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Abraham Moses Raffalovich (c.1783 - d.)

Abraham Moses Rafalovich was a famous Odessa banker. He also dealt with wheat trade. Abraham with family moved to Odessa from Mogilev approximately in 1817. In 1833 he has established a bank “Ra...

Abraham Kalmaan Raffalovich (b. - 1879)

Aubrey said this was his great grandfather and that he went to Palastine in 1870s and gave up his interest in the family shipyards in Odessa, one of first settlers of Palastine.

Alan Gregor Raffalovich (1918 - 2010)

Albano Milani Comparetti (1842 - 1918)

Aleksey Raffalovich (1815 - d.)

Alexandra Raffalovich (deceased)

Alexandra (Ada) Raffalovich (1885 - 1963)

Alexis Raffalovich (1815 - d.)

Alexis Raffalovich (deceased)

André Raffalovich (1896 - 1944)

Died from Typhus in captivity Vecu 8 Rue Saint Florentin, puis 3 Square Lafontaine 110 Bd Haussmann Paris Arrested August 1944 Mother Henin? JO 42 19 2 1997 M Raffalovich André France ...

Anna Raffalovich (deceased)

Anne Raffalovich (West) (1957 - 2010)

Annetta Leonino (Raffalovich) (deceased)

Arcadie Raffalovich (1855 - 1923)

Arthur Raffalovich (deceased)

Arthur Germanovich Raffalovich (1853 - 1921)


Arthur Arthemy A Raffalovich, I (1816 - 1850)

doctor and anthropologist in Egypt in1846

Artimis Raffalovich (c.1858 - d.)

Aubrey J Raffalovich (1917 - 1978)

Chalina (Anna) Raffalovich (1830 - 1851)

Charles Raffalovich (1872 - d.)

Chatzkel Raffalovich (deceased)

Clara Markman Raffalovich (c.1848 - d.)

Constantin Raffalovich (deceased)

David Raffalovich (1885 - d.)

David Raffalovich (1824 - 1877)

Buried in Währing Jewish Cemetery in Vienna.

Deborah Raffalovich (deceased)

Doris Kulman (Raffalovich) (b. - 2010)

Veteran journalist Doris Raffalovich dead at 85. MSNBC 2010-07-18: Levittown — Doris Raffalovich, whose decades-long journalism career included stints at several New Jersey newspapers and public...

edgar raffalovich (deceased)

Edgar Raffalovich (1891 - d.)

elena raffalovich (deceased)

elena comparetti (raffalovich) (1842 - 1918)

Elena Raffalovich née 22 mai 1842 Odessa, morte 29 novembre 1918 Florence (sa tombe y est). Femme de Domenico Comparetti, philologue. Connue pour ses recherches en pédagogie et édu...

Elena Raffalovich (1835 - d.)

Eliz Pohakoff (Raffalovich) (1877 - 1936)

Emilia Raffalovich (von Morpurgo) (1828 - 1849)

Eugene Raffalovich (c.1856 - d.)

Eugenie Raffalovich (deceased)

eugenie raffalovich (d'Hénin) (deceased)

eugenie raffalovich (kloubert) (deceased)

Eugénie d'Hénin (c.1863 - d.)

D'après l'acte de mariage de Emile d'Henin, nous savons qu'il a reconnu 2 enfants qu'il a eu avec Magdeleine avant son mariage. Les prénoms ne sont pas indiqués. Eugénie est...

Evan Victor Raffalovich (1908 - 1983)

Father of William Raffalovich (deceased)

George Raffalovich (1880 - 1958)

from (b.1880) studied at the university of Nancy, and was naturalized a British subject in 1910. He was author of The Deuce and All (1910), a collection of twelve fantastic tales, The Hist...

George Raffalovich, III (1920 - 1987)

Georgio Raffalovich (deceased)

Gregor Raffalovich (1849 - 1881)

Gregor (Gregoire in France) and his father Theodor were Raffalovich & Co of Odessa in 1881. Gregor was an invalid and confined to an asylum in Paris in 1881. Source: The Law reports. Queen's Bench Divi...

Hannah Raffalovich (deceased)

Harry Rafle (Raffalovich) (1877 - 1941)

Helene Raffalovich (deceased)

Henrietta Raffalovich (Moser) (1921 - c.1982)

Hermann Raffalovich (1828 - 1893)

Hermann's brother stayed in Odessa and converted to Christianity while Herman fled to Paris in 1863 and remained a Jew, p 127-128 of "Chapter 7: Marc-Andre Raffalovich: A Russian-French-Jewish-Catholic...

Ida Wertheimer (Raffalovich) (1861 - 1947)

Isaiah Raffalovich (1870 - 1956)

author of several books, newspaper articles, visited by Albert Einstein in 1929 Rio de Janeiro RAFFALOVICH, ISAIAH (1870–1956), rabbi and author who promoted the development of Brazil's Jewish c...

Jacob Raffalovich (deceased)

Jacqueline Raffalovich (1930 - d.)

Jacqueline Andre Raffalovich (deceased)

joceline ferrand (raffalovich) (1921 - d.)

Joseph Raffalovich (deceased)

Katharine Lightner (Raffalovich) (c.1891 - d.)

leon raffalovich (deceased)

Leon Anisimovic Raffalovich (1813 - 1879)

Leo (Leone) Raffalovich 1813-1879 b Odessa 1813, d Paris 2-17-1879 Léon Raffalovich 1813-1879 est le père de Marie Raffalovich, qui a épousé son oncle Hermann, le fr&...

Leon (Leo) Raffalovich (b. - 1879)

Louis Raffalovich (deceased)

Marc-André Raffalovich (1864 - 1934)

Marc-André Raffalovich From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marc-André Raffalovich (11 September 1864 – 1934) was a French poet and writer on homosexuality best known today fo...

maria raffalovich (deceased)

Maria o Manon (Raffalovich) (1833 - 1918)

Maria o Manon (Raffalovich) (1833 - 1918)

Maria Raffalovich (1819 - 1858)

Marie Raffalovich (1832 - 1921)

Marie was married to her father Leo's brother Herman. She was a great friend of physician Claude Bernard. Elle a été très célèbre dans les salons parisiens, et surtou...

Marie Raffalovich (deceased)

Mark Raffalovich (1820 - 1842)

graduated from Richelieu Lyceum 1840, went abroad to study medicine, offerred professorship at the Lyceum in forensic medicine and returned to Odessa, changed name to Artemii Alekseevich. Authority on ...

Mark (Marco) Raffalovich (1845 - d.)

Melita Raffalovich (deceased)

Michel Raffalovich (deceased)

michel raffalovich (deceased)

Michel Raffalovich (1850 - d.)

micheline raffalovich (deceased)

Micheline Raffalovich (1929 - 1990)

1 BIRT 2 DATE 1929 2 SOUR S01691 3 DATA 4 TEXT Date of Import: Aug 4, 2001 1 DEAT 2 DATE 1990 2 PLAC Chaville, France 2 SOUR S01691 3 DATA ---------- décédée ...

Miriam Silverstone (Raffalovich) (deceased)

Moses Raffalovich (deceased)

Moses Raffalovich (deceased)

known as Moses Rafalovich of Mohilev (Mogilev Podolski) on the Dniester River, where he and his brother built warships for the Czar The Raffalovich Clan By David Pitt, Wednesday 14 September 2011 -...

Moses Raffalovich (c.1830 - 1890)

Nadine Raffalovich (Löwenstein) (b. - 1891)

Nadine Raffalovich (deceased)

Nadine Marie Chaptal de Chanteloup (Raffalovich) (1836 - 1911)

Nadine Marie Raffalovich 1835 Paris 1911 Paris, mariée en 1857 à Victor René Chaptal de Chanteloup

Nadine Raffalovich (Loewensohn) (1827 - 1891)

Nicholas Raffalovich (1883 - 1940)

« Le Monde et la Ville. Mariage », Le Figaro, 18 juillet 1905, p. 2 Hier, à deux heures, a été célébré en l’église russe de la rue ...

Nina Raffalovich (deceased)

Nissim Raffalovich (b. - 1883)

Olga Leontiewna Raffalovich (Lowensohn) (1792 - 1872)

Note: Abraham Raffalovich the father of Hermann, Annissim and Leon Raffalovich was married to Olga Lowensohn (the daughter of Leon Lowensohn). Olga's sister Bella Lowensohn was married to Charles Joach...

Onesime Raffalovich (deceased)

Also Onesime Raffalovich in French or spelled Achisim or Anissim in Russian

Piero Milani (deceased)

Piero Milani, not Raffalovich, is grandchild of Elena Raffalovich. His family name is Milani as he his son of luigi milani. He was born in Florence on 1894 and died in Rome 1959 approximately

Pierrette Raffalovich (1932 - 1983)

Poreah Raffalovich (deceased)

Raphael Raffalovich (deceased)

Raphael Raffalovich (1848 - 1917)

Rose Raffalovich (deceased)

Rose Raffalovich (deceased)

Rosette Raffalovich (1807 - 1895)

Samuel Raffalovich (1867 - 1927)

SAMUEL REFAELI (1867–1927), a numismatist, was director of the numismatic department of the Department of Antiquities in Palestine (under the British) and left his coin collection to the Bezalel...