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Gaon Jechiel Michel Spira (Shapira) MP (c.1530 - 1598)

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Miriam Luria (Spira/Shapira) MP (c.1403 - c.1450)

Used to teach students Torah while sitting behind a curtain."Jewish Life in the Middle Ages"by Israel Abrahams p. 343 - 344

Rabbi Benyamin /Benjamin Wolf (Ebales?) Spira (Shapira) of Posen MP (c.1560 - 1630)

Assessor of the Rabbinate of Prague for 30 years and a known Kabbalist Jewishencyclopedia : Benjamin Wolf Spira #5 : Son of Jehiel Spira ; died at Prague Oct. 12, 1630. He was for more than thirty ...

Elkele Eybescheutz (Spira (Shapira)) (1795 - d.)

Esther Spira (shapira) (1838 - d.)

Harold (Harry) Haim Spira (Shapira) (1924 - d.)

Merle (Mirel) Spira (Shapira) (ha Cohen) (c.1670 - d.)

Miriam Luria (Spira/Shapira) (deceased)

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Rabbi Isaac Spira (Shapira) (deceased)

Rav Shmuel Zalman Spira/Shapira (1345 - 1414)

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Rav Yisroel Spira, Bluzhever Rebbe (1889 - 1989)

Hebrew Books Hebrew Books * Bluzhever Rebbe on Pesach in Bergen-Belsen