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Anne Tastavin (Soullier) (deceased)

Durand Soullier, SV/PROG 1 (b. - 1739)

Sollier Durand, a shoemaker at Drakenstein ; on 4th October, 1697, he and his wife became members of the Dutch church at Cape Town. He died in September, 1739, and was buried in the Dutch church, Cape ...

Elisabeth Soullier (de Villiers), SV1b1 (c.1691 - c.1744)

Gillis Soullier, SV/PROG 2 (deceased)

Sollier, Gillis, brother of Durand, had been a burgher at the Cape since 1697. In 1718 he was permitted to return to Europe with his wife Anna Roulin and son David. In 1731 he returned to the Cape with...

Janet (Paquin) Soullier (deceased)

Janet Soullier (deceased)

Norman Soullier, Sr. (deceased)

Philip Soullier (deceased)

Pierre Soullier (deceased)

Shirley Soullier (Johnson) (deceased)