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Anna Sarnoff (Moffo) MP (1932 - 2006)

Anna Moffo (June 27, 1932 - March 9, 2006) was an Italian-American opera singer and one of the leading lyric-coloratura sopranos of her generation. She possessed a warm and radiant voice of considerabl...

David Sarnoff MP (1891 - 1971)

American businessman and pioneer of American commercial radio and television. As a young man in April 1912, He received the first notification of the foundering of the R.M.S. Titanic from a Marconi rci...

.... Sarnoff (Greenberg) (deceased)

? Sarnoff (deceased)

Was a tailor who traveled with Czar Alexander

? Sarnoff (?) (deceased)

Abraham Sarnoff (deceased)

Abraham Sarnoff (deceased)

Abraham Sarnoff (b. - 1864)

Abraham Sarnoff (b. - 1911)

Alexander Cecil Sarnoff (c.1904 - c.1997)

Gisa Sarowsky

Anna Sarnoff (1896 - 1981)

Arthur Saron Sarnoff (1912 - d.)

Barbara Sarnoff (deceased)

Becky Sarnoff (Magedman) (deceased)

Becky Sarnoff (deceased)

Borukh Sarnoff (deceased)

Carole Sarnoff (deceased)

Caroline Sarnoff (Cohen) (deceased)

Chana Sarnoff (1886 - d.)

Clara Sarnoff (deceased)

Dinah Sarnoff (Kruzansky) (deceased)

Dora Shuman (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Edith Sarnoff (1905 - 1987)

Eleanor Sarnoff (Garfield) (1909 - d.)

Ethel Sarnoff (c.1865 - c.1950)

Eva Sarnoff (1890 - 1986)

Evelyn Sarnoff (deceased)

Evelyn Esther Sarnoff (Rosen) (deceased)

Faigi (Fanya) Sarnoff (deceased)

Frada Leah Sarnoff (1934 - 1934)

Genia Entina (Sarnoff) (1877 - c.1941)

Gertie Leshner (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Gussie Sarnoff (1902 - 1994)

Harry Sarnoff (deceased)

Ick Sarnoff (c.1904 - c.1904)

Irving Sarnoff (1912 - 1987)

Israel Sarnoff (1893 - 1968)

Ita Sarnoff (deceased)

Izzy Sarnoff (deceased)

Jack (Zirel) Sarnoff (1903 - 1992)

Jack Sarnoff (deceased)

Jankiel Sarnoff (c.1897 - c.1898)

Jeanette Sarnoff (deceased)

Julius Sarnoff (deceased)

Julius Sarnoff (deceased)

Leah (Leah) Sarnoff (Priven) (deceased)

Libby (Liebe) Sarnoff (deceased)

Louis Sarnoff (deceased)

Malka Specter (deceased)

Martha Sarnoff (deceased)

Milton Sarnoff (deceased)

Moisey Sarnoff (deceased)

Molka Sarnoff (deceased)

Mollie Mollie Sarnoff (1872 - 1966)

Mollie Segal (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Molly Sarnoff (deceased)

Morris Sarnoff (c.1865 - c.1951)

Morris Sarnoff (deceased)

Muriel Sarnoff (Wimpfheimer) (1912 - 1994)

Pam Sarnoff (deceased)

Pam Sarnoff (deceased)

Rachel Sarnoff (deceased)

Rachel Sarnoff (Glazer) (deceased)

Rae Sarnoff (Berman) (deceased)

Ray Tintner (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Rebecca (Bibby) Sarnoff (deceased)

Richard Alan Sarnoff (c.1955 - 1992)

Robert Warren Sarnoff (1918 - 1997)

Rose Sarnoff (Hoffman) (deceased)

Sadie (Schemdel) Sarnoff (1901 - 1980)

Cert of Literacy, October 10, 1938 Queens,New York,USA Natrualization, November 23,1937 Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sadie Sarnoff (deceased)

Samuel "Whitey" Sarnoff (deceased)

Sara Feigelman (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Sarah Leah Sarnoff (c.1873 - d.)

Sarah Rieber (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Shirley Sarnoff (1941 - 1941)

Spencer Sarnoff (deceased)

Sylvia Sarnoff (Rosenstein) (deceased)

Tevye Sarnoff (deceased)

Tilly Sarnoff (deceased)

Victor Sarnoff (1957 - d.)

Victoria Sarnoff (deceased)

Met Jack at hotel in the Catskills because loved to dance.

William Sherman (Sarnoff) (deceased)

Wolf Sarnoff (c.1885 - c.1898)

Yuri Sarnoff (deceased)

Zelman Nota Sarnoff (c.1887 - c.1890)