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Chana Plotnicka (b. - 1943)

Chana Plotnicka was the sister of Frumka Plotnicka. She had been caught by the Germans while trying to escape from the Warsaw ghetto in April 1943, and was beaten to death. Source The Holocaust -...

Ester Lukaszewski (Plotnicka) (deceased)

Frumka Plotnicka (b. - 1943)

Chaika Grossman and Frumka Plotnicka were heroic girls. Frumka was discovered hiding in a cellar in August 1943. She died fighting, armed only with a handgun. Boldly they traveled back and forth from...

Helena Płotnicka (Kinczewska) (1912 - 1953)

Janina Plebanek (Płotnicka) (c.1895 - 1982)

Kunegunda Turzańska (Płotnicka) (deceased)

Liba Plotnicka (1911 - 1995)

Marta Płotnicka (Hirsch) (deceased)