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Ann Petersen (Porrill) (1869 - 1932)

Charles Porrill (1881 - 1956)

Lizzie Porrill (1899 - d.)

Elizabeth Lindsay (1836 - 1918)

Ellen Porrill (1875 - 1963)

Emily Lucy Porrill (Walsh) (deceased)

Francis Porrill (1864 - 1948)

Francis (Frank) Porrill was born on the 10th August 1864 in New Hanover, Natal, South Africa to Matthew and Elizabeth. He was the second eldest of four brothers and five sisters and his youngest siblin...

Jane Porrill (1862 - 1939)

Jane was born on 6 Feb 1863 at at York, New Hanover, Natal, and grew up at “Mount Elizabeth”, Frere, Natal. She was the first of nine children born to Matthew and Elizabeth (Lindsay) Porrill. She marri...

Margaret Porrill (1866 - 1928)

Margaret was born on 12 September 1866 and married Thomas Horner, born on 25 December 1864 they had four children . Francis Horner 21.6.1889 who married Kathleen Muir and they had one son Thomas Heathe...

Mary Porrill (1873 - 1963)

Matthew Porrill (deceased)

Matthew Porrill (c.1826 - c.1893)

Matthew was born in or near the village of Wass in the parish of Kilburn in the North Yorkshire Moors in 1826. he was baptised at St Mary's Church, Kilburn. His mother was Ann Porrill and it is thought...

Robert Porrill (1811 - d.)

Jock Porrill (deceased)

Robert Benjamin Porrill (1871 - 1957)