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Abigail Proctor MP (1637 - 1732)

Abigail Proctor was the leader of a party of women who raised the frame of the meeting house at Chebacco, after an order had been issued by the general court forbidding the men from raising it. The wom...

Abigail Anne Proctor MP (1689 - 1695)

Abigail was a daughter of John Proctor II and his third wife Elizabeth Bassett.

Alethea Mary Proctor MP (1879 - c.1966)

Alethea Mary (Thea) Proctor (1879-1966), artist, was born on 2 October 1879 at Armidale, New South Wales, elder child of William Consett Proctor , English-born solicitor and member of the Legislative A...

Allis Proctor (Graye) MP (c.1587 - 1627)

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Allis Proctor Name: Allis Proctor Year: 1621 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 3520 Primary Immigrant: Proctor, Allis Annotat...

Ambrose Proctor, Sr. MP (c.1600 - 1692)

Andrew Frederick Weatherby Beauchamp Proctor MP (1894 - 1921)

The son of a school teacher, Andrew Frederick Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor was South Africa's highest scoring ace during World War I. When the war began, he was a student of engineering at the Univers...

Anthony Proctor MP (c.1590 - d.)

Anthony Proctor emigrated to the Colonies in 1621 on the SS George with two daughters and a son, plus three servants.

Barbara Proctor MP (deceased)

Benjamin Proctor, Salem Witch Trials MP (1659 - 1717)

Benjamin Proctor (1659-1717) - The only surviving child of John Proctor and his first wife, Martha Giddons, Benjamin, like many other members of the Proctor family was accused of witchcraft in May 1692...

Benjamin Proctor MP (1638 - 1705)

Benjamin was the brother of John Proctor II and son of John Proctor Sr. and Martha Harper.

Samuel Proctor MP (1686 - 1765)

Benjamin was a son of John Proctor II and his third wife Elizabeth Bassett.

Catherine Howard (Proctor), Countess of Effingham MP (1746 - 1791)

Catherine Proctor Birth: 9 September 1746.2 Parents: She was the daughter of Metcalfe Proctor. Husband: She married Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Effingham, son of Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Effin...

Catherine Grantham (Proctor) MP (c.1694 - c.1784)

Per "The Heritage of Wayne County" about 1748, Edward and Catherine Grantham, Thomas and his five, Mary, John and his wife Ann cmae to what is now know as Grantham township, which at that time was in J...

Charles Proctor MP (c.1872 - 1912)

Name: Mr Charles Proctor Born in Liverpool Merseyside England Age: 40 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 29 South View Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Chef ...

Cuthbert Proctor MP (deceased)

Roddam township was raided by the Scots in 1533 and the Roddam family moved in with the Proctors of Shawdon, as a lady of the Proctor family , either Elizabeth or Margaret, married Cuthbert Proctor , s...

Dorothy Proctor MP (deceased)

Dowsabell Proctor MP (deceased)

Edith Proctor MP (1636 - 1662)

Elisha Joseph Proctor MP (1687 - 1688)

Son of John Proctor II and his third wife Elizabeth Bassett.

Elizabeth Hume (Proctor) MP (c.1700 - 1797)

Elizabeth married George Home, son of Sir George Home 10th Baron of Wedderburn and Margaret Home, on 16 Dec 1727 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.15 (George Home was born on 30 May 1698 in Wedderburn C...

Elizabeth Bassett Proctor, Salem Witch MP (1650 - 1700)

Elizabeth (Bassett) Proctor (1650 - ) - Elizabeth and her husband, John Proctor, were tragic victims of the infamous Salem witch trials. Daughter of Captain William Basset Sr and Sarah Basset, Elizabet...

Elizabeth Proctor Very, Salem Witch Trials MP (c.1663 - 1736)

Elizabeth was a daughter of John Proctor II and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike. Members of both the Proctor and Very families were involved with the trials.

Elizabeth Rowland (Proctor) MP (c.1689 - c.1752)

Elizabeth Rowland is mentioned in the 1717 will of Joshua Proctor as being his daughter. William Warren is a witness. Wills: PROCTER, Joshua, 1718: Surry County, VA Probate 1/1719 Bk 7 Surry Co., V...

Elizabeth Proctor (Thorndike) MP (1641 - 1672)

Elizabeth (Thorndike) Proctor (1632-1672) was the second wife of John Proctor , who was executed as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. The daughter of John Thorndike and Elizabeth Stratton, Elizabe...

Esther Southworth (Proctor) MP (1734 - d.)

Eustace Proctor MP (deceased)

Ezekiel Proctor MP (deceased)

George Proctor (of Bacon's Rebellion) MP (1621 - 1681)

George Proctor 1621-1681, b. in Paces Paines, Jamestown Colony, Virginia, d. in Southwark Parish, Surry, Virginia George Proctor of Bacon's Rebellion Parents: John Proctor b. c. 1583 London, Englan...

George Proctor MP (1602 - 1662)

Born by about 1602 (based on estimated date of marriege), son of Christopher Mathew alias Proctor of Stoke St. Mary, Somerset. Came from Pitminster, Somerset, to Massachusetts Bay in 1634 & settled in ...

George Proctor, Jr. MP (1667 - 1729)

In his will, dated Spotsylvania County, 23 March, 1730-1, Geroge Proctor devises property to his daughter Elizabeth Home, and there are a number of deeds of land from George Proctor to "my lawful daugh...

George Proctor, III MP (1692 - d.)

George Proctor MP (b. - c.1744)

Langley Hall is a red-brick building in the Palladian style, located in Loddon, Norfolk, England. It was built in 1737 for Richard Berney, on land that until the Dissolution of the Monasteries belonged...

Grey Thomas Proctor MP (1692 - d.)

Hannah Weden (Proctor) MP (1647 - 1670)

Hannah was a sister of John Proctor II who was hung in Salem as a witch.

Hannah Proctor (Wilson) MP (1672 - 1725)

Hannah Proctor MP (c.1698 - 1740)

Hazel Tilley Proctor (Adams) MP

Isabel Proctor (Lilbourne) MP (c.1506 - d.)

Additional Curator's Notes: The Lilbourne name will be found spelled as Lilburn, Lilborn, Lilbourne, Lilborne and Leybourne. All are acceptable. The family is believed to be descended from the Norman...

John Graye Proctor, Ancient Planter MP (c.1583 - 1627)

Additional Curator's Notes It is extremely important when working with the Proctor immigrants to Virginia and Massachusetts to trace the line back to England as well as forward to the Colonies. ALL o...

John Proctor MP (1653 - 1658)

John was one of four children born to John Proctor II and his first wife Martha Giddons. John died as a young child.

John Proctor, Sr. MP (1595 - 1672)

John Proctor immigrated in Apr 1635 to America. He came on the ship "Susan and Ellen" with his wife and oldest two children. He resided after Apr 1635 in Massachusetts. He and his family settled in Ips...

John Proctor MP (1694 - d.)

John Proctor, III MP (1693 - 1745)

-------------------- John III was born in Salem prison.

John Nicholas Proctor MP (c.1559 - c.1600)

John Proctor, Salem Witch Trials MP (1631 - 1692)

John Proctor (1632–1692) was a farmer and tavernkeeper in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged. His wife and all of...

John Proctor MP (1670 - d.)

John Proctor MP (1668 - 1748)

John was the older son of John Proctor II and his second wife Elizabeth Thorndike.

Joseph Proctor MP (1636 - c.1705)

Joseph was a brother of John Proctor II who was hung in Salem as a witch. ------------ Joseph, second son and fifth child of John and Martha Proctor, was born in Ipswich and resided in that part of...

Joshua Proctor MP (c.1650 - 1717)

PLEASE NOTE: This Joshua Proctor was NOT married to Martha Wainwright or Sarah Ingersoll. Those two women were married to Joshua Proctor the son of John Proctor and Martha Harper of Massachusetts. --...

Joshua Proctor, Sr. MP (c.1600 - d.)

Joshua Proctor whom Arrived Jamestown, VA. On Feb 1619 on the Ship SS Gift of God.

Katherine Proctor (Owen) MP (1666 - c.1717)

•Name: Katherine Owen •Sex: F •Birth: 1666 in Surry Co, Virginia •Death: 1718 in Surry Co, Virginia Father: Bartholomew Owen b: 1619 in Steventon, Berkshire, England...

Katherine Newport (Proctor) MP (c.1566 - 1599)

Mother of Molly and four others.

Katherine Proctor (Frank) MP (deceased)

Lucy Hieatt Sallee (Proctor) MP (1817 - 1887)

Margaret Sharp (Proctor) MP (1690 - 1760)

Martha Proctor (Giddons) MP (c.1631 - 1659)

Martha (Giddons) Proctor (c1631 – 1659) was the first wife of John Proctor , who was later executed for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. John Proctor II first resided in Ipswich...

Martha Proctor MP (1665 - 1665)

Martha, daughter of John Proctor II and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike, died as an infant.

Martha White (Proctor) MP (1635 - 1658)

Martha was a sister of John Proctor II who was hung in Salem as a witch. Martha, second eldest daughter of John Proctor {1635, Ipswich}, was born say 1637. She married by 1672 James White. (In 1665 J...

Martha Proctor MP (c.1655 - 1658)

Martha was one of four children born to John Proctor II and his first wife Martha Giddons. Martha died as a young child.

Martha Proctor (Harper) MP (1607 - c.1672)

Sources Immigrant Ships, Transcribers Guild: Ship Suzan And Ellen ; Procter, John, Husbandman, 40 Proctor, Martha, 28 Proctor, John, 3 Proctor, Marie [Mary], 1--------------------Mother o...

Martha Mary Proctor MP (1666 - 1692)

Martha was a daughter of John Proctor II and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike.

Mary Proctor (Holmes) MP (1700 - 1758)

Mary Proctor MP (1667 - 1668)

Mary was a daughter of John Proctor II and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike. She died as an infant.

Mary Proctor MP (1657 - 1658)

Mary was one of four children born to John Proctor II and his first wife Martha Giddons. She died around the age of one year old.

Mary Proctor MP (1652 - d.)

Mary Proctor MP (1669 - d.)

Mary was a daughter of John Proctor II and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike.

Mary Proctor MP (c.1696 - d.)

Mary Proctor (Marriott) MP (1665 - 1687)

Mary Hadley (Proctor) MP (1633 - c.1667)

Mary Proctor Hadley (1633 – 1667) , daughter of John Proctor, Sr (c1594 - 1672) and Martha Harper (1604 - 1672), was born 17 October 1633 at Assington, Suffolk, England, and emigrated to the Col...

Mary Proctor (Bennett) MP (1694 - 1727)

Possibly should be merged w/ other Mary(s) wives of Robert Proctor

Mary Steward (Proctor) MP (1710 - 1773)

Nancy Carothera Proctor (Hieatt) MP (deceased)

Nicholas Proctor MP (c.1674 - c.1775)

Priscilla Proctor (Rogers) MP (c.1700 - 1795)

Rachel Crosse (Proctor) MP (c.1667 - d.)

Rachel Proctor Birth: 1667 - Baltimore, Maryland Death: Mar 4 1719 Parents: Robert Proctor, Rachel Beard Husband: John Crosse The seven children of John Cross and Rachel Proctor 1. Ge...

Redfield Proctor, Governor, U.S. Senator and Secretary of War MP (1831 - 1908)

Redfield Proctor served as the 37th Governor of Vermont from 1878 to 1880, as Secretary of War from 1889 to 1891, and as a United States Senator for Vermont from 1891 to 1908. He was a Republican. Pr...

Richard Proctor, Sr MP (c.1685 - d.)

Richard Proctor MP (deceased)

Eldest son to whom his father devised the "farmeholde" of Bordley, with remainder in case of failure of issue to Eustace and Henry, sons of his brother William. Will dated at Burnsall, Aug 28, 1555...

Robert Proctor-Beauchamp MP (1819 - 1889)

Robert was born at Langley Park, in Norfolk England, the home of the Proctor-Beauchamp family. His father was Rear-Admiral Sir William Beauchamp Proctor and his mother was Anne Beauchamp Proctor (Grego...

Robert Proctor MP (1700 - 1758)

Robert Proctor MP (c.1620 - 1695)

Additional Curator's Notes: DO NOT CONFUSE Robert Proctor of Virginia with of Massachusetts. They have different parents, different wives, different children. Attention to these details will prevent ...

Rowland Proctor MP (1691 - d.)

Roxanna Proctor MP (1801 - 1844)

Roxanna Proctor, dau. of Israel Proctor and Lydia Reed, was b. in Windsor, Vermont on Mar. 12,1801; married with ZIBA CRANE, of Washington, New Hampshire on Sept. 7,1824. He was b. Nov. 19,1796 in Wash...

Sarah Proctor MP (deceased)

Sarah Proctor Douglas, Salem Witch Trials MP (1676 - 1744)

Sarah was a daughter of John Proctor II and his third wife Elizabeth Bassett. Accused also as a witch, complaint of Thomas & John Putnam saying " them donne and committed on the Bodys of Mary Walc...

Sarah Dodge (Proctor) MP (c.1639 - 1672)

Sarah was a sister of John Proctor II who was hung in Salem as a witch.

Sarah Trott (Proctor) MP (1627 - 1712)

Sarah Proctor MP (c.1694 - d.)

Sir Roderick Concett Proctor MP (1914 - 1991)

Sir Roderick Proctor, for many years Queensland's senior professional director, died on Friday. He was 77. Sir Roderick, a long-time trustee of the Bjelke-Petersen National Party, who resigned in 198...

Susannah Husted (Proctor) MP (1777 - 1860)

Thomas Proctor MP (1550 - d.)

Thomas Proctor MP (c.1587 - 1624)

Note: An Ancient Planter paid for his own passage, that of his wife and children and servants. Joshua Proctor, John Proctor, and Anthony Proctor apparently paid their own passage. However, Thomas Proct...

Thorndike Proctor, Jr. MP (1698 - 1774)

Thorndike Proctor was born on 2 June 1700.1 ALT June 2 1698. Parents: son of Thorndike Proctor and Hannah Felton, Endicott. married on April 1721 to Abigail Wilson On 9 Nov 1749 in Salem,...

Thorndike Proctor, IV MP (1764 - 1790)

Sources Vital Records of Salem, Marriages: Procter, Thorndike, and Elizabeth Hathorne, Apr. 4, 1788.

Thorndike Proctor, Ill MP (1725 - 1790)

Thorndike Proctor was born on 26 November 1725.1 He was the son of Thorndike Proctor and Abigail Wilson.1 Citations [S985] William Reid Felton, A Genealogical History of the Felton Family; Ancest...

Thorndike Proctor, I MP (1672 - 1758)

Thorndike Proctor (1672-1759) was the son of John Proctor who was hanged as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials and his second wife, Elizabeth Thorndike. Thorndike assisted his half-brother Benjami...

William Proctor MP (1684 - d.)

William Consett Proctor MP (1850 - 1905)

William Consett Proctor William Consett Proctor was born on Tuesday, 1 January 1850 in Lancashire, England. 1851 England & Wales Census Birth: Circa 1850 - Lancashire, England Residence: 1851...

William James Proctor, Salem Witch MP (1675 - 1695)

Accused and investigated for being a witch during Salem Witch trials. William was a son of John Proctor II and his third wife Elizabeth Bassett.

William Proctor MP (1622 - 1682)