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Lourdes Reynes-Quisumbing MP

quezon city, manila, Philippines

Dr. Lourdes Reynes-Quisumbing is an educator par excellence who has been the first women Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports. She is the President of the Asia-Pacific Network for International E...

. Reynes (Broughton) (deceased)

1st Mrs. Shlomo Naftali Reynes, אשת ש.נ. ריינס (b. - 1837)

2nd Mrs. Shlomo Naftali Reynes, אשת שלמה נפתלי ריינס (deceased)

? Reynes (deceased)

Agustina Reynes (deceased)

Alejandro Reynes (deceased)

Ana Reynes Garcia (1906 - 1990)

Andrea G. Reynes (deceased)

André Reynes (1913 - 2006)

Anne Yeomans (Reynes) (deceased)

Anne Reynès (Doutre) (deceased)

Anne Delram (Reynes) (1736 - c.1794)

Antonio Aragon Reynes, Sr. (deceased)


Arcadia Ycasama Reynes (deceased)

Audrey Mary Reynes (Moore) (1923 - 2010)

Barbara G. Reynes (deceased)

Barthélémy REYNES (b. - 1710)

Bartolome Reynes (b. - 2003)

Bartolome G. Reynes (deceased)

Candida Reynes (deceased)

Carlota G. Reynes (deceased)

Casiano Reynes (deceased)

Catherine Reynes (Bayssière) (1733 - d.)

Catherine Reynes (Gajac) (deceased)

Celerino Reynes (deceased)

Charles Reynes (deceased)

Claudio Reynes (deceased)

Corazon Reynes (deceased)

cresencio reynes (deceased)

Cresencio Reynes, Sr. (deceased)

Crispiniana Reynes (deceased)

Cécile REYNÈS (deceased)

Dau. Moshe & Reyna Reynes (deceased)

לרב יצחק יעקב ריינס מגילת יוח�...

Dolores M. Reynes (deceased)

Eduardo Casiano Reynes (deceased)

Edward Harold Seafield Reynes (1910 - 1972)

Eleuteria Gandionco (Reynes) (deceased)

Elisabeth Reynes (Portes) (deceased)

Elisabeth Constans (Reynes) (deceased)

Elizabeth Reynes (1149 - 1199)

Elizabeth Reynes (deceased)

Elizabeth Reynes (1150 - 1170)

Emile Hypolite Reynes (1828 - 1907)

Ernest Reynes (deceased)

Espina Reynes (deceased)


Felipe Reynes (deceased)

Felipe Reynes (Rene) (deceased)

Felisa M. Reynes (deceased)

Filomena Reynes (b. - 2004)

Filomeno/Filomena L. Reynes (deceased)

Francisca L. Reynes (b. - 1889)

Françoise REYNES (deceased)

Françoise Reynès (Cabanier) (1692 - 1760)

Françoise Laffont (Reynès) (1746 - 1826)

Gaston Reynes (deceased)

Georges Reynès (1723 - 1799)

Georges Reynes (1873 - d.)

Gregorio M. Reynes (deceased)

Guillaume REYNES (deceased)

Hipolita Reynes (deceased)

Isabeau Reynes (deceased)

Isidoro Reynes (deceased)

Jane (Reyns) Chamberlain (c.1329 - 1410)

Jean Reynès (deceased)

Jean REYNES (b. - 1704)

Jean REYNES (deceased)

Jean Reynès (c.1691 - 1771)

Jean Reynès (b. - 1720)

Jean Reynes (b. - 1662)

Jean Joseph Reynes (1795 - d.)

Jean Joseph Reynes (1767 - d.)

Jean Joseph Reynes (deceased)

Jean Pierre Reynes (deceased)

Jeanette Allain Reynes (1909 - d.)

Jeanne Reynès (Bélinguier) (1726 - 1778)

Jeanne Marie Armantine Reynes (Allain) (b. - 1914)

Jesus Reynes (deceased)

Johanna Francina (Frances) d'Oliveira (Reynes) (1886 - 1942)

See also Baptism register of St Johns (The Evangelist) in the National Lib of SA in Cape Town.

John Reynes (1440 - d.)

Jose Reynes Borras (deceased)

Joe (1919 - 2004)

Jose (Joseph) Reynes (1793 - 1873)

Jose Hypolite Reynes (1758 - d.)

Joseph Reynes (deceased)

Joseph Reynes, Jr. (deceased)

Joseph Reynes (1873 - 1932)

Joseph Reynes II (1907 - d.)


Juana Reynés (deceased)

Julie Brengues (Reynes) (1804 - d.)

Julien Reynes (deceased)

Louis Reynes (1694 - d.)

Louis Reynes (deceased)

Louis Reynes (deceased)

Louise Malaval (Reynes) (deceased)

Louise S R Reynes (1909 - 1998)

Burial; Saint Louis Cemetery Number 2 New Orleans Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA Plot: Tomb #32, Range G,St. Louis Ave, Sq 2, Main Aisle left. 001235 Jenkins - Louise Reynes Trufant Jenkins, A Writer, ...

Louise Malaval (Reynes) (deceased)