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Bettij Moses Elias (Praeger) MP (deceased)

Robert Lloyd Praeger MP (1865 - 1953)

Robert Lloyd Praeger Praeger was born in Holywood, Co Down, son of Willem Praeger, a Dutch linen-merchant from The Hague, and Marie Patterson, daughter of the naturalist Robert Patterson (1802-1972)....

Sophia Maria Praeger (Willmans) MP (c.1807 - d.)

Adele Mary Franciska Praeger (1852 - d.)

Agnes Hafele (Praeger) (b. - 1690)

Al Praeger (1871 - 1939)

Albert W. Praeger (1864 - d.)

Albert Praeger (deceased)

Alice Mace Praeger (deceased)

André Praeger (b. - c.1940)

Angeline Kirgan (Praeger) (deceased)

Anna Werner (deceased)

Annette Fryberg (Praeger) (deceased)

Arnold Louis Praeger (c.1825 - d.)

Aron Orest Praeger (1822 - 1908)

Babet Praeger (1831 - d.)

Beatrice Maud Praeger (c.1877 - d.)

Beile Hirsch Praeger (c.1719 - 1787)

Benjamin Franklin Tuttle Praeger (Tuttle) (deceased)

Bertha Ellen Tuttle Praeger (deceased)

Berthe Louise Praeger (Nattan) (1846 - d.)

Braeune Hirsch Praeger (c.1747 - d.)

Byrde Murphy (Praeger) (deceased)

Carrie Will Coffman Praeger (Coffman) (1898 - 1951)

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma when she was nineteen, spent the next eight years teaching school and helping her younger sister and brother through university. She taught herself typing ...

Caspar Praeger (deceased)

Catharina Praeger (1853 - d.)

Cato Praeger (Goudsmit) (c.1793 - d.)

Chaje Rivka Praeger (deceased)

Channa Hirsch Praeger (c.1738 - 1775)

Charlotte Rabiner (Praeger) (deceased)

Chawa Eva Hirsch Praeger (c.1736 - 1783)

Christian Praeger (deceased)

Claire Cohen (Praeger) (deceased)

Claire was born in Dublin to Hyman Prager and Rachel. She was one of six sisters.

Clara Adele Hansen (Praeger) (deceased)

Claudia Praeger (deceased)

Clifford Praeger (deceased)

Colbert Praeger (deceased)

David Wilhelm Praeger (1805 - d.)

David Praeger (deceased)

David Hirsch Praeger (1744 - 1816)

David Hirsch Praeger (c.1670 - c.1746)

Debora Praeger (c.1858 - d.)

Diane Williams (1936 - 2002)

Dora Praeger (deceased)

Doris Praeger (deceased)

Doros Theodor Samuel Orestes Praeger (Preger) (c.1813 - d.)

Dorothy Praeger (deceased)

Douglas Neville Praeger Praeger (deceased)

Edith Levine (Praeger) (deceased)

Edith Praeger (deceased)

Edwin Praeger (deceased)

Egmont Apjohn Praeger (c.1872 - d.)

Eizik Aron Praeger Preger (deceased)

Elisabeth Louis Praeger (1813 - d.)

Elisabeth Orest Praeger (1828 - d.)

Elisabeth Betsy Wilhelmina Praeger (Davison) (1788 - d.)

Elizabeth C Praeger (1859 - 1882)

Elizabeth Praeger (Sender) (c.1870 - d.)

Emil Praeger (deceased)

Emil Ferdinand Theodor Hendrik Praeger (c.1836 - c.1837)

emily praeger (deceased)

Emma Jean Praeger (McIntosh) (1900 - d.)

Ester Aron Praeger (c.1792 - 1859)

Esther Hirsch Praeger (c.1741 - 1824)

F. August Praeger (1849 - d.)

Fanny Praeger (Lippmann) (deceased)

Fanny Praeger (Fairchild Birge) (1863 - 1935)

Feibel Philipp Hirsch Praeger (1733 - 1817)

Felicitas (Phyllis) Praeger (Hoffmann) (1918 - 1986)

Ferdinand Christian Wilhelm Praeger (1815 - d.)

PRAEGER, FERDINAND CHRISTIAN WILHELM, son of Heinrich Aloys Praeger, violinist, com- poser, and capellmeister, was born at Leipzig, Jan. 22, 1815. His musical gifts developed them- selves very early ; ...

Florence Praeger (deceased)

Frederick Praeger (deceased)

Frederika Praeger (c.1824 - d.)

George Gottlieb Praeger (1910 - 1977)

George Praeger (deceased)

Hanna Praeger (deceased)

Harriett Praeger (Hayman) (1860 - d.)

Hedwig Elena Ingeborg Meta Praeger (Magnusson) (b. - 1924)

Heinrich Hijman Chaim Aron Aloys Praeger (1783 - 1854)

Note : Born Heinrich Hijman Chaim Aron Aloys Praeger , later name change to Johann Hubert Joseph Heinrich Aloijs Praeger Andante e Tema con Variazioni Heinrich Aloys Praeger, in his time a renowned...

Hendrich John Praeger (1869 - d.)

Hendrikus Johannes Praeger (1850 - d.)

Henny Johanna Praeger (Groos) (1898 - d.)

Henri Praeger (b. - 1917)

Henry Praeger (1886 - d.)

Henry Praeger (c.1829 - d.)

Herbert Praeger (deceased)

Herz Praeger (1857 - d.)

Hilda Francis Gorton (Praeger) (deceased)

Hindchen Praeger (b. - 1770)

Hortense Praeger (1899 - d.)

Ida Simon (Praeger) (deceased)

Isaac Praeger (1841 - 1918)

Itzig Isaac Hirsch Praeger (1731 - 1809)

Jacob Prager (Praeger) (deceased)

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Jacob Praeger (deceased)

Jacob Praeger (1861 - d.)

Jenni Praeger (deceased)

Jenny Praeger (deceased)

John Francis Christan Praeger (deceased)

Jonas Hirsch Praeger (1727 - 1757)