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Traguilla (Slave, alleged lover of Amalasuintha) MP (deceased)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Italy Kings: AMALASUINTHA [Amalswinde] ([493]-murdered [30 Apr] 535). Iordanes names "Amalasuentham" as daughter of Theodoric[283]. Gregory of T...

Unknown Slave Girl MP (deceased)

?? Slave (deceased)

?? Slave (deceased)


??Louis Slave-Falgoust (deceased)

Adam Brown (Slave) (deceased)

Agnes "Aggy" Hobbs (a slave) (deceased)

Agnes was a house slave owned by Armistead and Mary Burwell. 'Aggy' as she was called, was a 'privileged slave', as she had learned to read and write although it was illegal for slaves to do so.

Alford Robinson/ or Lawson Meredith white slave owner (deceased)

Amanda Steagald ((slave)) (deceased)

Amelia (Slave) (deceased)

Amille (slave) (deceased)

Anna Jones (Slave) (deceased)

Anon Hockaday (Slave Concubine [sic]) (deceased)

Antoinette Wilson (Donahue (slave name)) (deceased)

Audon Sambo Slave (deceased)

Berākhā "Ashū" former slave girl (1090 - d.)

Black Plantation (Slave) (deceased)

Black Slave (Brun) (deceased)

Cassie (Keziah) Redman (mulatto/Indian slave girl) (deceased)

Celia Slave (deceased)

Charlotte Ware (Threlkeld (slave owner name)) (deceased)

Charolet Levels (N/A (Slave)) (deceased)

CLARA UNKNOWN (SLAVE) (c.1856 - c.1889)

Clara (or Rachel) (slave) (c.1810 - 1878)

Columbus Wood was a slave (deceased)

Dathomiri Slave (deceased)

dolly uncertain about last name was a slave at baptism of her child (deceased)

Domestic Free Slave (deceased)

Dārte Slave (c.1805 - d.)

Eleanor Jordan SLAVE (deceased)

Elena Miclau (Slave) (deceased)

Elijah Mosley (SLAVE) (deceased)

Eliza Weaver (slave) (1824 - 1917)

Elsey Newby (slave of Henry Newby) (deceased)

Emilija Lizete Fibiga (Slave) (deceased)

Emily (slave) (deceased)

Essex, England Camper/ slave master (deceased)

Eve, was the slave of James' sister Susan (Crews was her master's name) (1835 - 1906)

Fed - a negro slave (b. - 1855)

Female Slave (deceased)

Fredegond THE SLAVE (c.540 - 597)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Goverment Slave (deceased)

Grannie Grace (Slave) (deceased)

Grieta Ozoliņš (Slave) (1834 - d.)

Hagar (c.1853 - d.)

Hannah (SLAVE) (c.1750 - d.)

Hannah (no known last name-slave) (deceased)

Harriet Newby (slave of Jesse Jennings) (deceased)

Helene Slave-Rome-Oubre (deceased)

Henry Jacobs (Slave Owner) (deceased)

Ionica Locusteanu (Slave) (1932 - d.)

Isaac Boney (slave) (deceased)

isaac Skinner (slave) (deceased)

Joe Son of slave master (deceased)

John Horniblow (Slave Master) (deceased)

Johnathan Slave (deceased)

Jurre Slave (deceased)

Karlīne Doroteja Slave (1879 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca Līna.Šī būs laikam tā pati.

Lamar Wood --- Slave Owner (deceased)

Lavīze Slave (1872 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca LAVĪZE.Šī būs laikam tā pati.

Leah (Slave) (deceased)

Leaves Paul (Indian Slave) (deceased)

Libe Slave (deceased)

Lizete Emīlija Slave (Fībigs???) (1881 - d.)

Omīte teica, ka vienu no Jāņa Slavas māsām sauca EMĪLIJA FĪBIGS.Šī būs laikam tā pati. Man liekas, ka Emīlija bija ...

Lovie - a negro slave (deceased)

Luca 'Slave' (deceased)

Lucinda slave (deceased)

Madison Cornelius Camper/ slave master (1847 - 1928)

Malinda Boney (slave) (deceased)

Manette Askin (An Indian Slave) (deceased)

Margaret Horniblow (Slave Mistress) (b. - 1825)

When Harriet was six, her mother died and she was sent to live with her mother’s owner and mistress, Margaret Horniblow. Welcomed into the family, Harriet was taught to read, write and sew ...

Margarita (Freed slave) (deceased)

Maria Slave of Unknown (Unknown) (deceased)

Met Charles in 1859 in Kanawha County. Had 1 child together. Information regarding Charles's children with Martha and Maria from: Charles Cavender's illegitimate children

Maria Unknown Slave (deceased)

Mariah (slave) (deceased)

Marie Francoise (slave) (deceased)

Martha Boggs, Slave of Unknown (1815 - 1856)

Was she the Martha Boggs who married Samuel H. Starks, an African-American who was born in WV and died in Ohio on 12/24/1919? Samuel and Martha were parents of Lillie Gray (7/3/1862-7/31/1939), b. in M...

Martha Unknown Slave (deceased)

Mary NEGRO SLAVE (c.1820 - d.)

Mary McKissack (slave) (1813 - 1882)

Mary Harris (slave?) (deceased)

Mary Hills (African Slave) (deceased)

Mary Elizabeth (Slave) (deceased)

Maryann Linton (daughter of slave) (1825 - d.)

Mason Gregory (slave girl) (1841 - d.)

Matilda Skinner (slave) (Simpson) (deceased)

Menervia Hugeley (Slave from Virginia) (1849 - d.)

Meymuna 'Free Slave' (deceased)

Miles McClelland (slave) (deceased)

Minna Emīlija Slave (1876 - 1878)

Minna Matilde Slave (1884 - 1902)

Omīte teica, ka viena no Jāņa Slavas māsām mirusi 18 gadu vecumā.Šī būs laikam tā pati.

Minnie? Slave (deceased)

Mr. Slave (deceased)

Mr. Bridgeport's Slave (deceased)

Ms. Slave (deceased)

name not known African-American Slave (deceased)

Nancy Jane Weaver (slave) (c.1845 - 1926)