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Amelia Zialcita Romualdez MP (1912 - d.)

Amelia Zialcita Romualdez represented Leyte in the 1927 Manila Carnival Queen pageant. More here: -------------------- In 1927, the province of Leyte fielded a homegrown beauty to the Miss Philippi...

Benjamin "Kokoy" Romualdez MP (1930 - 2012)

Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez is a Filipino politician and businessman. He served as a US Ambassador. He was also the former governor of Leyte. More here: .

Imelda Remedios Visitacion Trinidad Romualdez MP

Imelda Romualdez Marcos is a powerful political and social figure in the Philippines. More here:

Miguel Lopez Romualdez MP (1882 - 1950)

Miguel Lopez Romualdez was an Assemblyman of Leyte and Mayor of Manila.

Norberto Lopez Romualdez MP (1875 - 1941)

Norberto Lopez Romualdez was a Philippine writer, politician, jurist and statesman. More here: So much have been written in our history books about those people who had in one way or another contribu...

alejo romualdez (deceased)

Benjamin Trinidad Romualdez (b. - c.2012)

Kokoy was Governor of Leyte for several terms.

Brigida (Binday) Romualdez (Zialcita) (deceased)

Brigida (Binday) Romualdez (Zialcita) (1880 - d.)

Brigida was the wife of Miguel Romualdez and the mother of Daniel, Miguel, Eduardo, Froilan, Alberto, and Amelia.

Covadonga Romualdez (Del Gallego) (deceased)

Daniel Romualdez (deceased)

Daniel (Danieling) Zialcita Romualdez (1907 - 1965)

Daniel "Danieling" Zialcita Romualdez was a Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. More here:

Eddie Romualdez (deceased)

emma romualdez (deceased)

Estela Zialcita Romualdez (1901 - 1972)

Francisco Romualdez (deceased)

froilan romualdez (deceased)

josefina romualdez (cerbo) (deceased)

Josefina Romualdez Hocson (deceased)

juanita paguia romualdez (deceased)

Lourdes Acereda Romualdez (deceased)

Miguel Lopez Romualdez (deceased)

Miguel Romualdez (b. - 1974)

Milagros Buz Romualdez (deceased)

Norberto Sr. Romualdez (deceased)

Rosa Aguinaldo Romualdez (deceased)

vicente orestes romualdez (deceased)

Vicente Orestes Lopez Romualdez (1885 - 1955)

Vicente Orestes Lopez Romualdez was a lawyer and the provincial sheriff of Leyte. More here: