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Aletta Theunisina Johanna Richter (Eksteen), b12c5d4e1 MP (1804 - d.)

Anna Richter MP (1608 - 1653)

Anna Catharina Richter (Becker) MP (1640 - 1713)

Anna Maria Richter MP (deceased)

Anna Jacoba Frederica Richter MP (1857 - 1897)

Anni Dorothea Richter MP (1919 - 1943)

" 10. Folge: Stolpersteine - Standort Salhofplatz. Am 30. August 2013 wurde vor dem Mahnmal auf dem Salhofplatz ein Stolperstein verlegt. Er erinnert an eine junge Säuglingsscvhwester, die 193...

Arnold Richter, formerly Arnold Schwarzenegger MP

He is the cousin of famed Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because of the same name, he changed his surname to Richter.

Bernhard Wilhem Richter, b4 MP (1802 - 1870)

Burton Richter, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1976 MP

Burton Richter (born March 22, 1931) is a Nobel Prize-winning American physicist. He led the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) team which co-discovered the J/ψ meson in 1974, alongside t...

Carl Heinrich Richter MP (deceased)

Cathrin Anna Richter (Nee) MP (1591 - d.)

Married BEF 1631 in Siegen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany to Johannes Richter b: 1606 in Siegen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany Children Christopher Richter b: 29 JUN 1631 in Siegen, Nassau-Siegen, German...

Christoph Otto von Richter, a. Siggund (Livl.) MP (1678 - 1729)

Otto Christoph von Richter oli Liivimaa maamarssal 1717–1721

Christopher (Christoffel) Richter MP (1631 - 1707)

Christopher Richter was a clockmaker, and is shown as a member of the Guild of Steelsmiths and Toolmakers of the Frudenberg District in 1698-99. After 1699 his name is crossed out, and the roll on Jan ...

Gedeon Richter MP (b. - c.1945)

Richter, Gedeon , (Ecséd, September 23rd, 1872 – Budapest, December 30th, 1944) The creator of Hungarian pharmaceutical industry who left behind extraordinary life-work, a pharmaceutical ...

Gustav Eduard* von Richter MP (1790 - 1847)

Gustav Eduard* Christoph von Richter (1790–1847) , Liivimaa maanõunik ja maamarssal 1836–1838. a. Rappin(Räpina) Põlvamaa, Eesti Personaalraamat XII (Peri, Saar...

Hans Jacob Rector (Richter) MP (1674 - 1729)

was christened in German Protestant Chrich the 19th Sunday after Trinity, 1674 with Hans Jacob Zimmerman acting as godfather. Married at Trupbach Jan 17, 1711 to Elizabeth, daughter of Philipp Fishenba...

Hans Richter MP (1550 - d.)

Hans was the earliest ancestor (discovered) of the Virginia Rector family. He was probably born about the year 1550 in Saxony, and the Siegen city records show that he paid the fee for Siegen citizensh...

Heinrich Samuel Theodorus Richter, b7 MP (c.1805 - d.)

Hendrik George Richter, b2 MP (1797 - d.)

Jacob Richter MP (1575 - 1600)

Jacob RICHTER-[161],3,8,9,12 son of Hans RICHTER -[424], was born about 1575 in Oberpfalz, Nassau-Siegen, Germany. General Notes: Jacob lived in Siegen, Germany. He is named in 1609 as the owner of...

Johan Christiaan Richter, b8 MP (1812 - d.)

Johan George Frederick Richter, b3 MP (1800 - 1874)

MOOC 7/1/328 Ref 69 Joint will of Johan George Fredrik Richter and Aletta Johanna Theunissina Eksteen, both of whom were born in the Cape Colony and resident in Cape Town, signed at Cape Town on ...

Johann Heinrich Richter, SV/PROG 6 MP (c.1764 - d.)

Source GR further info strenghtening the MOOC JOHANN HEINRICH (p. 336). - Date of second marriage 11.12.1808. Further children by second wife: Hendrik Samuel Theodorus, Johan Christiaan, Johan Hendrik ...

Johann Heinrich Sebastiaan Richter, b9 MP (1813 - d.)

NAAIRS references that may be relevant DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 7/1/259 SYSTEM 01

Johann Jürgen Richter, PROG 2 MP (c.1752 - 1834)

Baie interessante inligting bymekaar gemaak in die SV se geboortedorp deur 'n Richter navorser. Ek deel dit graag................ ........Johan Jurgen is voor 1934 oorlede ,en sy seun is in 1858 oorled...

Johanna Catharina Wilhemina Richter, b5 MP (1811 - d.)


Johannes Jacob Richter MP (1645 - d.)


Johannes Jacob Richter MP (1605 - 1653)

He lived in Siegen in 1638-9 and was admitted that year to the Guild of Hammersmiths and Smelters as a "Reitmeister", or middleman dealing in iron products, and this shows that Johannes owned part of s...

Johannes Kaspar Richter MP (1634 - d.)

Johannes Jacob Rector (Richter) aka John Rector Sr. MP (1707 - 1742)

Johann seems to be the same man as John Rector, the 1734 immigrant to Virginia, who in that year gave his age as 26. notes: from John Blankenbaker. He arrived in Philadelphia on 9-23-1734 aboard th...

Dr. Johannes Kaspar Richter von Kronenschieldt MP (1661 - 1711)

Johannes Kaspar Richter von Kronenschieldt II is the progenitor of one of Boston's great "Brahmin" families, the Crowninshields. He is best remembered for his unique self-made success in New England an...

Johannes Andries Richter, b6 MP (1806 - d.)

John Rector MP (1711 - 1773)

In 1772 John Rector, a German immigrant, came to Virginia, and settled on 4,872 acres of land on what is now Route 713. Rectortown, named after its founder, became a busy agricultural center ... soon t...

Maria Richter (Hahn) MP (1638 - d.)

Maria Sophia Richter, b1 SM MP (c.1795 - d.)

Otto* Johann von Richter MP (1755 - 1826)

Neu Kusthof:

Andy Richter MP

Wilhelmine Johanna Textor (Richter) MP (1809 - 1893)

RICHTER (b. - 1917)

Richter (deceased)

Richter (deceased)

Crene (Richter) (deceased)

Black (Richter) (deceased)

() Richter (Precht) (deceased)

(Gutbesitzer) Richter (deceased)

(Unknown) Richter (deceased)

-nn- Richter (1883 - 1883)

-nn- Richter (1877 - 1877)

. Richter (deceased)

. RICHTER (deceased)

....Johann Friedrich Richter (deceased)

1920 Marie Lincoln, Colfax, Nebraska (Richter) (1860 - 1937)

2.1 Richter (deceased)

2.2 child Richter (deceased)

2.6 child Richter (deceased)

2nd Husband Richter (deceased)

4 Segal Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (?) (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (?) (b. - c.1841)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (?) (deceased)

? Richter (1553 - d.)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (1839 - d.)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Horn (Richter) (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? Richter (deceased)

? von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg (Richter) (deceased)

vrchní zahradník na Sychrově (deceased)

?? Richter (deceased)

?? Richter (deceased)

?? Richter (deceased)

?? Richter (Sosna) (deceased)

?? Paula Moschigg (Richter) (1879 - 1909)

??? Richter (1766 - d.)

??? Richter (???) (b. - 1711)

??? Richter (deceased)

??? Richter (b. - c.1813)

??? Richter (deceased)

??? Richter (b. - 1766)

??? Richter (deceased)

?Martha Katharina Richter (Bürklin) (deceased)