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Catherine Pynchon (Sewall) MP (deceased)

Clement Sewall MP (deceased)

Henry Sewell (Sewall) MP (c.1628 - 1665)

Secretary of the Province of Maryland--------------------He nry Sewall who emigrated to Maryland in 1661, and became Secretary of Maryland. Henry married Jane Lowe and had children Ann, Elizabeth, Nicho...

Matilda Sewall (Horne) MP (1524 - d.)

Matilda Horne was the daughter of Reginald Horne of Pickesley and Margery Lee.2 Matilda Horne married William Sewall in 1540 or possibly earlier.3,4,5 Children of Matilda Horne and William Sewall ...

Phillippa Sewall (Sowell) MP (1629 - 1669)

Samuel Sewall, Salem Witch Judge MP (1652 - 1730)

Samuel Sewall was a Massachusetts magistrate of the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Five years after the Salem Witch Trials, Sewall publicly regretted his role in the trials, the only magistrate involved t...

Samuel Sewall, Salem Witch Judge MP (1652 - c.1729)

Harvard 1671 1681-4 Managed the Colony's Printing Press 1692 Appointed as one of several Commissioners to try the cases of witchcraft in Salem. During July and August the Court sentenced 19 people ...

Susanna Sewall (Carbery) (deceased)

1st Daughter Sewall (deceased)

Abid Fairchild Sewall (deceased)

Abigail Phenix (Sewall) (deceased)

Alice Archer Sewall (1870 - 1950)

Alice Worcester Sewall (1842 - 1933)

Amee Sewall (Dunbar) (1752 - d.)

Amelia Mildred Sewall (Gilmer) (1820 - 1894)

Andrew Jackson Sewall (deceased)

Ann Sewall (Hunt) (c.1650 - 1615)

Also show her name as Anna Hunt Sewall/Anna Hurst Sewall Also known as Ellen. Married Henry before 1614 She and Henry Sewall immigrated in 1635.--------------------Anoth er profile says shes born ...

Ann Sewall (1591 - d.)

Anne Sewell Longfellow (1663 - 1706)

First Five children were born in England. Ann was the first child born in America.

Ann (1662 - 1706)

Ann (deceased)

Anna Sewall (c.1824 - 1884)

Anna Maria Rudulph Sewall (c.1792 - c.1856)

Anne (c.1596 - c.1615)

Another profile says shes born around 1596

Anne Sewall (deceased)

Anne (deceased)

Anne Power (Sewall) (1594 - c.1633)

Anne (deceased)

Anne Mason (Sewall) (1634 - 1705)

Arthur Sewall (1835 - 1900)

William J. Bryan's running mate of the Presidency in 1896. Politician. Served as a Member of the Democratic National Committee from Maine from 1888-1896, and Democratic Candidate for Vice President o...

Basil Sewall (c.1750 - c.1801)

Shipbuilder, e.g. schooner Liberty (see 1770 Admiralty Court record, Annapolis MD).

Benjamin (deceased)

Blanche A. Sewall (c.1869 - d.)

Bridget Sewall (Lyndsey) (deceased)

Capt. Edward Robinson Sewall (c.1863 - d.)

Captain Joseph Sewall (deceased)

Captain Moses Sewall (deceased)

Caroline Sewall Oliver (1818 - 1898)

Charles Hull SEWALL (1913 - 1993)

Charles A. Sewall (1807 - d.)

Clara Perley Sewall (1874 - d.)

Clement Tower Sewall (deceased)

Colonel Dummer Sewall (deceased)

David Sewall (1735 - 1825)

Deacon John Sewall (deceased)

Dorothy May (Sewall) (c.1758 - c.1825)

Dorothy Sewall (Seawall) (1668 - 1752)

Dorothy Boarman (Sewall) (deceased)

Dummer Sewall (1737 - 1833)

Edward Sewall (1833 - 1879)

Edward Sewall (c.1640 - 1683)

Eldon Sewall (deceased)

Elias Sewall (deceased)

Elizabeth (Sewall) Teague Wharton (1654 - 1710)

Elizabeth Johns Sewall (deceased)

Elizabeth Sewall (1681 - 1716)

Elizabeth SEWALL (c.1693 - d.)

One merged profile listed last name as Sewell.

Elizabeth Sewall (1720 - d.)

Elizabeth Sewall (Alford) (1700 - 1723)

Elizabeth Sewall (Walley) (1685 - 1756)

Elizabeth Salisbury (Sewall) (1750 - 1789)

Elizabeth Sewall (c.1407 - d.)

Elizabeth Sewall (deceased)

Elizabeth (deceased)

Elizabeth Symmes (Sewall) (deceased)

Elizabeth S Sewall (1913 - 1987)

Elizabeth Sewall (Quincy) (c.1720 - d.)


Elizabeth Quincy (deceased)

Elizabeth Trufant Sewall (1878 - d.)

Ellen Mosley (deceased)

ALIA: Elline Mosely /Nugent/--------------------He nry and Ellen had seven children all of whom died. Ellen is know to have separated from Henry in 1635, but as he is accused of beating her in 1638, it ...

Eunice Sewall (deceased)

Frank Lewis Sewall (c.1869 - 1930)

Franklin Sewall (1837 - 1915)

Fred Stinson Sewall (1886 - 1978)

Frederic Norris Sewall (1864 - 1908)

Frederick William Sewall (deceased)

George Sewall (deceased)

George Sewall (deceased)

Hannah (deceased)

Hannah Sewall (Hull) (1644 - 1717)

Nathaniel Hawthorne relates in Grandfather's Chair that when Hull's daughter, Hannah, married the illustrious Samuel Sewall, her father provided a dowry of her weight in pine-tree shillings. 3 Source...

Hannah Wood Sewall (Sheppard) (deceased)

Hannah Sewall (Moody) (1677 - 1728)

Hannah Thurston (Sewall) (c.1720 - d.)

Hannah Sewall (1649 - 1699)

Hannah Sewall (deceased)

Hannah N. Marcum (Sewall) (1817 - 1859)

Birth: May 14, 1817 Death: Sep. 2, 1859 Wife of Basley Graves Marcum; daughter of James A. Sewell and Phoebe Fairchild. Burial: Marcum Cemetery Cumberland County Kentucky, USA Cre...

Harold Marsh Sewall (1860 - 1924)

Harriet Morse (Sewall) (deceased)

Harriet Hyde Sewall (1823 - d.)