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Manuel L. Quezon MP (1877 - 1944)

Manuel Luis Molina Quezon was the second president of the Philippines. More here: . He was made a Mason on March 17, 1908 in Sinukuan Lodge No. 272, now Sinukuan Lodge No. 16. More here: . He was o...

Aurora Quezon (deceased)

Ciriaco Quezon (deceased)

Edgardo Quezon (deceased)

Edith Quezon (deceased)

Escolastica Quezon (deceased)

Illuminada C. Quezon (deceased)

Iluminada Quezon (deceased)

Leovino Quezon (deceased)

Lucio Quezon (b. - 1898)

Lucio Quezon, a retired Spanish sergeant, was a boat captain from Infanta. He traded in balatan, cola, and almaciga, when he came to Baler and there married Maria Dolores Molina. References Mesin...

Luisa Corazon Paz Aragon Quezon (1924 - 1924)

Manuel L. Quezon Jr. (1926 - 1998)

Manuel Quezon (deceased)

Manuel Luis Molina Quezon (deceased)

Maria Aurora Quezon (1919 - 1949)

Pedro Quezon (c.1881 - 1898)

Precilla Quezon (deceased)

Rosario(Osi) Limon (Quezon) (deceased)

Rufina Molina Quezon (deceased)

Second Unknown Quezon (deceased)

Simprosa Quezon (deceased)

Unk Quezon (deceased)

Unknown Quezon (deceased)

Zosimo Quezon (deceased)