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Angela Sangiovanni (Parella) (deceased)

Angelina SanGiovanni (Loffredo) (1911 - 1982)

Antonia Sangiovanni (deceased)

Antonio Sangiovanni (deceased)

Aurelio Olivari Sangiovanni (deceased)

Benedetto Sangiovanni (c.1781 - 1853)

Benedetto Sangiovanni was born in Naples. According to a catalogue note of 1853 he was ‘employed for some years’ under Joachim Murat’s generals in their struggle against southern I...

Cecilia Kunhardt (Sangiovanni) (deceased)

Clorinda Sangiovanni (deceased)

Dolores Sangiovanni (deceased)

Frank SanGiovanni (1906 - 2007)

Frank SanGiovanni (1906 - 2007)

Giosuè Sangiovanni (1775 - 1849)

Giosuè Sangiovanni (Laurino, Salerno 1775 - Pozzuoli, Napoli 1849), a zoologist from the Kingdom of Naples who, due to the political unrest of 1799, was in exile in Paris where he became a pupil...

Giuseppa Sangiovanni (Palumbo) (deceased)

Giuseppe Sangiovanni (deceased)

Guiseppe Sangiovanni (deceased)

Guiseppe Giosue Rossetti Sangiovanni (1835 - 1916)

Biographical Summary and Notes on Painted Portrait: " 1847, oil on canvas, unsigned. A charming portrait of two children—the boy is seated on a bench beside a trellis covered with grapevi...

Humberto Sangiovanni Perez (deceased)

Joseph Sangiovanni (deceased)

Mamie Forbes (Sangiovanni) (1871 - 1924)

Mari-angela Sangiovanni (Marra) (deceased)

Maria Conte-Sangiovanni (deceased)

Maria Sangiovanni (deceased)

Maria DeMarco (Sangiovanni) (deceased)

Mariagrazia Sangiovanni (deceased)

Mary Ann Sangiovanni (Brown) (1848 - 1886)

Matteo Sangiovanni (deceased)

Pasquale Sangiovanni (deceased)

Dr. Roberto Sangiovanni (deceased)

Roberto Sangiovanni was the son of Joshua (Giosuè), the illustrious patriot and scientist, and Clorinda Sangiovanni, his cousin, daughter of his uncle Matteo, legal, and Angela Parella (or Perel...

Ugo Sangiovanni (deceased)

Vanessa Sangiovanni (1934 - 2002)

Victor Sangiovanni (deceased)