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Sergius MP (deceased)

Anna Catharina Sergius (Vieger) (deceased)

Annetjen Juliana Maul (Sergius) (1689 - 1751)

Maria Elizabeth Sergius (Andreas) (1662 - 1739)

The Palatines of New York State THE PALATINES OF NEW YORK STATE A complete compilation of the history of tile Palatines who first came to New York State in 1708-1722 Published by The Palatine Society o...

Philipp Sergius (1660 - 1710)

Some descendants of Wernerus Sergius SERGIUSSome descendants of Wernerus Sergius, Pastor of Rueckeroth, Neuwied Throughout these notes we rely almost incessantly on Henry Z. Jones, Jr.’s magis...

Wernerus Sergius (deceased)