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Alice Prater MP (deceased)

Alice Prater (de Carew) MP (c.1455 - 1470)

Anthony Thomas Prater, Gentleman MP (c.1545 - 1583)

Kingston was the manor of Anthony Thomas Prater's grandparents. His grandmother was Elene (Kingston) Prater. Anthony was the second born in the family. His father was very wealthy, thus his inheritan...

Christina Letitia Prater (Hammond) MP (1813 - 1872)

Additional Curator's Notes: I have seen Ticey's name given as Letitia Christina and as Christina Letitia. She was known as Ticey, a common nickname of the time for Letitia. She appears in the census re...

Elene Prater MP (1493 - 1557)

John W. Prather, in his book "The Praters of Wiltshire 1480-1670", makes what persuasive argument that John Prater's wife Elene was not the daughter of Sir William Kingston. The only link between Elene...

George Prater, Esq. MP (c.1510 - 1564)

George Prater lived at Latton, Wiltshire which has been in existence since before the Roman occupation of England. There are still old Roman ruins there today. Gary Benton Prather (family historian) ...

Jane Prater (Plott) MP (c.1515 - 1587)

Joane Stephens (Prater) MP (c.1518 - 1618)

Joane was the only daughter of John Prater. Her brother George, already being well established in a much finer manor (Latton Manor) and holding his own property prior to becoming the heir at his father...

John Prater, Esq. MP (1480 - 1547)

John Prater lived at Englesham Manor. The land lay in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Gloucentershire on the Thames River. Both John and his wife Elene are buried in Chancel of Englesham Church which was the ...

Pvt. Joseph Eldon Prater, CSA MP (1839 - 1865)

Joseph Eldon Prater was born in 1839 in Hall County, Georgia. He was the son of Robert Morgan Prater and wife Ann M. Cain. He married Elizabeth Jane Bobo, the daughter of Levington Bobo and wife Sarah ...

Judith Prater (Ivye) MP (1550 - 1578)

Judith was her husbands cousin and the fourth born child in her family. She died at the birth of her sixth child Thomas. --------------------was her husband's cousin

Margaret Prater (Quintyne) MP (1578 - 1628)

Nicolas Prater MP (1478 - d.)

Renee Sloan MP

Date of Birth 24 December 1972, Tennessee, USA Birth Name Peaches Renee' Sloan Height 5' 3" (1.60 m) Spouse Scott Baio (8 December 2007 - present) 1 child Trivia Has been a stunt wom...

William Prater, Jr. MP (c.1487 - d.)

William Prater, Esq. MP (1450 - 1547)

William was the first born son in his family, thus making him the heir. We are not able to find record of his father's first name but it may very well have been William, Richard or John, this being the...

Prater (1574 - 1601)

( Child ) Prater (Prather) (c.1599 - d.)

--- Prater (c.1400 - d.)

--- Prater (1898 - d.)

--- Prater (1400 - d.)

2 UNKNOWN PRATER (deceased)

? Gibson (Prater) (deceased)

? Prater (deceased)

? Prater (deceased)

? Prater (deceased)

?? Prater (deceased)

?? Prater (Delamere) (deceased)

?? Prater (deceased)

Mr. Praters first name is not known, nor do we know the name of his wife but according to tax records he lived a Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England on the long time established family estate.

?? Prater (deceased)

Mr. Praters first name is not known, nor do we know the name of his wife but according to tax records he lived a Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England on the long time established family estate.

?? Prater (Yscitheor) (c.1066 - d.)

Aaron Prater (c.1790 - d.)

Aaron A. Prater, I (1710 - 1777)

Absalom Franklin Prater (1861 - 1928)

Acey Lee Prater (deceased)

Ada Prater (McClung) (deceased)

Ada Kathleen Arnett (Prater) (deceased)

Ada Kathleen Arnett (Prater) (deceased)

Adam PRATER (1812 - d.)

Adam Prater (1835 - d.)

Adrianna Prater (deceased)

ALAN PRATER (deceased)

Albert Prater (1894 - d.)

Alberta Evangeline Prater (1909 - 1991)

Alcy Pernetta Prater (1858 - 1888)

Aldyth PRATER (c.1923 - d.)

Alex Prater (deceased)

Alexander Preston Prater (1823 - d.)

Alfred Prater (deceased)

Alice PRATER (1540 - d.)

Alice (deceased)


Alice Prater (1559 - 1559)


Alice (deceased)

ALICE PRATER (CAREW) (c.1455 - d.)

Alis Prater (deceased)

Alis Prater (1562 - d.)

Allie H Salyer (Prater) (deceased)

ALMA ARD (PRATER) (1915 - d.)

Almeda Prater (1914 - 1987)

Amanda Jane Prater (1853 - 1937)

Amanda Elizabeth Prater (Walters) (1905 - 1936)

Amanda married Charles McKinley Prater on April 27, 1935 at Paintsville, Johnson Co., KY. They had one child. Amanda was the daughter of William Jefferson Walters and Mary Elizabeth Syck.

America Prater (Bailey) (1866 - 1950)

In the 1870 census, nine-year-old "America Baily" lived with her parents, though the census-taker mistakenly listed her mother's name as "Lucy." In the 1880 census, America Bailey was thirteen years ...

Anderson Prater (1827 - 1850)

Andrew Jackson Prater (1817 - 1896)

Andrew (Bill) William Prater (1924 - 1986)

Ann M. Prater (Cain) (1818 - d.)

Ann Eliza Prater (1849 - d.)

Anna Belle Belle Prater (1864 - d.)

Anna Prater (Adair) (1776 - 1846)

Anne Prater (Yates) (1672 - 1735)

Annie Prater (1889 - 1966)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (b. - 1583)

ANTHONY PRATER (1545 - 1593)

Anthony (deceased)

ANTHONY (deceased)

Anthony (b. - 1583)

Anthony Thomas Prather (Prater), Jr. (1578 - 1628)

Anthony (b. - 1583)

Anthony (1573 - 1628)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (b. - 1594)

Anthony (b. - 1583)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony (b. - 1583)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony Prater (deceased)

Anthony (b. - 1593)

Anthony (deceased)

Anthony Thomas Gentleman (deceased)

Antony (b. - 1583)

Anthony Prater was trustee of the Estate from 1580 to 1586 (6 years) when his brother Richard died.

Arch Prater (deceased)