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Angelo Poffo MP (1925 - 2010)

Despite "Wikipedia" and other sources, his name was Angelo John Poffo, not John Angelo Poffo. He was a pro-Wrestler and the father of Macho Man Randy Savage and Leaping Lanny also known as "The Genius"...

Leapin' Lanny Poffo MP

Randy "Macho Man" Savage MP (1952 - 2011)

Agatha Teresia Poffo (deceased)

alberto poffo (deceased)

Albina Maria Poffo (deceased)

Ambrosio Poffo (1905 - d.)

Angel Poffo (deceased)

Angela Poffo (deceased)

Angela Margherita Poffo (1776 - d.)

Angelo Poffo (1858 - d.)

Angelo Poffo (deceased)

Angelo Poffo (deceased)

Angelo Gianbattista Poffo (deceased)

Anna Giuseppa Poffo (deceased)

Anna Domenica Poffo (1777 - d.)

Anna Cattarina Poffo (deceased)

Anna Cattarina Poffo (deceased)

Anna Margarita Poffo (deceased)

Armando Poffo (deceased)

Barbara Cattarina Poffo (deceased)

Bartolomeo Antonio Poffo (1761 - d.)

Bartolomeo Poffo (deceased)

Bartolomeo Poffo (1783 - d.)

Basilio Poffo (deceased)

Carlo Luigi Poffo (1759 - d.)

Carlo Antonio Poffo (deceased)

Carlo Antonio Poffo (1820 - 1888)

Carlo Poffo (1862 - d.)

Carlos Poffo (deceased)

Cassiano Poffo (deceased)

Delia Poffo (deceased)

Dionizio Poffo (deceased)

Domenica Poffo (1763 - 1783)

Domenica Teresa Poffo (1789 - 1789)

Domenica Poffo (Antioniolli) (deceased)

Domenica Poffo (deceased)

Domenica Ciola Poffo (deceased)

Domenico Poffo (deceased)

Domenico Poffo (deceased)

Domenico Poffo (deceased)

Domingo Poffo (deceased)

Ermengildo Poffo (1837 - 1907)

Ernesto Poffo (1895 - d.)

Fausta Poffo (Libardi) (deceased)

Germano Poffo (deceased)

Giacomo Poffo (1756 - d.)

Giordano Luigi Poffo (deceased)

Giovanni Battista Poffo (1790 - d.)

Giovanni Poffo (deceased)

Giovanni Battista Poffo (b. - 1727)

Giovanni Battista Felix Poffo (deceased)

Giuseppe Poffo (deceased)

Giuseppe Poffo (deceased)

Giuseppe Antoinio Poffo (1774 - 1775)

Giuseppe Antonio Poffo (deceased)

Giuseppe Francesco Poffo (deceased)

Giuseppe Luigi Poffo (deceased)

Henriqueta Maria Poffo (deceased)

Hermenegildo Poffo (deceased)

júlia poffo (deceased)

Lucrezia Poffo (deceased)

Luisa Poffo (deceased)

Maria Frare (Poffo) (deceased)

Maria Fortunata Poffo (deceased)

Maria Gioseffa Poffo (deceased)

Maria Luigia Poffo (deceased)

Mario Pietro Poffo (deceased)

NN Poffo (deceased)

Pietro Antonio Poffo (1786 - d.)

Pietro Carlo Poffo (deceased)

Rosa Poffo (deceased)

Rosa Violanta Poffo (deceased)

Silvio Poffo (c.1891 - 1986)

Census Record for 1930 states he was born in Austria and both his parents were born in Austria. He was definitely of Italian descent as his Ellis Island record states he is of South Italian ethnicity.

Teresa Lucia Antonia Poffo (deceased)

Teresa Margherita Josepha Poffo (deceased)

Virginia Poffo (deceased)

Virginia Poffo (deceased)