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Vicente Pantangco Rufino MP (c.1902 - 1970)

Vicente Rufino, in his youth, was the King Consort to the 1926 Manila Carnival Queen. He was among the incorporators of the Eastern Theatrical Company in 1934, which was engaged in the operating theate...

RUFINO (1809 - d.)

"Papai" Rufino (deceased)

?? Rufino (deceased)

?? Rufino Portaban (b. - 1986)

Abilio bento rufino (deceased)

Adelino Alberto Rufino (deceased)

Adélia Maria Rufino (deceased)

Agostinho Rufino (deceased)

Alaide Denise Rufino (deceased)

Albano da Silva Rufino (1920 - d.)

Alberto Rufino (deceased)

Alcides Rufino (deceased)

Alfredo antónio Rufino Rato (deceased)

Alvina Rufino (deceased)

Amado Rufino (deceased)

Americo Rufino (deceased)

Ana Joaquina do Rosário Rufino (deceased)

Ana Maria Rufino (deceased)

Angel Rufino Ramos (deceased)

ANGEL RUFINO (deceased)

Antonia Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Antonio Rufino da Silva (deceased)

antonio rufino (deceased)

António Rufino Anacleto (deceased)

Argeu Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Bautista Rufino Julià (deceased)

Bernadette RUFINO (deceased)

Blanca Rufino (deceased)

Carlos Rufino (deceased)

Carlos Hortensio Lloveras Rufino (1847 - 1909)

Catalina Rufino (deceased)

Celestino Rufino (deceased)

Clara rufino (deceased)

Clara Rufino (deceased)

Concepcion Rufino (Reyes) (1912 - d.)

Concepcion Rufino (1910 - d.)

Coronel Rufino (deceased)

Dolores Tarragona Rufino (1853 - 1921)

Dolores Rufino Real (1819 - d.)

Duane Arlos Rufino (deceased)

Eduardo Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Eduardo Alfredo Cernadas Rufino (1849 - 1907)

Elieseta Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Elisiário Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Elvira Quintanilha Rufino (deceased)

Eneas Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Erminia Rufino Figueiró (deceased)

Ernesto Pantangco Rufino (deceased)

Ester Rufino Galvez (Rufino) (c.1914 - c.1980)

Ester Rufino (deceased)

Ester Pantangco Rufino (deceased)

Eterlina Rufino (deceased)

EUGENE RUFINO (deceased)

Eugénia da Conceição Rufino (da Conceição) (deceased)

Eustaquia Rufino Real (deceased)

Evaristo Rufino (deceased)

Fernando Rufino (deceased)

Flavio Rufino (deceased)

Flora Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Florentino Rufino (deceased)

Francisca Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Francisca maria Correa Manso E. Santo Rufino Rufino (deceased)

Francisco Rufino (deceased)

Francisco Rufino (deceased)

Francisco Rufino (deceased)

Francisco Cesar E. Santo Rufino Rufino (deceased)

Francisco João Rufino (deceased)

Gabriella Rufino (deceased)


Gladys Rufino (deceased)

Gregorio Rufino Montoro (deceased)

Henriqueta Rufino de Souza (deceased)

Henriqueta Rufino (deceased)

Herman Rufino (deceased)

Hilaria Josefa Rufino Real (c.1834 - 1910)

Isabel Rufino (deceased)

Jeronima Rufino (deceased)

Joana Rufino (deceased)

Joana (Mamãe Noca) Rufino (deceased)

Joaquim António Rufino (c.1910 - d.)

Joey Abad Rufino (deceased)

Jose Rufino (deceased)

Jose Rufino (deceased)

Jose Margarito Rufino Tarango (1870 - d.)

Josefa Rufino (deceased)

Josefa Rufino (deceased)

Josefina Alejandra de Achával Rufino (1872 - d.)

Josefina Martinez Rufino (deceased)


José Rufino (deceased)

José Rufino (deceased)

José Gomes Rufino (deceased)

José María de Achaval Rufino (deceased)

João Gomes Rufino (deceased)

João Francisco Rufino (deceased)

João Rufino (deceased)

João Rufino (deceased)

João Rufino (deceased)

Juan Rufino (deceased)