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Alma Gladys Roberson Mitchell (Ferrell) MP (1901 - 1958)

Birth: Sep. 28, 1901 Durham County North Carolina, USA Death: Nov. 18, 1958 Durham Durham County North Carolina, USA 1910 United States Federal Census Name: Gladis Ferrell Age in 1910: 8 Estimated ...

Dr. Andrew Robertson MP (1716 - 1795)

Dr. Andrew Robertson , "a surgeon and physician of great eminence, b. Inverness, Scotd., 1716; grad., Edinburgh, Univ.; entered the army in Flanders; was in battle of Fontenay, 1745; with Braddock in P...

Catharina Gale Roberson (Helvey) MP (1781 - 1851)

She was named in her mother's 1794 will and was listed as an heir in her father's 1800 estate settlement. Her maiden name, birth date, and relationship to her husband and sons are shown by the LDS Inte...

Etta Mary Roberson (Gilliam) MP (1882 - 1969)

Birth: Jul. 29, 1882 Tennessee, USA Death: Feb. 26, 1969 Etta Mary or Mary Etta m. Jesse Greene Robinson (b.1866) I believe this is Etta ROBERSON, daughter of Willis Nelson GILLIAM 54871957 and N...

James Roberson MP (1770 - 1835)

He has been speculated as An otherwise unknown son of Daniel Robinson and Sarah Winfree . The James Robertson who was son of Thomas Robertson .

James Monroe Roberson MP (c.1737 - 1828)

By one account, he was born in Scotland about 1737. He came to America with a brother, landed in Virginia, and he never saw his brother again. Some Roberson descendants claim his father was Dr. Andrew ...

Jesse Green Roberson MP (1866 - 1946)

Birth: Mar. 29, 1866 Death: Feb. 2, 1946 Greenfield Weakley County Tennessee, USA Son of Dick Roberson and Fannie Richie. He married Mary Etta Gilliam on 7 Oct. 1903, in Weakley County, TN. Fam...

Kathleen Roberson Horton Schrimsher (Ellis) MP (1920 - 2000)

Birth: Jul. 13, 1920 Death: Nov. 13, 2000 Burial: Oak Grove Memorial Gardens Durham Durham County North Carolina, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Bo Wentz Record added: Apr...

Mary Roberson (Fuqua) MP (c.1737 - 1828)

Rachel Jane H. Horne (Roberson) MP (1847 - 1932)

Her descendants say she was an adopted daughter of Rufus Roberson and Elizabeth (Lomax) Roberson . The 1850 and 1860 census show her as their daughter. A picture of Peter V. Catches is labeled "great...

Rufus Morgan Roberson MP (c.1811 - 1897)

He and his wife raised an orphan child, Robert Hammond . They also bought a slave Hannnah Roberson .

Roberson (deceased)

Roberson (deceased)

Roberson (deceased)

Roberson (deceased)

Roberson (deceased)

Luke Roberson (deceased)

(Myrtle) Ione Green Roberson (deceased)

* Nellie Edna Roberson (Munnerlyn) (deceased)

... Roberson (Dickson) (c.1769 - d.)

... Roberson (Rogers) (c.1771 - d.)

<Private> (Stayton) Roberson (deceased)

<Unknown> Roberson (deceased)

? Roberson (b. - c.1940)

? Roberson (deceased)

? Roberson (deceased)

?? Roberson (deceased)

A Roberson (1832 - d.)

A Roberson (deceased)

A Roberson (1844 - d.)

A D Roberson (deceased)

A. Thomas ROBERSON (deceased)

A.C. Roberson (deceased)

Aaron Roberson (deceased)

Aaron Bluford Roberson (1875 - 1962)

Aaron Roberson (deceased)

Aaron (?) Roberson (deceased)

Aaron Dell (Slim) Roberson (1918 - 1972)

Abigale Roberson (1783 - d.)


Ada Roberson (Wormington) (1878 - d.)

Ada Marie Roberson (Hawkins) (deceased)

Ada Leutita Roberson (Heston) (1902 - 2001)

Ada Roberson (1867 - d.)

Ada Roberson (deceased)

Ada Irene ROBERSON (1909 - 1913)

Ada Roberson (Hays) (deceased)

Ada Roberson (Stephenson) (1862 - 1933)

Ada Mae Denmark Roberson (deceased)

Adah Sheila Roberson (1907 - 1986)

Addie Esabelle Morrow (Roberson/Robison) (1884 - 1924)

Addie Fallen (Roberson) (1917 - d.)

Addie Elvira Hoge (Roberson) (deceased)

Addie Lena Roberson (Perkins) (1913 - 1995)

addie may roberson (deceased)

Addie S Roberson (1885 - d.)

Adelia (Hissam) Roberson (1869 - d.)

Adell Roberson (deceased)

Adell Roberson (deceased)

Adiana Hester Roberson (deceased)

Adriene Roberson (deceased)

Agatha Mildred Roberson (1903 - 1981)

Agnes Roberson (Garten) (deceased)

Agnes roberson (deceased)

Agnes Rosalie Roberson (Darr) (1896 - 1978)

Agnes N. Roberson (c.1817 - 1880)

Agnes "Aggie" (Roberson) (1874 - 1956)

Agnes Roberson (deceased)

AJ Roberson (1923 - 1984)

Alberdia Roberson (Franklin) (1896 - d.)

Albert Roberson (c.1879 - d.)

Albert F Roberson (1857 - d.)

Albert Thomas Roberson (1864 - 1940)

Albert Roberson (1870 - d.)

Alberta (Wright) Roberson (1899 - 1960)

Alberta Roberson (deceased)

alda roberson (bush) (deceased)

Alex Roberson (1855 - d.)

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Alex V Roberson (deceased)

Alex Roberson (deceased)

Alexander Lawrence Roberson (c.1871 - d.)

Alexander Hamilton Roberson (deceased)

Alexander Roberson (1831 - 1885)

Alexander was a soldier in an Illinois regiment during the War Between the States; served under Gen. Ulysses S. Grant; at the end of the war he was mustered out at Bedloe's Island. Lived in Jefferson C...

Alexander Hasselvander Roberson (deceased)

Alfred Roberson (b. - 1984)

Alfred Roberson (deceased)

algie green roberson (deceased)

Alice Roberson (deceased)

Alice Roberson (1905 - 1905)

Alice Roberson (Stead) (1847 - d.)

Alice O Roberson (Deniston) (deceased)

Alice Goin (Roberson) (deceased)

Alice Roberson (Sullivan) (1858 - d.)

Alice Mary Roberson (York) (1878 - d.)

Alice M Roberson (Huston) (deceased)

Alice Robertson (Roberson) (b. - 1895)

Alice Chauncey (Roberson) (1910 - 2004)

Previous records showed her name as Allis but new family records found show her name as Alice.

alice fae Roberson (deceased)

Alice Fowler Roberson (deceased)

Alice Mae Rasco Roberson (deceased)