell Pitcairn (1690 - d.)

Harold Frederick Pitcairn (1897 - 1960)

Harold F. Pitcairn (1897–1960) was an American aviation inventor and pioneer. He played a key role in the development of the autogyro and founded the Autogiro Company of America. He patented a...

Harrington Pitcairn Robley (deceased)

Helen June Stabile (Pitcairn) (deceased)

Helen Pitcairn (Mitchell) (deceased)

Helen Pitcairn (1763 - 1812)

Helen Pitcairn (1825 - 1874)

Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk, 7th of Pitcairn and Innerethy (Pitcarne) (c.1375 - 1426)

Henry de Pitcairn, 6th Laird, of that Ilk (deceased)

Henry Pitcairn, 10th Laird, of that Ilk (deceased)

Henry Pitcairn, 11th Laird, of that Ilk & of Drongy (c.1460 - d.)

Henry. 11th Lord of Pitcarne, and Forthar, succeeded his father in 1489, and in the following charters he was formally infefted in the lands of Cullerny or Colldirney. He also was owner of Drongie or D...

Henry Pitcairne (Pitcairn) (1470 - 1528)

Henry Pitcairn (1546 - 1626)

Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk, 6th of Pitcairn and Innerethy (de Pitcarne), Ilk (b. - 1420)

Henry Pitcairn of that Ilk (deceased)

Henry de Pitcairn, 7th Laird, of that Ilk (deceased)

Henry Pitcairn (deceased)