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D. Abraham ben Eliyahu Senior Coronel MP (1412 - 1493)

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia Castilla y Leon Spain, c. 1386 - See Complete Family Tree and Biography Together with I saac Abravanel, wrote the letter of objection to Isabella and Ferdi...

Duarte Heitor Senior Sarayva, O velho MP (1566 - 1650)

One prominent name in the Jewish history of Brazil is Senior Coronel. David Senior Coronel emigrated from Amsterdam to "New Holland" in 1636 during the rule of the Dutch. He was one of those emigrant...

Elizabeth Brookes (Senior), SM MP (c.1807 - c.1855)

1820 British Settler Elizabeth Senior 12, together with her step-parents, 2 siblings and 2 step-siblings, were members of Richardson's Party of 36 Settlers on the Settler Ship Stentor . Party origi...

Henry "Harry" Senior MP (1881 - 1937)

Mr Harry Senior Born: Wednesday 5th January 1881 Age: 31 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: in Clapham London England Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Engine crew First Emba...

Jael Aron Senior Coronel MP (1769 - 1818)

Samuel Moses Senior Coronel MP (1827 - 1892)

Samuel Senior Coronel, sociaal medicus Geboren: 28 april 1827, Amsterdam Gestorven: 25 november 1892, Leeuwarden CORONEL, Samuel Senior Samuel Senior Coronel sociaal medicus, is geboren te ...

Simcha Aron Nunes Vaz (Senior Coronel) MP (1766 - 1847)

(Doreen) Thelma Senior (Stibbard) (deceased)

(Marion) Thelma Senior (Benjamin) (deceased)

... Senior (deceased)

3rd born Thomas Dudley Wilson II senior (1897 - 1976)

<Private> Jaffe da Costa Senior (deceased)

? Leclercq senior (deceased)

? Leclercq senior (deceased)

? Denton (Senior) (deceased)

?? Senior (deceased)

?Machel Morley (Senior) (deceased)

A Senior-Simpson (deceased)

Aaron Coronel Senior (deceased)

Aaron Moses Senior Coronel (deceased)

Aaron Senior (deceased)

Aaron Moses Senior Coronel (1752 - d.)

Abel Senior (deceased)

Abigael da Costa Senior (1865 - d.)

Abigael de Isaac Senior (deceased)

Abigail Senior (Penso) (deceased)

Abigail Senior (deceased)

Abigail Penso (Senior) (b. - 1769)

Abigail Senior (b. - 1877)

Abigail Senior (1885 - d.)

Abraham Capriles Senior (deceased)

Abraham Senior (1791 - 1842)

Abraham de David Senior y de Marchena (deceased)

Abraham Senior (deceased)

Abraham David Solomon Senior Coronel (1762 - d.)

Abraham Senior (deceased)

Abraham Senior López-Henriquez (deceased)

Abraham Capriles Senior (deceased)

Abraham Senior (1820 - 1885)

Abraham Isaac Senior Coronel (1628 - 1692)

The Senior Coronel & Saraiva Family Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain c.1386 •The family crest above is of Spanish origin. •Segovia is the capital of the province of the same name i...

Abraham Senior (1798 - 1854)

Abraham Mordechai Haim Senior (deceased)

Abraham Senior Coronel (1873 - 1944)

Abraham Senior (1894 - d.)

Abraham Senior (1832 - 1902)

Abraham Jacob da Costa Senior (c.1836 - d.)

Bruidegom: Abraham da Costa Senior Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 19 Beroep: diamantsnijder Vader bruidegom: Mozes da Costa Senior Geslacht: Man Moeder bruide...

Abraham Senior Coronel (1708 - d.)

Abraham Senior (1798 - d.)

Abraham David Abraham Senior y Albimun de Lima (deceased)

Abraham de Jacob Senior (c.1811 - d.)

Abraham de Mordecay Haim Senior y Jessrun (deceased)

Abraham Senior (c.1805 - d.)

Abraham Senior (1811 - 1883)

Abraham Haim Senior (1834 - 1876)

Abraham Alberto Senior Tavares (deceased)

Abraham de David Abraham Senior y Abinun De Lima (deceased)

Abraham de Isaac Senior (deceased)

Abraham de Isaac Senior (1815 - 1886)

Abraham de Isaac Haim Senior y Marchena (deceased)

Abraham de Isaac Haim Senior y Marchena (b. - 1791)

Abraham de Mordechay Haim Senior (c.1734 - d.)

Abraham Jacob Senior (1670 - c.1734)

Abram Senior (1877 - d.)

Abram Berek Senior (1885 - d.)

Abram Jakob Senior (1900 - d.)

Ada Senior (1873 - d.)

Ada Senior (1885 - d.)

Ada B Bunnell (Senior) (deceased)

Ada Senior (1857 - d.)

Ada Senior (deceased)

Ada Senior (1890 - d.)

Ada Senior (1872 - d.)

ada senior (deceased)

Ada Senior (1864 - d.)

Ada Taylor (c.1893 - c.1976)

Adam Senior (deceased)

Adam Senior (deceased)

Adelaide Maria Collingwood (Senior) (1831 - 1895)

Adelia Senior (Wright) (1831 - 1909)

Adrian Leonard Senior (1896 - 1984)

ADRIAN LEONARD SENIOR On the death of his mother, Mary, in 1955 Leonard was 59 and living at 10 Ashmere Grove, Fartown, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. He registered her death.

Agapito Panelo, Senior (1912 - 2006)

Agatón Patricio Rivodó (Palomino Sénior) (1826 - d.)

agnes senior (deceased)

Agnes Senior (Moore) (1610 - 1669)

Agnes Seasongood (Senior) (1890 - d.)

Agnes Senior (Logan) (deceased)

Agnes Heathcote (Senior) (b. - 1610)

Agnes Senior (1894 - d.)

agnes senior (deceased)

Agustin Senior (deceased)

Aharon Senior (deceased)

Aimee Jane Longley Senior (1880 - d.)

Alan Senior (1862 - d.)

albert krill senior (deceased)

Albert Blaine Senior (deceased)

Albert Ford ( Senior ) (deceased)

Albert Edward Senior (1873 - 1923)

Birth: Apr. 27, 1873 Danville Vermilion County Illinois, USA Death: Oct. 13, 1923 Kansas City Jackson County Missouri, USA Family links: Spouse: Alfarata Coen Senior (1865 - 1953)* Calcul...

Albert Edwin Senior (b. - 1909)

Albert Povodnik-senior (deceased)

Albert Senior (deceased)