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LaVerne Andrews MP (1911 - 1967)

American singer LaVerne Andrews, along with her sisters Maxene and Patty, was part of the Big Band singing Trio "The Andrews Sisters" which was enormously popular during World War II. The sisters, du...

Addolorata Ruggiero (Troiano) (1891 - 1970)

Adele Ruggiero (Tingo) (deceased)

Adriana Ruggiero (deceased)

Agnes Rega (Ruggiero) (1915 - 1988)

Social Security Number: 082-14-0989 Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 11219 Localities: Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Aimee Ruggiero (deceased)

Albert Ruggiero (1907 - 2002)

Alessandria Ruggiero (deceased)

Alfred Ruggiero (c.1890 - c.1957)

Alfred C Ruggiero (1925 - 2000)

Alfredo Ruggiero (1919 - d.)


Amalia Ruggiero (deceased)

Amalia de Ruggiero dei Duchi di Albano (Magnacca) (deceased)

Americo Ruggiero (1925 - 1927)

Americus Ruggiero (deceased)

Angela de Ruggiero dei Duchi di Albano (Parlato) (deceased)

Angela Ruggiero (deceased)

Angela Maria Palladino (Ruggiero) (1879 - d.)

Angelina Ruggiero (deceased)

Angeline Cacciottolo (Ruggiero) (1910 - 2001)

Angelo Ruggiero (deceased)

Angelo Ruggiero (deceased)

Angie Ruggiero (deceased)

Angie Ruggiero (c.1890 - d.)

Aniello ruggiero (deceased)

ann ruggiero (deceased)

Anna Ruggiero (Paige) (deceased)

Anna M Ruggiero (Velloney) (1905 - 1985)

Anna Ruggiero (deceased)

Anna Ruggiero (deceased)

Anna Marie Ruggiero (deceased)

Anna Marie Ruggiero (deceased)

Anne Ruggiero (deceased)

Anthony Ruggiero (deceased)

Anthony James Ruggiero, Sr. (1929 - 2005)

Anthony Ruggiero (1909 - d.)

Anthony Ruggiero Ruggiero (deceased)

Antoinette Ruggiero (deceased)

Antoinette Ruggiero (deceased)

Antoinette Corteal (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Antoinette Monaco (Ruggiero) (1905 - 1993)

Antonette Ruggiero (Proietti) (deceased)

Antonia D'Ambrosi (Ruggiero) (1863 - 1940)

Antonietta Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonietta (Donetta) Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (1917 - 1988)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (deceased)

Antonio Ruggiero (1877 - d.)

Antonio di Ruggiero (deceased)

Arthur Ruggiero (deceased)

Atantonio Ruggiero (deceased)

August Ruggiero (deceased)

Barbara Ann Ruggiero (Hansen) (1941 - 1981)

Basilio Ruggiero (deceased)

Ben Ruggiero (c.1940 - d.)

Benidetto Ruggiero (1871 - d.)

Bennedetto Ruggiero (1885 - 1977)

Bennie ruggiero (deceased)

Bennie Ruggiero (deceased)

Bernard Ruggiero (deceased)

Bessie Ruggiero (c.1930 - d.)

Billy Ruggiero (deceased)

Bruno Ruggiero (deceased)

Carlo Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmela ruggiero (Anania) (1924 - 1961)

Carmela died in a serious train accident along with her 12 year old son Pino on December 23rd 1961, carmela was also 8 months pregnant The accident occurred as the train was passing over the curved Fiu...

Carmela Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmela Ruggiero (Viscarello) (deceased)

Carmela Ruggiero (Gambardella) (1904 - 1987)

Carmela Imbimbo (Ruggiero) (deceased)

Carmella Ruggiero (Triolo) (1914 - 2010)

Carmella Ruggiero (Corsaro) (1883 - 1965)

Carmen Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmen Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmen Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmine Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmine Ruggiero (deceased)

Carmine Ruggiero (deceased)

Carol Ruggiero (deceased)

Carol Ruggiero (deceased)

Carolina Ruggiero (deceased)

Carolina Musaco Ruggiero (deceased)

Caterina Di Ruggiero (Mastorieni) (deceased)

Caterina Ruggiero (deceased)

Catherine Ruggiero (deceased)

Celeste De Luca Ruggiero (deceased)

Cesare Ruggiero (deceased)

Charles Ruggiero (deceased)

Charles Ruggiero (deceased)

Charles Angelo Ruggiero (1909 - 1998)

Charles James Ruggiero (deceased)

Charlie Ruggiero (deceased)

Clara Ruggiero (DiBurro) (deceased)

Claudine Ruggiero (1947 - d.)