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[NN] Powhatan (Powhatan)(sister/wife of Dashing Stream Powhatan) MP (1474 - d.)

Apachamo Kekataugh (Catataugh) Powhatan (1557 - d.)

Cockacoeske, Queen of the Pamunkey MP (c.1634 - 1686)

Everything you wanted to know about Cockacoeske Powhatan Cockacoeske Powhatan -

Dashing Stream Powhatan MP (1474 - 1525)

Dashing Stream, who was born May 6, 1474, on the banks of a tributary of the Lancer river, which headed in the Blue Ridge mountains. He died in 1540. Dashing Stream was the father of Scented Flower, wh...

Japasaw Iopassus Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1590 - c.1620)

Japasaw (aka ioppasus) King of the Patawomeck and Paupauwiske Japasaw (aka ioppasus)is recognized as the brother of the great Chief Powhatan, father of Pocahontas, although researchers feel he is...

Matachanna Powhattan (Powhatan) MP (1574 - d.)

Morning Flower Powhatan (1528 - 1570)

Murmuring Ripple Powhatan, Chief of Attanoughkomouck Tribe MP (1415 - 1495)

Namontack Shawnee Powhattan (Powhatan) MP (1601 - 1641)

The youngest daughter of Chief Powhatan [17 years junior to Pochontas} was given the name Cleopatra by her brother-in-law, John Rolfe, the husband of Pochontas. Cleopatra married Cayugha Chief Opechanc...

Nantaquas MP (c.1594 - d.)

Captain John Smith spoke of Nantaquas in his letter to Queen Anne.

Nicketti Powhatan MP (c.1640 - 1700)

[NOTES FOR CURATORS AND PRO MANAGERS] Please merge with and . -------------------- Princess Nicketti was a member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, which was part of the Powhatan Indian Confederation...

Opechancanough Mangopeesomon Powhatan (c.1545 - 1645)

[NOTES FOR CURATORS AND PRO MANAGERS] Please merge with . -------------------- [Brother of Chief Powatan (real name Wahunsonacock) When Powatan died in1618, Opechancanough took over. he was much ...

Opichapam Itoyatin Sasawpen Powhatan, Chief (1550 - c.1620)

Running Stream "Don Luis", Weroance / Ensenore of the Powhatan MP (1510 - 1618)

Jamestown & The Powhatans ( video ) : Lots of educational articles : Cultures at Jamestown (PDF) Life at Jamestown (PDF) Living with the Indians (PDF) Tobacco and Labor (PDF) Angela (PDF) ...

Tahacope Powhatan MP (1580 - d.)

Taux Powhattan (Powhatan) MP (1593 - d.)

Wahanganoche Arroyha Powhatan, King of Patawomke (1620 - 1664)

Chief Wahanganoche, King of Patawomke See information written by William L. Deyo on Patawomeck Indians. See information in book "Green Meadows, The History of the Curtis Family of Virginia" by Kimb...

Wahunsonacock Powhatan, Chief of the Powhatan MP (1545 - 1618)

Powhatan. The ruling chief and practically the founder of the Powhatan confederacy (q. v.) in Virginia at the period of the first English settlement. His proper name was Wahunsonacock, but he was commo...

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Cheif Opechancanough Mangopeesomo Powhatan (1554 - 1644)

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Chief Hill Powhatan (1545 - 1618)

Chief Opitchapam Powhatan (deceased)

Chief Wahunsenacawh Powhatan (b. - 1618)

Cleopatra (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Cleopatra Powhatan (c.1600 - 1641)

account deleted (deceased)

The youngest daughter of Chief Powhatan [17 years junior to Pochontas} was given the name Cleopatra by her brother-in-law, John Rolfe, the husband of Pochontas. Cleopatra married Cayugha Chief Opechanc...

Cleopatra Powhatan (c.1590 - d.)

Cleopatra Powhatan (deceased)

Cleopatra [Princess] [Powhatan Indian] (Sister of Pocohontas) (1590 - d.)

Dashing Stream Powhatan (1474 - 1526)

Dashing Stream Powhatan (deceased)

Daughter Powhatan (c.1562 - d.)

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Notes for Wahansonacock Powhatan: Wahunsonacock Powhatan , the father of Matoaka (otherwise known as Pocahontas), oversaw a loose empire of tribes around the Chesapeake Bay area in what is now Delaware...

account deleted (deceased)

Ensenore Algonkian Running Stream Powhatan (1516 - 1570)

Ensenore Algonkian Chief Powhatan (1516 - 1570)

account deleted (deceased)

Notes for Great Chief Powhatan: Chief Powhatan ruled over all the tribes living on the Virginia tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. This is the unknown man who was the Chief of the Powhatans before his ...

Heliku Powhatan (c.1715 - c.1750)

Japasaw Powhatan (deceased)

Keaokai Powhatan (c.1718 - c.1764)

Mary Via (Powhatan) (1703 - c.1781)


Matoaka Pocahontas Rebecca Rolfe (Powhatan) (1595 - 1617)

Morning Flower Powhatan (1500 - 1570)

Morning Flower Powhatan (Winanuske) (1500 - 1547)

Morning Ripple Powhatan (1470 - 1520)

Mrs. Mangopesamom Powhattan (Unknown) (1480 - 1525)

Mrs. Powhatan (deceased)

Nectowance Powhatan, Werowance of the Powhatan (c.1600 - c.1649)

Nicketta Hughes ([Powhatan Indian]) (1625 - d.)

Nicketti Powhatan (1625 - 1720)

Nicketti (Princess) Hughes (Powhatan) (c.1625 - d.)

account deleted (deceased)

NN Powhatan (deceased)

Nonoma (deceased)

Nonoma of Powhatan (deceased)

Nonoma of Powhatan (deceased)

Oopechaganauha (Powatan Name) Sarah (slave name) McCain (Powhatan) (c.1741 - c.1799)

Opechanacanough Powhatan (b. - c.1644)

Opechancanough Powhatan (deceased)

Opechancanough [Powhatan Indian] Chief (deceased)

Opussunaquonuske (Opachisco) Powhatan (1555 - d.)

account deleted (deceased)

Paupauwiske Scent Flower Powhatan (c.1517 - c.1600)

Paupauwiske Scent Flower The Powhatan (1517 - 1600)

account deleted (deceased)

Pocahontas Lady Rebecca Rolfe (Powhatan) (deceased)

Pocahontas Powhaten (Powhatan) (deceased)

Queen CocacoeskePamunky (Powhatan) (c.1632 - 1687)

Rachel sister of Powhatan (deceased)

Running Stream Powhatan (1500 - 1570)

Scent Flower Powhatan (b. - 1600)

Scent Flower Powhatan (deceased)

Scent Flower Chalakatha (Powhatan) (1517 - 1600)

Powhatan (deceased)

unknown Powhatan (deceased)

unknown native American Powhatan (1550 - d.)

Wahaganoche (1564 - 1666)

wahunsenacewh powhatan (deceased)

account deleted (deceased)

Chief Wahansonacock of Powhatan (deceased)

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account deleted (deceased)

Wowincho Powhatan (1560 - d.)