Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna of Russia, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin MP (1860 - 1922)

Wikipedia: English: Deutsch: ein Mitglied des Hauses Romanow-Holstein-Gottorp und durch Heirat Großherzogin von Mecklenburg. Anastasia war die einzige Tochter von Großfürst Mic...

Catherine II "the Great" Empress of All Russia MP (1729 - 1796)

Sophie Friederike Auguste princess of Anhalt-Zerbst By marriage Ekaterina Alexseivna Romanov Catherine II(Russian: Екатерина II A...

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia MP (1875 - 1960)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Home of Xenia Johann the Younger #1905 Wikipedia

Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna of Russia, Prinzessin Cäcilie Auguste von Baden (1839 - 1891)

Name/title: Cäcilie Auguste Prinzessin von Baden By marriage Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna of Russia Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

H.I.H Grand Duchess Elizaveta Mikhailovna Romanova of Russia (1826 - 1845)

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia Elizabeth Mikhailovna, Grand Duchess of Russia (Moscow, 26 May 1826 - Wiesbaden, 28 January 1845) was the second child and daughter of Grand Duke Mikhail...

Evdokia Dmitriyevna Romanov (Stepanova) (1902 - 1982)

Theodora Romanov (1674 - 1677)

Margaret Sheila MacKellar Romanov (Chisholm) (1898 - 1969)

Sheila "Sheilie" Chisholm, an Australian, one of the great society beauties of the 1920s and 1930s, She married Lord Loughborough (Loughie), heir to the Earl of Rosslyn, at Cairo, in 1915, as he conval...

Natalya Romanov (1673 - 1716)

Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia (1882 - 1960)

Ægteskaberne m.v.: I 1901 indgik Olga i et arrangeret ægteskab med Prins Peter af Oldenburg (1868-1924), men forholdet var ulykkeligt og opløstes i 1916. Senere samme år b...

Grand Duchess Milica Nikolaevna, Princess Milica of Montenegro (1866 - 1951)

Марина Петровна Romanov (1892 - 1981)