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Adam (Governor of Castle Southampton) de Port, Baron MP (1151 - 1213)

Born: ABT 1151, Basing, Northamptonshire, England Died: 25 Jun 1213 Notes: This feudal baron was governor of the castle of Southampton in the 15th (1213-14) King John, and in the 22nd Henry II [117...

Alida van der Port MP (deceased)

Catharina Debora van der Port, b2 SM MP (1744 - d.)

Dorothy Hastings (Port) MP (1536 - 1607)

Elizabeth Port (Giffard) MP (1515 - d.)

Citations [S11568] The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, by George Edward Cokayne, Vol. VI, p. 657-8. [S61] Unknown author, Family Group Sheet...

Ethelreda de Port MP (c.1135 - d.)

Frank Port MP (1889 - d.)

Name: Mr Frank Port Born: Tuesday 6th August 1889 Age: 22 years Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Steward Victualling crew First Embarked: Southampton Rescued...

Gerrit van der Port MP (b. - 1761)

Bronne: VOC Opvarenden Gerrit van der Port uit Veere, uitgevaar 02/06/1738 met die skip Hector en aangeland 15/12/1738 aan Kaap de Goede Hoop

Hawise de Port MP (1091 - 1153)

Henry de Port, Sheriff of Southampton MP (c.1087 - 1119)

Born: BEF 1091 Died: ABT 1153, Basing, Hampshire, England Father: Hugh De PORT Mother: Orence ? Married: Hawise of Basing Children: 1. John De PORT --------------------Henry de Port, son ...

Hugh de Port MP (c.1061 - 1096)

Hugh was born about 1066 in Basing, Hampshire, England.1 Hugh's father was Hubert de Port and his mother was . His paternal grandparents were Hughes Gospatric de Port and . He was an only child. He die...

Hugh de Port, Lord of Seamer MP (1030 - 1066)

Seamer SEAMER Semær (xi cent.); Semere (xi–xviii cent.); Semar (xii-xvi cent.); Seymer, Semour (xvi-xviii cent.). This parish is composed of the townships of Seamer and Irton and the ...

Jaan Port, Sr. MP (1891 - 1950)

Jaan Port (9. veebruar 1891 Holstre vald – 24. jaanuar 1950) oli eesti botaanik, aastast 1932 bioloogiadoktor. Aastal 1926 lõpetas ta Tartu ülikooli, aastail 1927–1929 t�...

John Port MP (deceased)

Mart Port, Sr. MP (1922 - 2012)

Mart Port ( 4. jaanuar 1922, Pärnu – 3. veebruar 2012 ) oli eesti arhitekt. Eesti Arhitektide Liidu teatel suri reedel ootamatu haiguse tagajärjel oma 90. juubelit tähista...

Sir John Port MP (1480 - 1541)

) Sir John Port (1480–1541), judge, was born about 1480 at Chester, where his ancestors had been merchants for some generations : his father, Henry Port, was mayor of Chester in 1486[3], and h...

William de St John de Port MP (1173 - 1239)

Notes: assuming that surname, wrote himself 'Willielmus De Sancto Johanne filius et h¹res Ad De Port', and in the 15th John [1214-15], gave 500 marks to the King for livery of all the lands of A...

Port (deceased)

Port (deceased)

Port (1885 - 1918)

"Hagaon" Gershon "Hakohen" Rappa Ish Port (1538 - 1584)

(unknown) Port (deceased)

(unknown) Port (deceased)

(unknown) Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

? Port (Barber) (deceased)

? Port (deceased)

Aaron Port (deceased)

Abram Port (1825 - d.)

Ada Elizabeth Port (deceased)

Adam de Port (c.1073 - d.)

Adam De Port (deceased)

Adam de Port (1142 - 1214)

Adam De St. John (Port) (deceased)

Adam de PORT (1073 - d.)

Adam De Port (deceased)

Adam de Port (deceased)

Source: Earwaker's Basing Genealogy: Old Basing Church History: --------------------Unknown De Basyngg was born. Unknown married Joan De Warren.

Adam De Port (deceased)

Adam De Port (deceased)

Adelbert Port (deceased)

Adelle Nita Port (Pobirs) (1932 - 2008)

Adolphus M. La Port (1844 - d.)

Adriana van der Port (c.1637 - d.)

Agnes de Le Port (deceased)

Al Port (deceased)

Albert Port (deceased)

Albert Port (deceased)

Albert James Port (1891 - 1965)

Alexandre Port (deceased)

Alf Port (deceased)

Alfred Port (1899 - d.)

Alice De Port (c.1168 - d.)

Alice Port (Back) (deceased)

Alice Port (deceased)

Alice Maud Evans (Port) (c.1892 - 1950)

Alice Port (Meislin) (deceased)

Alice Eliza McIver (Port) (deceased)

Alida Maria van der Port (deceased)

Aline Le Tessier de Coulonge (Bernard du Port) (deceased)

Alviine Port (b. - c.1987)

Amalia Port (1883 - 1963)

Amalie Port (Heinberg) (1892 - d.)

Amy Jane Port (1885 - d.)

Anders Andersen Port (c.1832 - 1890)

Andreas Port (1851 - d.)

Angela Port (Junck) (deceased)

Angela Schwab (Port) (1807 - 1844)

Ann Port (Erm) (1859 - 1924)

Sünd 02.09.1859 Leer 28.11.1876 Kihlus Abielu Personaalid 1852-1865 Viljandi 1883 I Viljandi

Ann Port (1842 - d.)

Ann Foad (Port) (1813 - d.)

Ann Foad (Port) (1813 - 1894)

Ann Avant (Port) (deceased)

Anna Maria Mertz (Port) (deceased)

Anna Port (deceased)

Anna Port (1804 - d.)

Anna Port (deceased)

Anna Catheriena De La Port (Booysen) (deceased)

Anna Port (deceased)

Anna (Hana) Port (1890 - d.)

Anna Christina Port (Hettgen) (1780 - d.)

Anna Dorothea Port (deceased)

Anna Maria Port (Friedrich) (deceased)

Anna Maria Port (Roth) (1767 - 1807)

Anna Sophia de la Port (van Heerden) (1911 - d.)

Anne Benham(Port) (c.1849 - d.)

Anne De La Fortescue (Port) (1288 - d.)

Anne Port (deceased)

Anne Catt (port) (deceased)

Anne Port (Berman) (1917 - d.)

Anne Marie Le Port (Clement) (1735 - d.)

Annette Scott (Port) (1920 - 1995)

Annie Jane Port (Feruson) (c.1850 - c.1914)

Annie Zella Port (1900 - 1983)

Annie Port (deceased)