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Ann Dorsey (Ridgely) MP (c.1698 - 1771)

Birth: 1688 Maryland, USA Death: Nov., 1771 Bel Air (Harford County) Harford County Maryland, USA Anne Ridgely was born between 1686 and 1691 in Maryland to Capt. Henry Ridgely, III, and his wife, Ca...

Catharine Dorsey (Ridgely) MP (1738 - 1749)

Capt. Charles Ridgely MP (1733 - 1790)

Captain Charles Ridgely (1733-1790) supplied iron implements, arms, and ammunition from his Northampton Iron Works as well as privateers to the Patriot cause during the Revolutionary War. His merchant ...

Elizabeth Ridgely MP (1702 - 1742)

Elizabeth (2) Dorsey (Ridgely) MP (1745 - d.)

Elizabeth (1) Dorsey (Ridgely) MP (1737 - 1761)

Elizabeth Worthington (Ridgely) MP (1696 - 1734)

Henry Ridgely, I MP (c.1601 - 1710)

This profile is the father of "Col. Henry Ridgely", and probably should not have the same death date.

Mary Ridgely (Darnall) MP (c.1678 - 1742)

Mary Darnall Sex: F Birth: 1678 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland Death: FEB 1741/42 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland Darnell, Henry,, A. A. County, 28th Apr., 1711; 17th July, 17...

Rebecca Ridgely (Dorsey) MP (1739 - 1812)

The wife of Charles Ridgely (The Builder), Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely (1740-1812), was the first mistress of Hampton. She witnessed the construction of the mansion, but did not live there for long as she t...

Rebecca Warfield (Ridgely) MP (1703 - 1755)

[Mrs.] Ridgely (Dorsey) (deceased)

Miss Dorsey is cited as the wife of Rev. A. H. Dashiell, Jr, on pages 232-234 in the bio of Richard R. Dashiell in Sketches of Prominent Tennesseans: Biographies and Records of Many of the Families Who...

Absalom Ridgely (1797 - 1844)

Absolom Ridgely (1743 - 1818)

Achsah Charmier (Ridgely) (1729 - 1789)

Achsah Ridgely (deceased)

Alice Woodward (Ridgely) (deceased)

Lillian Ridgely (1904 - 1980)

Alice Woodward (Ridgely) (deceased)

Alice RIDGELY (deceased)

Alice Louise Ridgely (Kline) (1903 - 1966)

Widow of Joseph Graham Ridgely. No mention of children.

Alice Ridgely (c.1752 - d.)

Alice Mortimer (Wood) Ridgely (Banta) (b. - 1894)

Adopted by Henry Banta & Mary E Banta. Born Alice Mortimer Wood.

Amelia Ridgely (1775 - 1808)

Andrew Ridgely (1802 - 1868)

Ann Worthington (Ridgely) (deceased)

Ann Ridgely (c.1759 - d.)

Ann Dorsey (Ridgely) (deceased)

Ann Howard (Ridgely) (b. - 1801)

Ann Ridgely (Dorsey) (1730 - 1777)

Ann Dashiell (Ridgely) (1799 - 1880)

Ann Worthington (Ridgely) (1725 - d.)

Ann Ridgely (Robertson) (deceased)

Ann Orum (Ridgely) (deceased)

Ann Ridgely (French) (1702 - 1733)

Birth: Nov. 20, 1702 New Castle New Castle County Delaware, USA Death: Nov. 21, 1733 New Castle New Castle County Delaware, USA 1st married November 28, 1717 2nd marriage December 5, 1722 Died at hom...

Ann "Nancy" Ridgely (Woodyard) (1754 - c.1820)

"William and Ann 'Nancy' Ridgely adopted two sisters, Rebeccar and Sara Ann Watts, who later inherited an estate from James Rawlings Jr. in 1840; James Rawlings Jr. was a cousin of William Ridgely."

Ann "Nancy" Ridgely (Woodyard) (deceased)

Ann Elizabeth Nichols (Ridgely) (1841 - 1906)

Anna S. Ridgely (Greenwood) (1831 - 1899)

Anne Ridgely (1720 - d.)

Anne Ridgely (Moore) (1732 - 1810)

Anne Ridgely (Griffith) (deceased)

Anne Griffith (Ridgely) (deceased)

Anne Ridgely (1815 - 1898)

Charles du Pont married Ann Ridgely (lived 1815-1898), whose father Henry Moore Ridgely was a prominent Delaware attorney and had been a congressman and a senator from Delaware.

Anne Worthington (Ridgely) (deceased)

Anne Ridgely (Dorsey) (1730 - 1767)

Arthur P S Ridgely (1898 - d.)

Arthur P. Ridgely (deceased)

Asenah Ridgely (deceased)

Bazil Ridgely (deceased)

Benjamin Ridgely (deceased)

Benjamin Ridgely (1739 - d.)

Berta Ridgely (Voight) (deceased)

Betty Virginia Hubbard (Ridgely) (1928 - 2008)

Caroline S. Ridgely (c.1839 - d.)

Catharine E P Ridgely (Jamison) (1820 - 1903)

Catherine Ridgely (RIDGELY) (1723 - c.1753)

Catherine Ridgely (Lusby) (c.1710 - d.)

Catherine Ridgely (Lusby) (deceased)

Charles Ridgely (deceased)

Charles Sterrett Ridgely (1782 - 1847)

During the War of 1812, Charles Sterrett Ridgely served as a Major in the Maryland Militia under Col. Frisby Tilghman. In the 1820s, he achieved the rank of Colonel and lead a group known as "Ridgely's...

Charles G Ridgely (1914 - d.)

Charles Ridgely (deceased)

Charles Greenberry Ridgely (1735 - 1784)

Charles Carnan Ridgely (deceased)

Not directly related to the Governor of Maryland, though he may have been named after him.

Charles Ridgely (c.1676 - 1722)

Charles G Ridgely (1845 - d.)

Charles Ridgely (c.1679 - 1710)

Charles Greenbury Ridgely (1784 - 1848)

Charles Ridgely, I (c.1677 - 1705)

Col. Charles Ridgley (1702 - 1772)

Charles Ridgely (deceased)

Charles Ridgely (1830 - 1872)

Elected captain of the Baltimore County Horse Guard (a local defense cavalry) at the outbreak of the Civil War, John’s and Eliza's son, Charles Ridgely (1830-1872), was threatened with arrest by...

Charles Ridgely (c.1580 - c.1625)

Dr. Charles Ridgely (1736 - 1786)

Charles Ridgely (deceased)

Charles Greenbury Ridgely (deceased)

Charles Carnan Ridgely, Jr. (deceased)

Charles Carnan Ridgely (deceased)

Cora Ridgely (1828 - 1829)

Cornelia Adelaide Croghan (Ridgely) (1827 - 1857)

Cornelia Louisiana Ridgely (Livingston) (1802 - 1830)

David Latimer Ridgely (deceased)

David Ridgely (1798 - d.)

Deborah Ridgely (Dorsey) (1580 - c.1601)

Deborah Ridgely (Dorsey) (deceased)

Deborah B. Harrison (Ridgely) (c.1835 - d.)

Deborah Ridgely (deceased)

Deborah Street (Ridgely) (1749 - 1817)

Delilah Ridgely (b. - 1798)

Doris Naomi (Ridgely) (1913 - 2009)

Dorothy E Finfrock (Ridgely) (1918 - d.)

Drucilla Ridgely (deceased)

Edna G Ridgely (1895 - d.)

Edward Ridgely (deceased)

Edward Ridgely (1848 - d.)

Edward I Ridgely (1842 - d.)

Eleanor Ridgely (deceased)

Eliza Ridgely (1858 - 1954)

Eliza Ridgely (1858-1954), seemed to have inherited both her name and many aspects of her character from her redoubtable “Aunt Didy.” An intelligent and determined woman with strong relig...

Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely (1803 - 1867)

Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely Ridgely (1803-1867) is one of the most recognizable of the Ridgely women, largely as the result of her portrait by Thomas Sully, “Lady with a Harp,” which is cu...