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Britney Jean Spears MP

Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, United States

More than any other single artist, Britney Spears was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late '90s. Not only did she sell millions of records, she was a media fixture regardless of ...

Cara Alma (Norris) Spears MP (1883 - 1953)

Cara Alma Norris was born 3 Jan 1883 In Franklin Forks, PA, to Ida Clarissa (Keen) and Willis Clark Norris. Growing up, she was their only child, the "Apple of her father's eye". By 1900 the family had...

Elmer Leonard Spears MP (1875 - 1946)

Elmer was born to Marie O'Bomsawin and James Leonard Spears in Canada. I saw his Naturalization papers once many years ago. They were hand written in very faded ink. the name of his place of birth look...

Helen Wright Veazey (Spears) MP (1919 - 1999)

Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Franklin Spears announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Helen Wright, to Sgt. Benjamin Wallace Veasey, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. B....

Jamie Spears MP

Jamie Lynn Spears MP

American former actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears rose to prominence for her appearances on Nickelodeon shows All That and for playing Zoey Brooks on Zoey 101. She was born Jamie Lynn Marie Spears...

Jane Patton (Spears) MP (1645 - 1658)

John Spears MP (deceased)

June Austin Spears, Sr. MP (1930 - 2012)

Princess Salwa Aga Khan MP

Wikipedia: English Princess Salwa Aga Khan, previously Kendra Spears, is the wife of Prince Rahim Aga Khan and an American fashion model.

Mary Sizemore (Spears) MP (c.1721 - d.)

Posthuma Spears (Rogers, b. 1591) MP (1591 - d.)

Spears (deceased)

Spears (deceased)

'Jack' John Spears (b. - 1984)

(daughter) Spears (c.1819 - d.)

(Unknown) Spears (deceased)

(Unknown) Spears (deceased)

. Spears (deceased)

..... Hall (Spears) (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (1927 - 1927)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (c.1845 - d.)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

? Spears (deceased)

?? Spears (deceased)

A. Martin Spears (deceased)

A. C. Spears (1807 - 1897)

A. Martin Spears (1879 - 1956)

A. E. Spears (deceased)

A.C. (Buddy) Spears (deceased)

A.J. Spears (c.1883 - d.)

Aaron Spears (deceased)

Abbie Elizabeth Decker-Spears (Wade) (1882 - 1963)

Aberaham Spears (deceased)

Abraham Spears (deceased)

Abraham Spears (c.1738 - d.)

Abraham Abram Spears (1795 - 1861)

Abraham Spears (deceased)

Abraham Franklin Spears (Speer) (1790 - 1881)

Abram SPEARS (c.1814 - d.)

Ada Spears (1880 - d.)

Ada Bell Spears (Johnson) (1877 - 1966)

Ada Mae Sayger (Spears) (1884 - 1968)

Ada appears on the Cherokee Nation Dawes' Roll. She is number 8603. She was 4 years old and blood is 1/32.

Ada Spears (1881 - d.)

Adaline Spears (Brown) (deceased)

Adelia May Spears (1880 - d.)

Adeline Owens (Spears) (1828 - d.)

adell spears (deceased)

Adella "Della" Jane Spears (Croft) (1870 - d.)

Adina Willis (Spears) (1903 - d.)

Aggie Mae Puryear (Spears) (deceased)

Agnekas Spears (White) (deceased)

Agnekas Martha Agnes "Aggy" Spears (White) (deceased)

Agnes Jane Spears (1857 - 1914)

Agnes Spears (1868 - d.)

Agnes Spears (deceased)

Agnes Spears (deceased)

Agnes Spears (1771 - d.)

Agnes Athega Spears (1834 - 1904)

Agnes SPEARS (c.1885 - d.)

Agnes (Spears) (1735 - d.)

Agnes Williams (Spears) (deceased)

Agnes Fay Hall (Spears) (deceased)

Agnes Sprinkle (Spears) (deceased)

Agneskas Spears (White) (1809 - 1880)

Agness Spears (White) (deceased)

Agness Spears (White) (1809 - 1880)

Name listed on one site as Agneskas "Aggy" White. Married in North Carolina or Tennessee

Albert J Spears (1882 - 1882)

Albert Spears (1879 - 1942)

Albert Spears (deceased)

Albert L. Spears (deceased)

Albert Gaither Spears (1878 - 1948)

Albert Spears (b. - 1929)

Albert Spears (deceased)

Albert Spears (deceased)

albert spears (deceased)

Albert "Dock" Spears (1873 - 1946)

Albert Marion Spears (deceased)

Albert William Spears (deceased)

Alberta Spears (Allen) (deceased)

Alex Spears (deceased)

Alex Spears (deceased)

Alexander Spears (1786 - 1866)

Alexander Spears (deceased)

Alexander Spears (c.1730 - d.)

Alexander Spears (deceased)

Alexander Spears (c.1793 - d.)

Alexander Morgan Spears (1867 - 1953)

Alexander Spears (1812 - 1872)

Alf Spears (deceased)

Alfie Spears (deceased)