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Agnes de Savoie, dite "de Maurienne" MP (c.1103 - c.1182)

Elle est mentionnée pour la dernière fois dans un document en 1183

Alice de Savoie MP (c.1065 - 1125)

Alice ? (unconfimed) de Bâgé (De Savoie) MP (c.1057 - c.1124)

'''Unknown daughter of Amedee de Savoie and Jeanne de Geneve''' named by someone as Alice but unconfirmed. From Medlands: . The wife of Ulrich [I] de Bâgé was daughter of Amed�...

Alicia de Savoie MP (c.1166 - c.1205)

Amadeus VII, comte de Savoie MP (1360 - 1391)

Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amadeus VII (1360 – November 1, 1391), surnamed the Red Count, was Count of Savoy from 1383 to 1391. He married Bonne of...

Aimon comte de Savoie MP (1197 - 1253)

Amadeo IV (1197 – 24 de junio o 13 de julio de 1253) Conde de Saboya desde 1233 hasta 1253. El heredero legítimo de Tomás I de Saboya y de Margarita de Ginebra, sin embargo tuvo ...

Amedee I "la Queue" Comte de Maurienne et de Chablais MP (c.995 - 1051)

AMEDEE ([995/1000] or after-after 18 Dec 1051). Lanter Bishop of Langres granted property "in comitatu Genevensi et pago Albonensi in villa…Casei", except for that part held by "Ermengardis re...

Anna Savoie MP (c.1873 - d.)

Auxilia de Savoie MP (b. - c.1094)

Auxilia de Savoie From Medlands: (-[6 Sep] after 1094). The wife of Humbert [II] Seigneur de Beaujeu is named in three charters: "Auxilia uxor domni Humberti" donated property to Notre-Dame de Beau...

Aymon de Savoie MP (b. - 1054)

AYMON (-13 Jul [1054]). "Hubertus comes" donated property to the canons of Saint-Jean and Saint-Urse by charter dated 1040, signed and consented to by "Oddo, Amedeus comes, Aymo Sedunensis episcopus,...

Blanche de Savoie MP (c.1265 - 1323)

Blanche de Savoy was born circa 1267 at Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England and died in 1323. Parents: Louis de Savoie & Jeanne de Monfort Married: William de Grandison (1263-1335) son of . Willi...

Bonne de Savoie, duchesse de Milan MP (1449 - 1485)

Bonne of Savoy - Wikipedia - English Bonne de Savoie - Wikipedia - Français

Béatrice de Savoie MP (1250 - 1292)

Beatrice of Savoy (died 1292) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HER HALF SISTER Beatrice of Savoy (d.1292) was the daughter of Amadeus IV the Count of Savoy and hi...

Charles III 'le bon', duc de Savoie MP (1486 - 1553)

Carlo II, Duca di Savoia (1) M, #114357, b. 1486, d. 1553 Last Edited=9 Mar 2007 Carlo II, Duca di Savoia was born in 1486. (1) He was the son of Filippo II di Bresse, Duca di Savoia. (2) He marr...

Charles Emmanuel I, duc de Savoie MP (1562 - 1630)

Carlo Emanuele I, Duca di Savoia (1) M, #107658, b. 12 January 1562, d. 26 July 1630 Last Edited=25 Jun 2009 Consanguinity Index=1.75% Carlo Emanuele I, Duca di Savoia was born on 12 January 15...

Charles Amédée de Savoie, duc de Nemours MP (1624 - 1652)

Charles Amadeus, Duke of Nemours From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Marie Jeanne Duke of Nemours Spouse Élisabeth de Bourbon Issue Marie Jeanne, D...

Charles-Emmanuel Savoie / Savoy MP (1721 - c.1777)

Costanza di Savoia MP (c.1017 - d.)

Note from curator 7/27/2015 Timothy Ritchie presents a case that Constance of Maurienne (aka Constanza di Savoia) Costanza di Savoia was incorrect on the Geni tree. She was originally placed as the d...

Emmanuel Philibert I, duc de Savoie MP (1528 - 1580)

Emanuel Filiberto Duc de Savoy (1528 - 1580) NOTE: not son of François* I'er Roi de France, please unlink relationship.* Also, not son of Claude Duchess of Brittany, Queen of France (de ...

Emmanuel Thomas de Savoie, comte de Soissons MP (1687 - 1729)

Prince Thomas Emmanuel of Savoy, (8 December 1687 – 28 December 1729), was born a prince of Savoy and was later Count of Soissons from 1702 till his death. He was the son of Prince Louis T...

Eugène François, prince de Savoie MP (1663 - 1736)

Prince Eugene of Savoy (François Eugène; 18 October 1663 – 21 April 1736), was one of the most successful military commanders in modern European history, rising to the highest of...

Eugène Jean François de Savoie Carignan, comte de Soissons MP (1714 - 1734)

Francois Savoie MP (1732 - 1780)

Francois Savoie MP (c.1724 - d.)

François Savoie MP (1621 - 1678)

See notes at bottom for speculative parentage issues. Tommaso Francesco di Savoia, principe di Carignano & Marie de Bourbon-Soissons ____________________________________________ The family of Fran&...

Françoise Louise de Savoie MP (1485 - 1511)

Germain Savoie I MP (c.1654 - 1749)

Event: Presence 19 MAY 1727 appeared before British authorities & was questioned about leaving the colony without permission in a period in 1727 with his neighbour Pierre Gaudet - he was dismissed Ev...

Henri II de Savoie-Nemours, archevêque de Reims MP (1625 - 1659)

Voir Wikipedia...

Henri I de Savoie, duc de Genève et de Nemours MP (1572 - 1632)

Henri I, Duke of Nemours From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Coats of Arms of the Dukes of Savoy after Emmanuel Philibert. Henri of Savoy (French: Henri de Savoi...

Honorat II de Savoie, marquis de Villars MP (1511 - 1580)

Voir Wikipedia...

Jacques de Savoie, comte de Romont MP (1450 - 1486)

Count of Romont and Lord of Vaud He was the 7th son of Louis, Duke of Savoy and Anne de Lusignan. The House of Savoy possessed the Lordship of Vaud since the 12th century, when it wrested con...

Jean-Baptiste Savoie MP (1714 - 1787)

Birth: 9 MAR 1714/15 in Port Royal, Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada Death: 27 DEC 1787 in St Cuthbert, Quebec, Canada Residence: AFT 23 JAN 1764 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Residence: 23 JAN 1764 Aca...

Jeanne Savoie MP (c.1658 - 1735)

The family of Étienne PELLERIN and Jeanne SAVOIE [110309] PELLERIN, Étienne (..), born about 1646 (rec. 1686), 1647 (rec. 1693), 1648 (rec. 1698), 1646 (rec. 1699) or 1647 (rec. 1701), ...

Louis de Savoie, duc de Genève et de Nemours MP (1615 - 1641)

Voir Wikipedia...

Louise de Savoie, comtesse d'Angoulême MP (1476 - 1531)

Links: Thepeerage: Wikipedia: English: Francais: Louise of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louise of Savoy (September 11, 1476 – September 22, 1531) was the mother of F...

Marguerite de Savoie MP (c.1225 - 1264)

Amadeus IV, Count of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Family and children He married twice: Anne of Burgundy, daughter of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy. Beatrice of Savoy (d. 1258), m...

Marguerite de Savoie, Herzögin von Anjou, Kurfürstin von der Pfalz, Gräfin zu Würt MP (1416 - 1479)

Marguerite de Savoie MP (1439 - 1483)

Titles Margravine of Montferrat Countess of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, de Ligny, Marle and Soissons Marguerite of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marguerite of Savoy (1439- 9 March ...

Maria Adelaide, Principessa di Savoia MP (1685 - 1712)

Princess Marie Adélaïde of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marie Adélaïde Dauphine of France; Duchess of Burgundy Marie-Adélaïde by Jean-Ba...

Marie-Françoise Savoie MP (c.1653 - 1711)

From: The family of Jean CORPORON and Françoise SAVOIE [86162] CORPORON, Jean (..), ploughman (laboureur), born about 1646 (rec. 1671), 1647 (rec. 1686), 1649 (rec. 1693) or 1648 (rec. 1699)...

Marie-Joséphte Savoy / Savoye / Savoie MP (1670 - 1714)

Mafalda de Saboia, rainha consorte de Portugal MP (c.1125 - 1157)

Hun het Mafalda or Maud of Savoy, mens hennes mor het Mathilde Reference Book He 155. Maud of Savoy (1125–1158), also known as Mafalda, Mahaut or Matilda (in Portuguese always as Mafalda), was Q...

Olivier Savoie MP (c.1846 - d.)

Philippe II "Sans Terre", duc de Savoie MP (1438 - 1497)

Philippe II de Savoie - Wikipedia - French Philip II Duke of Savoy - Wikipedia - English

Prince Amadeo Alessandro Maria de Savoie, Duke of Montferrat MP (1754 - 1755)

Princess Maria Ana of Savoy MP (1757 - 1824)

Princess Maria Elisabetta Carlotta de Savoie MP (1752 - 1755)

another possible death year is 1753

Sofia (Agnes) de Savoie MP (1165 - 1202)

HUMBERT de Savoie, son of AMEDEE III Comte de Maurienne et de Savoie & his second wife Mathilde d'Albon [Viennois] (Avigliana 4 Aug 1136-Chambéry 4 Mar 1189, bur Abbaye de Hautecombe). m third...

Thetberge de Savoie MP (c.1035 - d.)

Thomas I, comte de Savoie MP (1178 - 1233)

Thomas Ier de Savoie Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Thomas Ier de Savoie, né le 27 mai 1178 au château de Charbonnières à Aiguebelle, mort le...

Thomas II, comte-régent de Savoie MP (c.1199 - 1259)

Thomas II of Piedmont From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Thomas, Count of Flanders) Thomas II (c. 1199 – February 7, 1259) was the Count of Piedmont from 1233 to his de...

.. Savoie (b. - 2005)

Achille Savoie (deceased)

Achille Savoie (deceased)

Adalaide SAVOIE (LOIGNON) (deceased)

Adam Savoie, Sr. (deceased)

Adam Savoie (1909 - d.)

Adelaide (Bastarache) Savoie (deceased)

Adelaide (Savoie) Arsenault (deceased)

Adelaide Savoie (Hebert) (1803 - 1893)

Adelaide Savoie (deceased)

Adelaide Savoie (Breau) (1817 - d.)

Adelaide M Savoie (Tremblay) (1895 - 1959)

Adelaide Felonise Savoie (deceased)

Adelard Savoie (c.1881 - c.1973)

Adelard SAVOIE (1922 - 1990)

Adele Savoie (1864 - d.)

Adeline Savoie (1852 - 1934)

Adeline Savoie (Durand) (1840 - d.)

Adeline Savoie (deceased)

Adeline Savoie (Mollere) (1831 - 1904)

Adeline Lisa Savoie (1847 - d.)

Adeline Odile Savoie (deceased)

Adem Savoie (deceased)

Adline "Adele" Savoie (1867 - d.)

Adolph J Savoie (1888 - 1966)

Adrienne Savoie (deceased)

Adélaide de Savoie (deceased)

Adélard Savoie (c.1892 - d.)

Adélard Savoie (1861 - 1941)

Census: 1881 St Ephrem d'Upton, Bagot, QC; Adelard Savoie, male, French, age 14, born in Quebec, farmer's son, Catholic

Adélard Savoie (1872 - 1950)

Adélaïde Savoie (Gouin) (c.1806 - d.)

Aglae Savoie (Castille) (deceased)

Agnes George (Savoie) (deceased)

Agnes de Maurienne de Savoie (1138 - 1180)

Agnes de Maurienne de Savoie (1138 - 1180)

Agnes de Maurienne de Savoie (1138 - 1180)

Agnes de Savoie (c.1205 - d.)

Agnes de Savoie (c.1065 - 1091)

Agnes de Savoie (deceased)

Agnes de Savoie (c.1280 - 1322)

Agnès de Savoie (deceased)

Agnès de Savoie, Countess (1140 - 1172)

Agnès-Catherine Savoie (1662 - 1716)

Notes for Catherine Savoie: - 1686 Port Royal: Francois Leuron 33, Catherine Savoye 26, Jacques 9, Magdelaine 5, Anne 2, Marie 1; 8 cattle, 7 sheep - 1693 Port Royal: Francois Leuvion 42, wife Cath...

Aime Savoie (deceased)

Aymon, comte de Savoie (1291 - 1343)

Aimone, Count of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aimone (1291-1343), surnamed the Peaceful, was Count of Savoy from 1329 to 1343. He was the younger brother of Edward, Count of Savoy ...

Alban Savoie (1921 - 1997)

Albert Savoie (deceased)

Albert Savoie (1867 - d.)

Albert Savoie (deceased)