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Abraham Marcus Sallé, Sr. MP (c.1673 - 1720)

From Wendell E. Wilson, The Huguenot Ancestry of Jane “Jinny” Sally of Kentucky, Abraham Sallé (1673-1719) Abraham Sallé was born on 22 February 1673 in the town of St...

Isabelle Sallé MP (1651 - 1722)

Jean Pierre Sallé MP (1705 - 1752)

Jean (John) Calvin Salle (Sallee), II MP (1624 - c.1690)

From Wendell E. Wilson, The Huguenot Ancestry of Jane “Jinny” Sally of Kentucky, Jean Sallé (1624-1691) Jean Sallé and Susan Mestay, having relocated from Poitou provi...

Jean-Denys Salle MP (c.1574 - 1599)

ID: I1404 Name: Jean Denys SALLE Sex: M Birth: in La Rochelle, France Death: UNKNOWN Marriage 1 Francoise ARNAUD b: in Normandy, France Children Marie SALLE b: AFT. 1600 in Normandy, France

Marie-Anne Sallé MP (c.1600 - c.1711)

Please Note: Marie SALLÉ was not the mother of Rene (L'aine) born 1618 or Antoinette Landry born c1618, whom was born of the fictitious "Jean-Claude Landry's" first wife (Unknown); nor was she...

Suzanne Mestay Salle MP (1625 - c.1688)

Étienne Sallé MP (1554 - 1663)

Posa (Salle) (deceased)

La Salle ?? (deceased)

? de La Salle (deceased)

? Sallé (deceased)

Abelle Salle (deceased)

Abraham Sälli (Sälle) (1713 - d.)

Abraham Abrahamsson Sälli (Sälle) (1710 - 1778)

Abraham Salle (1700 - 1731)

Abraham - illigetimate children during marriage to Magdalen: Moll black girl born 30 Jun 1740 Agar black girl born 14 9ber 17__ (Sept) Jamse black boy born 25 Jan 1746 (from “Register of ...

Abram Abramsson "Sälle" (1675 - 1723)

Adelle De la Salle (Belanger) (1876 - 1931)

Adélaïde Elizabeth Sallé (Guillot) (c.1822 - d.)

ahmed mujtaba muhammed mustafa salle Allah aleihe va sallem (deceased)

Alain Louis Collinet de La Salle (1782 - 1831)

Albert De La Salle (deceased)

Albertina Sälle (Andersson) (1868 - 1952)

Alexandra Juliana Salle PURRITH (1808 - d.)

!NOTE She is the 3rd. child

Alfred Sälle (1868 - 1946)

Alice Salle (Laurent) (1889 - d.)

aline (linette) ferret (Sallé) (deceased)

Alvia De Salle (deceased)

Amalia Maria Salle PURRITH (1807 - d.)

!NOTE She is the 2nd. child Perhaps this is the Amalia Purrith who went to Stuttgart for Alma M.Huhn's baptism?? And most likely she was the aunt who could have looked after Katharine Purrith after...

André SALLÉ (1704 - 1756)

Andrée SALLÉ (c.1624 - 1693)

Andrée SALLÉ (c.1596 - 1646)

André Legrix de La Salle (deceased)

Andrée Sallé (deceased)

Angèle Marie-Louise Sallé (1879 - d.)

Angèle Georgette Caron (Sallé) (1898 - 1985)

Angélique Balan La Salle (Lacombe) (deceased)

Anna Sälle (1738 - d.)

Rautalammin kastetuissa 15.3.1738 24.3.1738 Hanhiniemi Joh: Sälle Maria Pöyhötär Anna

Anna Maukonen (c.1682 - d.)

Mainitaan Istunmäessä Juho Sällen vaimona ( Sivu 99 ISTUNMÄKI ). Family Searchista köytyi Lisan äidille nimi Lisa (siis Elisabeth).

Anna Salle-Šale (Jeličić) (1824 - 1902)

Anna Beatrix de La Salle (deceased)

Anna Maria Sälle (Johansdotter) (c.1832 - c.1896)

Anna Maria DeHaven (Salle) (c.1690 - 1745)

Annabelle Vangsness (Salle) (1920 - 2008)

Anne SALLÉ (1636 - 1671)

Anne Hullin de La Salle (c.1644 - 1694)

Anne Marie SALLÉ (1734 - d.)

Anne-Marie de La SALLE (ACHILLE-ELISABETH) (deceased)

Annika Sälle (Andersdotter) (1798 - d.)

Ante Salle (1844 - 1905)

Ante Tony Salle (1912 - 1943)

Abraham Salle (deceased)

Antoine Salle (1699 - d.)

Antoine de La Salle (deceased)

Antoine de La Salle (deceased)

Anton R. Salle (1882 - d.)

Anton Salle (deceased)

Antonio Salle (1829 - d.)

Antun Salle (1861 - d.)

Antonio Salle (Šale) (1819 - 1895)

Antonio Salle (deceased)

Antonio Anton Šalle (1788 - d.)

Antun Salle (c.1790 - d.)

Any La Salle (Godin) (1885 - c.1970)

Arnaud Salle (c.1872 - d.)

Asta-Elisabeth Salle (1922 - d.)

August Salle (Loll) (1890 - d.)

Baldo Franko Marko Salle (1884 - 1931)

Beatrice de La SALLE (BRONDEL) (deceased)

Benoit de La SALLE (deceased)

Bernard Sallé (1889 - d.)

Bernard de La Salle (b. - 1391)

Berthe Sallé (deceased)

Berthe Sallé (deceased)

Bertrand Le Mée de la Salle (deceased)

Bob La Salle (deceased)

Catalina La Salle (deceased)

Caterina Trucano (Salle) (deceased)

Caterina Trucano (Salle) (deceased)

Catharina Emmeline Salle REYHER (1832 - d.)

Catharina Margaretha SALLE (c.1789 - 1869)

!NOTE She is our 3rd. greatgrandmother, born abt. 1789 in Riga, Latvia, who was married firstly to DAVID PURRITH PEIXT and then to ADOLPH REYHER. She was the mother of JOHANN LUDWIG WILHELM PURRITH...

Catharina Theresia Salle PURRITH (1806 - d.)

!NOTE She is the 1st. child

Catherine Croupil de La Salle (deceased)

Catherine SALLÉ (1662 - d.)

Catherine de Guélon de La Salle (deceased)

Catherine de La SALLE (de LUXE) (deceased)

Catherine SALLÉ (1623 - d.)

Catherine de la Salle (deceased)

Catherine Sallé (Louchelart) (deceased)

Catherine Sallé (Pécquery) (1794 - d.)

Catherine Le Mée de La Salle (deceased)

Catherine Etchalus Ou Behety Salle (deceased)

Catherine Marie / Catalina María Salle Aguer (1869 - 1927)

César SALLÉ (b. - 1627)

Charles Adolphe de Tourtoulon-la Salle (deceased)

Charles Le Mée de la Salle (deceased)

Charles La Salle (deceased)

Charles Sallé (1757 - 1823)

Charles Sallé (deceased)

charles edouard SALLÉ (1855 - 1925)