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Lourdes Reynes-Quisumbing MP

quezon city, manila, Philippines

Dr. Lourdes Reynes-Quisumbing is an educator par excellence who has been the first women Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports. She is the President of the Asia-Pacific Network for International E...

. Reynes (Broughton) (deceased)

1st Mrs. Shlomo Naftali Reynes (b. - 1837)

2nd Mrs. Shlomo Naftali Reynes (deceased)

? Reynes (deceased)

Agustina Reynes (deceased)

Alejandro L. Reynes (deceased)

Alejandro R. Reynes (deceased)

Alice Reynes (Jay) (deceased)

Ana Reynes Garcia (1906 - 1990)

Andrea G. Reynes (deceased)

André Reynes (1913 - 2006)

Angeles Reynes (deceased)

Anne Reynès (Doutre) (deceased)

Anne Delram (Reynes) (1736 - c.1794)

Anne Yeomans (Reynes) (deceased)

Anselma L. Reynes (deceased)

anthony reynes (deceased)

Antonia Arbona Reynes (1894 - 1937)


Antonio Reynes (deceased)

Arcadia Ycasama Reynes (deceased)

Audrey Mary Reynes (Moore) (1923 - 2010)

Barbara G. Reynes (deceased)

Barthélémy REYNES (b. - 1710)

Bartolome Reynes (b. - 2003)

Bartolome G. Reynes (deceased)

Benjamin M. Reynes, Sr. (1900 - 1972)

Candida Reynes (deceased)

Carlota G. Reynes (deceased)

Casiano Reynes (deceased)

Catherine Reynes (Gajac) (deceased)

Catherine Reynes (Bayssière) (1733 - d.)

Celerino Reynes (deceased)

Charles Reynes (deceased)

Claudio Reynes (deceased)

Clotilde Nathalie Rolland (Reynes) (1871 - 1953)

Corazon Reynes (deceased)

Corazon Reynes (deceased)

cresencio reynes (deceased)

Cresencio Reynes, Sr. (deceased)

Crispiniana Mercado Reynes (1878 - 1978)

Crispiniana Reynes (deceased)

Cécile REYNÈS (deceased)

Dau.-in-Law Moshe & Reyna Reynes (deceased)

יצחק יעקב ריינס

Dolores M. Reynes (deceased)

Dading (1921 - 2006)

Eduardo Reynes (deceased)

Eduardo Casiano Reynes (deceased)

Edward Harold Seafield Reynes (1910 - 1972)

Eleuteria Reynes-Gandionco (deceased)

Elisabeth Constans (Reynes) (deceased)

Elisabeth Reynes (Portes) (deceased)

Elizabeth Reynes (1150 - 1170)

Elizabeth Reynes (deceased)

Elizabeth Reynes (1149 - 1199)

Emile Hypolite Reynes (1828 - 1907)

Emiliano L. Reynes, Sr. (deceased)

Emiliano Reynes. Jr. (deceased)

Emma Rita Reynes (Mascaro) (deceased)

Enrique Reynes (1925 - 2011)

Ernest Reynes (deceased)

Esperanza Reynes (1910 - 2000)

Espina Reynes (deceased)

Etienne Mazureau Reynes (1875 - 1932)


Felipe Reynes (Rene) (deceased)

Felipe Reynes (deceased)

Felisa M. Reynes (deceased)

Filomena Reynes (b. - 2004)

Filomeno/Filomena L. Reynes (deceased)

Fortunato Reynes (deceased)

Francisca L. Reynes (b. - 1889)

Françoise REYNES (deceased)

Françoise Laffont (Reynès) (1746 - 1826)

Françoise Reynès (Cabanier) (1692 - 1760)

Gaston Reynes (deceased)

Georges Reynès (1723 - 1799)

Georges Reynes (1873 - d.)

Grand-mère REYNES (AUDUSSON) (deceased)

Gregorio M. Reynes (deceased)

Guillaume REYNES (deceased)

Hipolita Reynes (deceased)

Honoria L. Reynes (deceased)

Isabeau Reynes (deceased)

Isidoro Reynes (deceased)

Jane (Reyns) Chamberlain (c.1329 - 1410)

Jean Reynès (c.1691 - 1771)

Jean Reynès (deceased)

Jean Reynes (b. - 1662)

Jean REYNES (b. - 1704)

Jean REYNES (deceased)

Jean Reynès (b. - 1720)

Jean Baptiste Reynes (1835 - 1874)

Jean Joseph Reynes (1767 - d.)

Jean Joseph Reynes (deceased)

Jean Joseph Reynes (1795 - d.)

Jean Pierre Reynes (deceased)

Jeanette Reynes (deceased)

Jeanette Allain Reynes (1909 - d.)