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Hannah Fowler (Sexton / Saxton) (1654 - 1701)

John Sexton (Saxton) (2) (c.1720 - 1763)

John Sexton WikiTree FREE Birth: Circa 1720 Death: 1763 - Lunenburg, VA Father: Unnamed Father Sexton we do know that he is the father of William, Elizabeth, benjamin, archibald & John Se...

Margaret Sexton [Saxton] (Malone) (deceased)

no wife 's name has been proven or documented for john - tho it is given as Margaret Malone on a site which was located once at it is no longer valid she was listed as Margaret Malone b. c. 1725 Fath...

Robert Sexton (Saxton) (deceased)

William Sexton (Saxton) (deceased)