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Elizabeth Johnson Rollins MP (1760 - d.)

There were competing sets of parents for Elizabeth Johnson. Sources on the Internet differ. One set of parents are Obadiah Johnson and Content Rogers . The other set was Simeon Johnson and Elizabeth Ga...

Henry Rollins MP (1790 - 1865)

Disconnected from parents John Rollins and Elizabeth Johnson Rollins . They did not have a son, Henry, and all their children were born in New Hampshire. [Hatte Blejer Feb. 17, 2015] Birth: Aug., ...

James Henry Rollins MP (1816 - 1899)

A Life Sketch of James Henry Rollins, is from a special collection of BYU. This sketch of his life was dictated by him to his daughter, Mary Osborn, and was later re-written in 1924 by his youngest dau...

John Porter Rollins MP (1789 - 1820)

Very confusing family history. His son's autobiography has John Porter, James, and Henry Rollins coming to America. If so, he is NOT the son of John Rollins and Elizabeth Johnson of Dublin, New Hampshi...

John Henry Rollins, Sr. MP (1841 - 1887)

This is a continuation of John Henry's father, James Henry Rollins' autobiography, which was too long to fit on his profile page. It starts off with John Henry's father, James Henry Rollins, talking ab...

John Rollins MP (1762 - 1819)

John Rollins was born in 1762 when the American colonists were growing in rebellion toward the British Crown. U. S. Revolutionary War records indicate that between 1775 and 1783, he served as a Private...

Mary Irey (Rollins) MP (1803 - 1861)

Mary Elizabeth Lightner (Rollins) MP (1818 - 1913)

Regarding the photograph above (per Mary Elizabeth's writing on the reverse of the photo says that she was 76 years old when the photo was taken. She was in Ogden, Utah (Location of Phot...

Rollins (Thompson) (deceased)

Rollins (deceased)

Rollins (deceased)

"Edna" Rollins (Foy) (1900 - d.)

"Unknown Infant" Rollins (deceased)

(13 total children) Rollins (deceased)

(3 children total) Rollins (deceased)

(Bertha) Irene Rollins (Mendenhall) (1905 - d.)

** Howard (Rollins) (deceased)

****** Rollins (deceased)

******* Rollins (deceased)

<unk> Rollins (Natividad) (deceased)

? Rollins (Williams) (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? ROLLINS (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

? Rollins (deceased)

??? Rollins (deceased)

A. Agee (Rollins) (deceased)

Aaron Rollins (1787 - d.)

Aaron Rollins (1840 - 1935)

Aaron Rollins (1646 - 1709)

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AAron Rollins (deceased)

Aaron Rollins Rollins (1790 - d.)

Aaron Rollins (1802 - d.)

AARON, III ROLLINS (1796 - d.)

AARON, JR. ROLLINS (1763 - 1858)

ABBIE A. ROLLINS (deceased)

Abbie Rollins (deceased)

Abby L Rollins (Gilman) (1832 - d.)

Abby Amanda Rollins (1870 - 1870)

Abby Rollins (Bradley) (deceased)

Abby Amanda Rollins (1835 - 1837)

Abiah Rollins (Winkley) (1806 - 1881)

Abigail Richards (Rollins) (1676 - 1748)

Abigail Rollins (1765 - d.)

Abigail S Rollins (Shattuck) (1816 - d.)

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Abigail Rollins (1788 - 1796)


Abigail Rollins (Hurd) (deceased)

Abigail Rollins (Wentworth) (1727 - 1790)

Abigail S. Rollins (Oliver) (1836 - 1885)

Abigail Rollins (Mason) (deceased)

Abigail Rollins (Greenwood) (1766 - 1852)

Abigail Rollins (1781 - d.)

Abigail Tolman (Rollins) (deceased)

Abigail Folsom (Rollins) (deceased)

Abigail Raymore Rollins (Dodge) (1825 - 1903)

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Abigail Rollins (1785 - 1868)

Abigail ROBERTS (ROLLINS) (deceased)

Abigail Rollins (1799 - 1874)

Abigail Rollins (1836 - d.)

Abigail Winkley (Rollins) (deceased)

Abigail T Rollins (1824 - d.)

Abigail Merrill (Rollins) (deceased)

abigal rollins (downing) (deceased)

Abigal Rollins (1765 - 1850)

Abigale Rollins (Downing) (1735 - 1790)

abner Rollins (deceased)

Abner Rollins (1806 - d.)

Abraham Rollins (1843 - d.)

Ada Hester Holden (Rollins) (1900 - 1984)

Ada Dotson Rollins (1859 - 1942)

Ada Rollins (deceased)

Ada Rollins (Swan) (deceased)

Ada Adelle Rollins, child (1885 - 1885)

Ada Rollins (deceased)

Ada Rollins (Pettit) (deceased)

Ada Rollins (1870 - d.)

Ada Rollins (Dotson) (deceased)

Adalaide Rollins (1870 - 1947)

Addie E. Rollins (1871 - 1954)

Addie Esterbrook Dyer (Rollins) (deceased)

Addie Ellen Manus (Rollins) (1877 - 1921)

Birth: Jul. 4, 1877 Union County North Carolina, USA Death: Jan. 18, 1921 Monroe Union County North Carolina, USA Family links: Parents: Rueben John Rollins (1836 - 1913) Catharine Deas Rol...

Addie A. Rollins (c.1861 - 1910)

Addie I. Rollins (1883 - 1929)

Addie Lee Rollins (1849 - d.)

Adelaide Lois Rollins Colton (1861 - 1937)

The above photo was found on Find A and supposedly depicts Adelaide Lois "Addie" Rollins Colton, and her two cousins, Ida Bingham and Edwin Florentine Bingham. Find A Grave shows that Adelaid...

Adelaide ("Addie") F. Rollins (deceased)

Adeline Arminta Rollins (Davis) (b. - c.2009)

Adeline Arminta (Davis) Rollins, a long-time resident of Lewis County, died Saturday, January 31, 2009. She was born in Clarkston, WA on September 30, 1916, the youngest child of Duran C. and Fannie (C...

Adeline M. Coltharp (Rollins) (deceased)

Adeline Rollins (1844 - d.)

Afton Larene Rollins (Pickett) (1914 - 1997)

Quietly, peacefully, on January 3, 1997, Afton Larene Pickett Rollins was set free of a body that saw more than its share of intense pain, and allowed to rejoin so many with whom she had shared a lifet...

Agatha Rollins (c.1904 - d.)

Agatha DOCKERY (c.1795 - d.)

Agnes Ethel Rollins (Rae) (1884 - 1948)

EVANSTON, Wyoming – Mrs. Agnes Ethel Rae Rollins, 63, wife of Loraine Rollins, manager of the United States District Land Office at Evanston and Editor and Co-Publisher of the Uinta County Hearl...

Agnes Southerland (Rollins) (deceased)