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LaVerne Andrews MP (1911 - 1967)

American singer LaVerne Andrews, along with her sisters Maxene and Patty, was part of the Big Band singing Trio "The Andrews Sisters" which was enormously popular during World War II. The sisters, du...

Amalia Ruggiero (RUGGIERO) (deceased)

Antoinette Corteal (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Barbara Ann Ruggiero (Hansen) (1941 - 1981)

Ben Ruggiero (c.1940 - d.)

Erberto Ruggiero (1840 - d.)

Erna D Ruggiero (Schenkel) (1928 - 1977)

Francesca Benevenuto (Ruggiero) (b. - 1753)

Francesca Ruggiero (Ferrara) (1816 - d.)

Frank D Ruggiero (1908 - d.)

Giacinta Ruggiero (deceased)

Giovanna Compano (Ruggiero) (1715 - d.)

Giuseppe Ruggiero (1832 - 1908)

Giuseppe Ruggiero (deceased)

John Ruggiero (deceased)

Joyce Ruggiero (deceased)

Lou Rogers (b. - 1995)

Maria Felicia Ruggiero (deceased)

Maria Pietropaolo (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Maria Ruggiero (deceased)

Maria Michela Adiletta (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Maria Del Monaco (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Michelangelo Ruggiero (1808 - d.)

Patrizia Ruggiero (Scaglione) (1836 - d.)

Phyllis Tucciarone (Ruggiero) (b. - 2008)

Rosa Ruggiero (deceased)

Serafina Ruggiero (deceased)