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Christian Gottlieb Priber MP (1697 - c.1743)

Christian Gottilieb Priber was born in on 21 March 1697 in Sachsen [Zittau], Germany and died in 1730 in South Carolina, USA. Parents: Friedrich Prieber (1670-)and Anna Dorothea Bergmann (1670-). M...

Great "Crit" "Drags Blanket" Priber MP (c.1740 - c.1790)

4th daughter Priber (Moytoy) (1658 - d.)

Ana Juliana Maria Anna Drašković (Janković Priber) (1752 - 1823)

Anna Dorothea Priber (Bergman) (deceased)

Anna Melith de Pribér (deceased)

Antal Janković Priber (1730 - 1765)

nemesi előneve: pribéri

Christian Gottilieb Priber (deceased)

Christian (1710 - 1742)

Clogoittah of Tellico (Cherokee) MP (1706 - 1790)

Attended: 1730, Delegation to King George II Blood: Full Blood Cherokee Clan: Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi = Kituah or Wild Potato (Wa-Wli Vann) Clogoittah [1238] ABT 1706 - ____ * BIRTH: ABT 1706 * E...

Clogoittah (1705 - d.)

Creat Priber (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Creat Doublehead (Priber) (deceased)

Creat "Drags Blanket" (1740 - 1790)

Friederich Priber (deceased)

György Jankovich de Pribér (b. - 1622)

Jankovich de Pribér family György Jankovich de Pribér, +before 1622 ; m.Ilona Orssich, dau.of Kristóf Orssich de Szlavetich and Bss Margit Tahy de Stettenberg; They had issue: A1. Kristóf, fl 1...

Helena Jankovich de Pribér (Dovolich) (deceased)

Ilona / Jelena Jankovich de Pribér (Orsic / Orssich) (deceased)

István Jankovich de Pribér (b. - 1750)

nemesi előneve: pribéri

István Jankovich de Pribér (b. - 1708)

János Jankovich de Pribér (deceased)

Júlia Janković Priber (Fekete de Galántha) (1734 - 1815)

nemesi előneve: galánthai

Katalin Bánffy de Nagymihály (Melith de Pribér) (deceased)

Katalin Szüts de Nagygörbő (deceased)

Kristóf, fl 1642 Jankovich de Pribér (deceased)

Krisztina Jankovich de Pribér (deceased)