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Ambassador William R Rivkin MP (c.1919 - 1967)

William Robert Rivkin (1919-1967) -- also known as William R. Rivkin -- of Illinois. Born in Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa, 1919. Colonel in the U.S. Army during World War II; U.S. Ambassador to Lu...

? Rivkin (deceased)

? Rivkin (deceased)

? Rivkin (deceased)

? Rivkin (deceased)

? Rivkin (deceased)

?? Rivkin (deceased)

Aaron Rivkin (b. - 1961)

Aaron Rivkin (deceased)

Aba Rivkin (deceased)

Al Rivkin (deceased)

Alexander Rivkin (deceased)

Alice Rivkin (deceased)

Ania Rivkin (deceased)

Anna Rivkin (Faktorovich) (deceased)

Anna Rivkin (Zitomirski) (deceased)

Anna Rivkin (Wedesky) (c.1878 - 1947)

Anna Miriam Rivkin (Oxengoren) (1905 - 1979)

Anna Miriam Rivkin (1905 - 1979)

Anne Chester (Rivkin) (deceased)

Anne Rivkin (deceased)

ARKADI Rivkin (deceased)

Audrey Rivkin (van Santen) (1918 - d.)

Avel Rivkin (deceased)

avraha rivkin (deceased)

avraham Rivkin (deceased)

Avraham Rivkin (deceased)

Avrohom Rivkin (deceased)

Barnet Rivkin (1880 - 1944)

Modern Town & Country Daugavpils, Latvia 55°53' N 26°32' E 119 mi SE of Rīga Other Names: Daugavpils [Latv], Dvinsk [Rus], Denenburg [Yid], Dünaburg [Ger], Dyneburg [Pol],...

Baruch Rivkin (deceased)

Basya Rivkin (deceased)

Basya (Berta) Terletsky (Rivkin) (b. - 1994)

Bea Rivkin (deceased)

Beatrice Rivkin (deceased)

Beatrice Rivkin (deceased)

bella efimova (rivkin) (deceased)

Bella Rivkin (deceased)

Bella Gotlib (Rivkin) (deceased)

Belle Rivkin (deceased)

Ben Rivkin (deceased)

Beniamin Rivkin (deceased)

Benjamin Rivkin (deceased)

Benjamin Rivkin (1889 - c.1945)

Benjamin Rivkin (c.1887 - d.)

Benjamin Rivkin (deceased)

Benyomin Rivkin (1890 - 1955)

Ber Rivkin (deceased)

Bernice Rivkin (deceased)

Berta Rivkin (deceased)

Beryl Rivkin (deceased)

Bessie Rivkin (1886 - d.)

Bessie Rivkin (deceased)

Bessie Solomson (Rivkin) (deceased)

Bessie (Batia) Copeland (Rivkin) (c.1899 - 1964)

Arrived in Canada, age 22, in 1911 with mother and siblings Herman and Sylvia (see 1921 Canada Census). ********** marriage announcement from Canadian Jewish Review, 30 June 1922 — COP...

Bev Rivkin (deceased)

Bill Rivkin (b. - 1971)

boris rivkin (deceased)

Boris Rivkin (deceased)

Boris Rivkin (deceased)

Boris Rivkin (deceased)

Boris Rivkin (deceased)

Boris Rivkin (1917 - 1941)

Boris Rivkin (Rayevsky) (deceased)

boris-1 Rivkin (deceased)

Bracha Halperin (Rivkin) (deceased)

Brother #1 Rivkin (deceased)

Brother #2 Rivkin (deceased)

Brother #3 Rivkin (deceased)

Bunya Rivkin (Narinskaya) (c.1894 - c.1968)

Celia Rivkin (deceased)

Chaim Elemelech Rivkin (deceased)

Chana Rivkin (Laine) (deceased)

Chana Rivka Levene (Rivkin) (deceased)

Charlotte Steindam (Rivkin) (deceased)

Chaya Rivkin (deceased)

Chaya Chasah (Ida) Rivkin (Nussbaum) (b. - 1992)

Chaya Dubruse Rivkin (deceased)

Chaya Hode Rivkin (deceased)

Chaya Rivka Uzieli (Rivkin) (deceased)

Chonye Rivkin (deceased)

david rivkin (deceased)

David Rivkin (1909 - 1985)

DAVID RIVKIN (deceased)

David Rivkin (b. - 1950)

David Rivkin (deceased)

David Rivkin (deceased)

Donald Herschel Rivkin (c.1924 - 2001)

He was born on May 24, 1924, the son of a dry cleaner and Russian-born citizen of Davenport, Samuel W. Rivkin, and his wife Florence (Fryer) Rivkin. After high school in Davenport, Rivkin attended the ...

Donald Rivkin (deceased)

dora Rivkin (deceased)

Dora Rivkin (deceased)

Dvoira Rivkin (deceased)

Dvoira Rivkina (Rivkin) (1919 - 1942)

Edgar Rivkin (1918 - 1992)

Edith Rivkin (deceased)

Edith Holzman (deceased)

Efim Rivkin (deceased)

Efim (Fima) Rivkin (deceased)

elchanan rivkin (deceased)

Eleanore Alma Rivkin (Cohen) (1920 - 1996)

Eli Rivkin (deceased)