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Ann Place (Williamson) MP (1617 - 1654)

Primary source of information: (Relationship to Francis Place, date and place of marriage) Source: 'Kinfolk, Ownbey Family Lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina', p 1. 'The Stepp/Stapp ...

Enoch Place, III MP (1704 - 1789)

my wife Robyns` 6th great grandfather

Enoch Place, Sr. MP (1631 - 1695)

1657, November 5- Married Sarah in Dorchester, MA. 1660- Moved to Rhode Island and settled in Kingstown probably at present day Wickford. 1663, July 3- First record of Enoch in Rhode Island (Kingst...

Etta Place (wife of the "Sundance Kid") MP (c.1878 - d.)

Etta Place (born c. 1878, date of death unknown) was a companion of the American outlaws Butch Cassidy (real name Robert LeRoy Parker) and the Sundance Kid (Harry Alonzo Longabaugh), both members of ...

Francis Place MP (1615 - 1655)

Surname may be Step. Source: 'Kinfolk, Ownbey Family Lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina', p 1. 'The Stepp/Stapp Families of America,' Henry P. Scalf. IGI b 1615, Durham, Oxfordsh...

Hannah Place (Cole) MP (1666 - 1734)

Hannah Place (Wilcox) MP (c.1715 - c.1801)

Martha Place (Perkins) MP (c.1747 - c.1822)

Robie A. Phillips (Place) MP (1827 - 1896)

Sarah Place (Mumford) MP (c.1635 - 1695)

Lt. General Solomon Place MP (c.1770 - c.1834)

Family tradition says he was inducted as a freemason by George Washington. The dates for Solomon and his family are from a family bible in the possession of Mrs. Herbert Whelden of Greenwich, NY, cop...

Stephen Place, Sr. MP (c.1735 - c.1817)

My wife Robyns 5th great grandfather. Believed to have served in Captain Rose s Company in 1758 and in the Campaign of 1762 ( Rev. War) He lived where his father had lived in the Moosup Valley. H...

Thomas Place MP (1806 - 1893)

He was a farmer. He and his family went to Huron County, Ohio in 1833, when he bought 199 acres of land for $398 (Huron Co. Deed Bk. 7:557). He and his wife Eunice sold 99 acres to his brother Solomon ...

Thomas Place, I MP (1585 - 1657)

1639, May 13- Freeman of Dorchester, MA. 1641/2, February 18- Resident of Dorchester, MA.

Thomas Place, Jr. MP (c.1663 - 1727)

ID: I47244 Name: Thomas PLACE Given Name: Thomas Surname: PLACE Sex: M _UID: B96C31967C11814C8A1ADB95925D08FE4FEF Note: Is this the Thomas Place who was a partner with Henry Northrup whose wife was M...

William T. Place MP (1830 - c.1920)

He was a farmer and a retail grocer. He marriage license shows his middle initial as S. Other records show T. In 1860 he and his wife were living in Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, where he was a farmer...

William Place, of Dorking MP (deceased)

Place (deceased)

"twin" Place (1918 - 1918)

(Unknown) Place (deceased)

... Place (c.1648 - 1676)

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1st husband Place Holder (deceased)

2 autres de Place (deceased)

? ? Place (deceased)

? Krzewacki (Profile Place Holder) (deceased)

Krzewacki from Klodawa committed suicide on 14 January 1942. He had long contemplated this action, and put a noose around his neck. He begged Chrzatowski to remove a small packet from under his fee...

? Worbleznik (Profile Place Holder) (b. - 1942)

? Worbleznik (Profile place holder) (b. - 1942)

? Mooney (Place) (deceased)

? Place (deceased)

? Kosherowsky (Profile Place Holder) (b. - 1941)

? Kosherowsky was one of twelve Jews who had been tortured for more than two months. They were all members of the Jewish Council of Piotrkow. Jacob Berliner had avoided capture and gave himself up ...

? Erceg (Place) (deceased)

_______ Place (deceased)

A. I. Goldschmid (Profile Place Holder) (b. - 1941)

A.I. Goldschmid was murdered in the Ponar prison. He was a Yiddish writer, who had been brought to prison with his friend, the Yiddish grammarian, Noah Pilutzki. Each day the two scholars had been ...

A. F. Place (deceased)

Abbie Malissa Place (1858 - 1881)

Abby Randall Place (Hopkins) (1845 - 1933)

1860 US Census and 1865 RI State Census: Resided at the Charles H. Randall house on the north side of Douglas Hook Road about a mile west of Cooper Road, Glocester, RI. Mr. Randall was a Hopkins relati...

Abby E. Place (Hopkins) (1831 - 1922)

Abigail Pigsley (Place) (deceased)

Abigail Place (c.1703 - d.)

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Abigail PLACE (1761 - d.)

Abigail Place (deceased)

Y(Source: Fitzpatrick, Marilyn, "Some Descendants of John Place of Portsmouth, New Hampshire", New Hampshire Genealogical Record, Jan 2003, p. 21)* Updated from RootsWeb's WorldConnect via father John ...

Abigail Place (c.1836 - d.)

Abigail Place (Shaw) (1813 - 1855)

Abigail White (Place) (1840 - 1919)

Abigail Place (Hayes) (1761 - 1855)

Abigail Place (1633 - d.)

Abraham de Place (1718 - d.)

Abraham Place (c.1672 - 1684)

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Ada Place (deceased)

Ada Place (deceased)

ada place (deceased)

Ada A.B. Place (1870 - d.)

Ada A.B. Place, dau. of William O. Place and Wealthy Deette "Deette" Baldwin, was born 1870 in New York. 1880 census: Ada A.B. (10, b NY); in Alfred Center, Allegany Co., NY w parents and sibs.

Ada Place (stairmand) (deceased)

Ada PLACE (1876 - d.)

Ada H. Place (Netherwood) (1885 - 1963)

Ada Halstead who was a dancer on the stage went to America, living in New York for a year. In 1914 she was staying in Nanaimo, Canada and was contacted by Jane Ann Place (nee Beaumont) who in England h...

Addie A. JACKSON (Place) (1855 - 1914)

Adelaide Amanda Irons (Place) (1849 - 1908)

Adeline Place (deceased)

Adella E. Place (Houghton) (1890 - 1919)

Adi Wadi Christain Place (1700 - 1731)

Adrian America Place (1911 - 1974)

Ahrent de Place (1815 - 1889)

Alan Whitley Place (1888 - 1938)

Alejandro Obillo (deceased)

Alexander Place (deceased)

Alexander Fortune Place (deceased)

Alf Place (deceased)

Alfred Place (c.1857 - d.)

Algernon Webster PLACE (1852 - d.)

Alica Harby Place (deceased)

Alice Place ((LNU)) (deceased)

Alice Place (deceased)

Alice Josephine Place (Hopkins) (deceased)

Alice Place (1732 - d.)

Alice Elgin McCoy (1868 - 1950)

Died Grass Lake Michigan 1950 Sister Lottie Mc Coy Buried Melrose Ohio

Alice PLACE (1773 - 1839)

Alice Place (Stemlin) (1885 - d.)

Alice B Henderson (Place) (1856 - d.)

Alice Place (Dam) (c.1733 - 1770)

Alice Josephine Place (Hopkins) (1851 - 1898)

Alice Place (Greenway) (1908 - d.)

Alice Landis Levee (Place) (1847 - 1885)

Alice Place (Beauchaine) (1918 - 2004)

Alice C Place (1869 - d.)

Alice Cary Cary Place (Smith) (1879 - 1928)

1879-95: Grew up in Providence, RI at 55 Hammond Street. 1895, April 23- Her mother, Elizabeth (White) Smith, widow, purchased the Aaron Smith farm on the west side of old Route 102, Burrillville, RI...

Alison Place (deceased)

Alma Jane Irene Place (deceased)

Alma Jane Place (1849 - d.)

Alma Jane (1909 - 1998)

Alma Place (deceased)

Almy Card (Place) (c.1786 - d.)

Alphareta Place (c.1879 - d.)

Alvin Ayers Place (1821 - 1898)

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Alvīne Place (deceased)

Amanda Place (1861 - d.)

Amanda Lorette Place (Robbins) (1877 - 1903)

Amelia Place (1862 - d.)

Amelia Abigail Crawford (Place) (1834 - 1899)

Amelia Place (deceased)

Amelia Molina (De La Place) (deceased)