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Dr. Christopher Jenkins Prentiss MP (1835 - 1884)

Clara J. Tubby (Prentiss) MP (deceased)

Esther Gallup (Prentice) MP (1660 - 1751)

In the birth records of New London she is named Heaster Prentice. On her tombstone she is called Esther. Source for birth date/location, marriage date/location, and death date/location is Gallup Gene...

John Prentice (Prentiss) MP (c.1540 - c.1597)

Marie C. Prentiss (Jenkins) MP (c.1830 - 1867)

Mary Sarah Prentiss (Jenkins) MP (1819 - 1848)

Pauline Gervais Prentiss MP (c.1865 - 1943)

Sarah Harriet Fripp / Prentiss (Reynolds) MP (1797 - 1865)

Captain Thomas Prentiss MP (c.1621 - 1710)

Rev. William Otis Prentiss MP (1814 - 1897)

Rev. William Otis Prentis was the son of Jeffery Otis Prentis and Sarah Harriet Reynolds. He married first Mary Sarah Jenkins, daughter of Christopher Jenkins Jr. & Catherine Boone on Nov. 18, 1834 at ...

??? Prentiss (deceased)

Abby A. Ryder (Prentiss) (1881 - d.)

Abby M. Innis (Prentiss) (deceased)

ABIGAIL Prentiss (1745 - d.)

Abigail Haven (Prentiss) (deceased)

Ada (Munnie) Davidson (Prentiss) (deceased)

Addison Prentiss (deceased)

Albert Prentiss (deceased)

Alice May Prentiss (Phinney) (c.1875 - d.)

Alice C Prentiss (c.1920 - d.)

Alidia (lydia) Routliffe (Prentiss) (1805 - 1877)

Allene Prentiss (Hall) (deceased)

Alonzo Robert Prentiss (deceased)

Ana Prentiss (deceased)

Ann Hosmer (Prentiss) (1678 - 1753)

Birth: 8 Jan 1678 New London, CT [1] Marriage: 24 Dec 1700 Hartford, CT [1] Death: 6 Aug 1753 prob Hartford. Buried at Center Church Burying Ground, Hartford, Connecticut.[2] Alternate Birth ? 19...

Ann Julia Prentiss (Soule) (1842 - 1931)

Anne Julia Soule Prentiss, tells of her family's early experience in Maine, Massachusetts and Kansas in a 1929 interview. "Our house was on the 'Underground Railway'. John Brown was often there... My B...

Ann W. Prentiss (deceased)

Ann Law (Prentiss) (1743 - 1814)

Ann Eliza Tuckerman (Prentiss) (1817 - d.)

Anna Prentiss (Bayley) (deceased)

Anna Prentiss (Rowe) (1774 - 1830)

Anna Louisa Henry (Prentiss) (1846 - c.1935)

Anna Jane Coon Prentiss (deceased)

Anna Rebecca Prentiss (deceased)

Anne Prentiss (deceased)

Annie Prentiss (deceased)

Annie Marie Michael (Prentiss) (deceased)

Arthur Russell Prentiss (1901 - 1973)

Asahel Omer Prentiss (1830 - 1903)

Augustine Prentiss (deceased)

Barney Prentiss (deceased)

Maj. General Benjamin Prentiss (USA) (1819 - 1901)

Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss (November 23, 1819 – February 8, 1901) was an American soldier and politician. He fought in the Mexican-American War and on the Union side of the American Civil War,...

Benjamin Prentiss (deceased)

Bernard Prentiss (deceased)

Bertha Prentiss (deceased)

Bertha Prentiss (Lynde) (1891 - 1982)

Bertha Elizabeth Dutcher (Prentiss) (deceased)

Betsey Prentiss (1775 - d.)

Betsey Prentiss (deceased)

Betsy Hitchcock (Prentiss) (deceased)

Bradley William Prentiss (1948 - 2007)

Bradley received his BS degree from the University of Oregon

Caddie C Prentiss (Weeks) (deceased)

Caleb Prentiss (deceased)

Caleb Prentiss (1806 - 1846)

Caleb Prentiss (1721 - 1772)

Caleb Prentiss (1746 - 1803)

Caleb Prentiss (1746 - d.)

Capt. Stanton Prentiss (deceased)

Caroline Sophia Prentiss (1842 - 1916)

Caroline Sophia Prentiss, dau. of Charles W. Prentiss (s. of Samuel7, Samuel6, Samuel5, Jonas4, Samuel3, Thomas2, Thomas1...a lawyer of New York, resident of Brooklyn.)and Caroline Kellogg. She was bor...

Caroline Prentiss (Bias) (1863 - d.)

Carrie Keziah Butler (Prentiss) (deceased)

Catherine Louisa Prentiss (Clarke) (1825 - c.1925)

Catherine Elizabeth Prentiss (1871 - 1936)

Catherine Cox PRENTISS (Morris) (1795 - 1818)

Catherine Lord (Prentiss) (c.1806 - 1830)

Catherine "Kate" Prentiss (c.1884 - c.1962)

Catherine A. Fadden Prentiss (deceased)

Catherine Jenkins Prentiss (deceased)

Celina Marietta Prentiss (deceased)

charles prentiss (deceased)

Charles Wilford Prentiss (1867 - 1930)

Charles Prentiss (deceased)

Charles PRENTISS (1776 - d.)

Charles E. Prentiss (1813 - 1884)

Charles Wilford Prentiss (deceased)

Charles M. Prentiss (deceased)

Charles C Prentiss (1898 - 1989)

Charles Brewster Prentiss (1873 - 1959)

Charles Miller Prentiss (1859 - d.)

Charles Brewster Prentiss (1841 - 1864)

Charlotte E Prentiss (c.1924 - d.)

Charlotte Prentiss (c.1793 - d.)

Christopher Jenkins Prentiss Jr. (1867 - d.)

Clarissa Maria White (Prentiss) (1826 - d.)

Clarissa Prentiss (Whiting) (deceased)

Clarissa Prentiss (Ward) (deceased)

Children: Stephen Turner, Harvey Pratt, Narcissa (married Marcus Whitman), Jonas Galusha, Clarissa, Mary Ann, Jane Abigail (never married), Harriet (married John Jackson and relocated to Oberlin, Ohio)...

Claudia Herne Prentiss (Wilkinson) (1887 - 1975)

Clinton Prentiss (deceased)

Corinna Aldrich Hopkinson (Prentiss) (b. - 1883)

"The History and Genealogy of the Prentice, Or Prentiss Family, in New ..."

Cyrus Prentiss (deceased)

Daniel Prentiss (deceased)

Deborah Jackson (Prentiss) (1807 - 1880)

Della Prentiss (Smith) (1898 - d.)

Diantha Prentiss (Aldrich) (1782 - d.)

Dorothy Margaret Prentiss (Brett) (1911 - 1975)

Dorothy Akridge (Prentiss) (deceased)

Dr. Cephas Prentiss (deceased)

Dr. James Otis Prentiss (c.1766 - 1812)

At one time owned Prentiss's Island, which is now Port Royal Island. (Called Prentiss's on old maps). Came to SC about 1785 or 1788. physician (called "Otis" by some) studied medicine with Dr. At...

earl l prentiss (deceased)

Edda L. Prentiss (c.1889 - c.1978)