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Alice de Quincy (De Sinlie) MP (1145 - 1204)

Anna Quincy (Shepard) MP (1663 - 1708)


Anna Thaxter (Quincy) MP (1719 - 1799)

Anna Quincy (1719–1799), married John Thaxter (1721–1802) of Hingham Children John Thaxter (1755–1791), (former tutor of John Quincy Adams), married Elizabeth Duncan Quincy...

Anne de Quincy MP (c.1238 - 1283)

Anne de Quincy MP (1238 - d.)

Basile FitzRobert MP (c.1156 - c.1203)

Marriage and issue[edit] By an unknown mistress, Richard had: Aline de Clare,[b] she married William FitzMaurice FitzGerald, baron of Nass[14] Basilia de Clare, she married Robert de Quenci, Constable ...

Daniel Quincy MP (1651 - 1690)

Born: 7 Feb 1651, Braintree MA Marriage: Anna Shepard on 8 Nov 1682 in Boston MA Died: 10 Aug 1690, Boston MA   General notes: Silversmith   Events in his life were: ...

Dorothy Quincy (Flynt) MP (1678 - 1737)

Dorothy "Dolly" Quincy Scott MP (1747 - 1830)

The (Dorothy) Quincy Homestead is a U.S. Historic landmark in Quincy, Massachusetts. Wife of John Hancock, Signer of the Declaration of Independence Ref: Daniel T. Rogers (b. 1943) family tree si...

Col. Edmund Quincy MP (1628 - 1698)

Colonel Edmund Eliot Quincy was born in 1627/28 in Achurch, Northamptonshire. He was the son of Edmund Quincy and Judith Pares. Colonel Edmund Eliot Quincy was baptised on 16 March 1628. The parish rec...

Edmund Quincy, IV MP (1703 - 1788)

Edmund Quincy established the extensive property on which the Dorothy Quincy Homestead stands. It is a U.S. National Historic Landmark in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Judge Edmund Quincy MP (1681 - 1738)

{Judge} Edmund Quincy who was a judge of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts from 1718 until his death. He graduated from Harvard College in 1699. A controversy having arisen as to the boundary between ...

Elizabeth Quincy (Wendell) MP (1704 - 1769)

Elizabeth Quincy (Norton) MP (1695 - 1767)

Daughter of Rev. John Norton, founding pastor of Old Ship Church in Hingham, Massachusetts; Abigail Smith Adams' grandmother, one of the greatest heroines of the American Revolution. She was also the G...

Elizabeth Smith (Quincy) MP (1721 - 1775)

Elizabeth Quincy (Gookin) MP (1645 - 1700)

Elizabeth Elliot née Gookin was the daughter of {General} Daniel Gookin and widow of {Rev} John Elliot, Jr. The ancestry of Elizabeth Gookin has been traced back to Robert de Dene, a Norman who ...

Elizabeth (Isabel) de Quincy MP (c.1220 - 1282)

Elizabeth de Quincy[1] Sex Female Lived In Scotland Complete * Person ID I00027693 Leo Last Modified 13 Aug 1996 Father Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester, b. est 1200 Mot...

Hawise de Quincy MP (c.1250 - 1285)

Hawise de Quincy1 F, #107761, b. circa 1250, d. circa 1295 Last Edited=7 Feb 2003 Hawise de Quincy was born circa 1250.1 She was the daughter of Robert de Quincy, Lord of Ware and Helen ap Llywel...

Hawise de Quincy MP (c.1178 - 1222)

Name: Hawise de Quincy Given Name: Hawise Surname: de Quincy Sex: F _UID: C2122AFA5118D811BE490080C8C142CC682B Change Date: 5 Feb 2004 Birth: BET 1178 AND 84 in Winchester, Hampshire, Engla...

Helen Ela de Quincy, of Winchester MP (c.1222 - 1296)

Married: Ela De QUINCY (b. ABT 1220 - d. BEF 20 Aug 1296) (dau. and heir of Roger De Quincy, Earl of Winchester, and Ela Macdonald) BEF 1242, Winchester, Hampshire, England Children: 1. Helene La Z...

Joan De Quincy MP (c.1240 - 1283)

son John not listed on FMG

Joanna Quincy MP (c.1735 - 1736)

Colonel John Quincy MP (1689 - 1767)

Colonel John Quincy (21 July 1689 – 13 July 1767) was an American soldier, politician and member of the Quincy political family. His granddaughter Abigail Adams named her son, John Quincy Adams,...

John de Quincy MP (1182 - d.)

Margaret Quincey de Quincy, 2nd Countess of Lincoln suo jure MP (c.1208 - 1266)

-------------------- Margaret de Quincy, Countess of Lincoln (c.1206- March 1266), was a wealthy English noblewoman and heiress having inherited suo jure the earldom of Lincoln and honours of Bolin...

Margaret de Ferrers (de Quincy), Countess of Derby MP (c.1218 - c.1281)

Margaret was 49 years old when she died. See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( ) -------------------- William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby From Wikipedia, the free...

Margaret (de Beaumont) de Quincy MP (c.1155 - 1235)

Alternative Birthplace: Hampshire, England Margaret de Beaumont Margaret was born in 1154 in Hampshire, England.1 Margaret's father was 1st Earl of Leicester Robert (Blanchmains) de Beaumont III ...

Martha Quincy (Salisbury) MP (1727 - 1748)

Maud de Prendergast (de Quincy) MP (1172 - 1231)

Norton Quincy MP (1716 - 1801)

Orabilis (Arabella) de Quincy MP (c.1186 - c.1258)

Richard De HARCOURT (Sir) Born: 1202, Stanton Harcourt, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England Died: 1258 Father: William De HARCOURT Mother: Alice NOEL Married: Arabella De QUINCY (b. ABT 1186) (dau. ...

Reginald de Quincy MP (c.1176 - 1264)

Richard de Quincy, Sir MP (1066 - d.)

The name of the father of Saher (Saer) I de Quincy, Lord of Buckby and Daventry is unknown.

Richard de Quincy MP (1000 - d.)

Source= he says that Dougall Seton married Jennet Quintsey daughter to Rodger Quintsey Earle of Wintone Constable of Scotland By which marriage it appears the said Dougall Seton gott the lands of Win...

Robert de Quincy, Lord of Ware MP (c.1218 - 1257)

He was the second of two sons named Robert. Robert de Quincy, Lord of Ware M, #107760, d. August 1257 Last Edited=29 Aug 2008 Robert de Quincy, Lord of Ware was the son of Saher de Quency, 1st ...

Robert "the Elder" de Quincy MP (c.1172 - 1217)

Name: Robert DE QUINCY Sex: M Death: BEF. 1232 Note: AR7 54:28, 125:29, 236:8 (where his date of death is confused with Saier IV's son of the same name) CP VII:675-76, XII/2:299, 748 note (...

Robert "Crusader" de Quincy, Lord of Buckley MP (c.1140 - c.1200)

======== accompanied Richard I King of England on crusade in 1190 and participated in the capture of Antioch in Jul 1191 -=-=-=-=-=-=- Line from "Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Baron s," Carr ...

Roger de Quincy, the 2nd Earl of Winchester MP (1174 - 1264)

Parents: Saer de Quincy and Margaret de Beaumont Wives: Helen of Galloway, Maud de Bohun and Eleanor Ferrers Children: Helen, Elisabeth and Margaret (all with Helen of Galloway) Roger de Quincy, ...

Saher de Quincy, Lord of Buckby and Daventry MP (c.1090 - 1158)

-------------------- Saher de Quincy (I), or Quency, was the tenant of Anselm de Chokes at Long Buckby, co. Northhampton in (probably) 1124 - 1129. He presumably derived the Quincy or Quency name from ...

Saher de Quincy, II MP (1138 - 1190)

----- Asceline Peverel   m firstly GEOFFREY de Walterville [Waterville], son of ASCELIN de Walterville & his wife --- (-[1160/62]).  m secondly (1163) SAHER [II] de Quincy, son...

Saier de Quincy, Earl of Winchester, Surety for the Magna Carta MP (c.1155 - 1219)

Saher/Saier/Saer Quincey, 1st Earl of Winchester Saher de Quincey 1155 - 1219 1st Earl of Winchester and Crusader died in Palestine.m. Margaret de Beaumont in 1173.  Their children included: ...

? Quincy (deceased)

Abbie Louise Quincy (Foskett) (1845 - 1922)

Abigail Haley Adams (Quincy) (1834 - d.)

Abigail Quincy (1797 - d.)

Abigail A. Quincy (1850 - d.)

Abraham Quincy (1728 - 1756)

Adam Quincy (c.1835 - d.)

Fought in the Civil War.

Adeline Quincy Shirley (Quincy) (b. - 1888)

Agnes Quincy (Henderson) (deceased)

Al (?) Quincy (deceased)

Albert M. Quincy (1865 - 1882)

Albert D. Quincy (c.1874 - d.)

Alford A Quincy (1878 - d.)

Alice De Quincy (deceased)

Allison John Quincy (1829 - d.)

America J. Quincy (deceased)

Anabilla de Quincy (c.1267 - d.)

Ann Quincy (1802 - 1866)

Ann Nancy Quincy (1763 - 1844)

Anna Quincy (1795 - d.)

Anna Quincy (1662 - 1676)

Anna Quincy (1685 - 1717)

Anna M. Quincy (c.1833 - d.)

Anna Cabot Waterston (Quincy) (1812 - 1899)

Anne Green (Quincy) (1659 - 1739)

Anne Quincy (Palmer) (1555 - 1605)

Annie Marlowe Quincy (1850 - 1888)

Arabella De Quincy (1186 - 1258)

Arabella De Quincy (deceased)

Arabella de Harcourt (de Quincy) (deceased)

Arabella De Quincy (1186 - 1258)

Arabella De Quincy (1186 - 1258)

Arthur Herman Quincy (1874 - 1947)

Born in Lebanon, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA on 1865 to Josiah Quincy and Ellen Augusta Webster. Arthur Henry married Ethel Randall. Arthur Henry married Maud Lyman and had 3 children. He passed away...

Baby Quincy (1880 - d.)

Barbara Quincy (1889 - d.)

Beatrice de Quincy (1185 - d.)

Beatrice de Quincy (1185 - d.)

Beatrice de Quincy (1185 - d.)

Benjamin Quincy (1767 - d.)

Bertha Quincy (deceased)

Bertha Quincy (Unknown) (1873 - d.)

Bessie Williams (Quincy/Wilson) (deceased)

Blanche Starling (Quincy) (deceased)


Carrie L Quincy (Palmer) (1863 - d.)

Carrie May Hayes (Quincy) (1859 - 1954)

Charles Henry Quincy (1865 - d.)

Charles Green Quincy (1836 - 1901)

Charles Francis Quincy (1903 - 1923)

Charles Granville Quincy (1873 - 1903)

Charles Quincy (1898 - 1967)

Clara B Quincy (1898 - d.)

Clarissa Cook (Quincy) (1828 - 1902)

Clarissa Quincy (deceased)

Clarissa Quincy (1828 - d.)


Col Josiah Quincy, I (1710 - 1784)

JosiahQuincy was born on 1 April 1710 in Braintree.He was the son of Edmund Quincy, "The Subscriber" and Dorothy Flynt. Josiah Quincy graduated in 1728 from Harvard. He lived first in Boston but retu...

Cora Quincy (1870 - d.)

Diane Jean Quincy (Lowenstein) (1952 - 1997)