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Henry Speight Spivey MP (1857 - 1936)

Information from Rosalie Angel: Henry Speight Spivey (Mary Elizabeth’s brother) Born July 1, 1857, at 7-1/2 am cloudy and rainy. --- According to the 1870 census, he and his sister...

Jacob Robert Spivey MP (1861 - 1864)

Information from Rosalie Angel: Jacob Robert Spivey Born October 1, 1861, at 1 am, weather clear and cold. Died age 2 years, 10 months, 6 days August 7, 1864, shortly after mother died. --- ...

Jennie E. Spivey (Harrell) MP (c.1859 - 1933)

Jennie Spivy in household of Henry Spivy, "United States Census, 1910" Name: Jennie Spivy Event Place: Little Rock Ward 1, Pulaski, Arkansas Gender: Female Marital Status: Married Race:...

Judy Ballentine (Spivey) MP (c.1691 - d.)

Julia Veasey (Spivey) MP (1894 - 1970)

Birth: Feb. 1, 1894 North Carolina, USA Death: Sep. 13, 1970 Durham Durham County North Carolina, USA 1900 United States Federal Census Name: Julia Spivy [Julia Spivey] Home in 1900: Cape Fear, Moo...

Martha Jane Smith (Spivey) MP (1859 - 1898)

Information from Rosalie Angel: Martha Jane Spivey Born December 11, 1859, at 25 minutes after 8 clear and cold. According to the 1870 census, she and her brother Speight were living with the...

Martha Jane Spivey (Parks) MP (1834 - 1864)

Camp Douglas is the presumed location of her husband's death. It is an unconfirmed presumption (based on reputation of it being "the North's Andersonville". -------------------- From Debbra Szymans...

Mary Spivey (Speight) MP (deceased)

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Spivey) MP (1855 - 1942)

Information from Rosalie Angel: Mary Elizabeth Ellis nee Spivey: Born April 8, 1855 at 7-1/2 am, clear morning, in Dardanelle, Arkansas. Died January 7, 1942 in Independence Kansas. Married S...

Walter P. Spivey MP (1852 - 1852)

Debbra Szymanski's page on Walter P. Spivey: ---------------- Beth Groce's pages on Brearley Cemetery: Information from Beth Groce's page: Spivey, Walter P. s/o W.H. & Martha J. B & D 16 ...

Pvt. William Henry Spivey, Jr. MP (1829 - 1862)

On the death of William Henry Spivey, Private, Company D, Lemoyne's 17th Arkansas Infantry Regiment: Family tradition had it that William H. Spivey, a soldier in the Confederate Army, had died while ...

Rev. William Henry Spivey, Sr. MP (1800 - 1879)

State of North Carolina: Know all Men by these presents, That we, Henry Spivey and T. Spivey, are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency John Branch, Esquire, Governor, Captain General, and Comman...

Spivey (c.1915 - d.)

Spivey (deceased)

(unk) Spivey (deceased)

(unk) Spivey (deceased)

. Spivey (deceased)

? Spivey (Smith) (deceased)

? Marks (Spivey) (deceased)

[Infant] Spivey (1959 - 1959)

[Infant] Spivey (1958 - 1958)

A Frank Spivey (1862 - 1927)

Aaron Spivey (deceased)

Aaron Spivey (1755 - 1801)

Aaron Spivey (deceased)

Aaron Spivey (c.1769 - d.)

Aaron Spivey (1815 - 1895)

abraham spivey (deceased)

Abraham Spivey (c.1720 - c.1817)

Abselah Hurdle (Spivey) (deceased)

Ada McClure Spivey (1883 - 1969)

Ada Spivey (McClure) (deceased)

Ada Pearl Spivey (Holley) (deceased)

Ada Walls (Spivey) (deceased)

Adaline Spivey (Norris) (1824 - d.)

Adam Spivey (deceased)

Adaniram Spivey (deceased)

Addie Spivey (Watson) (1869 - 1941)

Birth: May 17, 1869 Death: May 17, 1941 1900 United States Federal Census Name: Addie Spivy [Addie Spivey] Home in 1900: Cape Fear, Moore, North Carolina Age: 31 Birth Date: May 1869 Birthplace: N ...

Addison Spivey (deceased)

Adelaide Cornelius Spivey (Elrod) (c.1868 - c.1952)

Adeline Hawkins (Spivey) (deceased)

Adger Spivey (deceased)

Agnes Spivey (deceased)

al dean spivey (deceased)

Albertine Mathilda Spivey (Gallamore) (deceased)

Albina Spivey (Williams) (1860 - 1942)

Alden Spivey (deceased)

alethea spivey (deceased)

Alexander Spivey (deceased)

Alfred Eason Spivey (1856 - 1897)

alfred spivey (deceased)

Alice Spivey (deceased)

Alice Thomas (Spivey) (1687 - 1758)

Alice Elizabeth Spivey (Williford) (1880 - 1960)

Alice Spivey (deceased)

Alice Shackleford (Spivey) (deceased)

aline dean spivey (deceased)

Allen Spivey (1916 - d.)

Allen Spivey (1916 - 1996)

allen hightower spivey (deceased)

Almire Spivey (Fowler) (1865 - 1952)

Alta A. "Dude Spivey (1905 - 1967)

alvin spivey (deceased)

Alvin Spivey (1890 - 1970)

Amanda Elizabeth Spivey (Foshee) (deceased)

Amanda Elizabeth Spivey (1825 - 1907)

amanda spivey (deceased)

Amelia Spivey-Mitchum (deceased)

Amos Spivey (deceased)

amos spivey jr. (deceased)

amos spivey (deceased)

Amos M. Spivey (deceased)

ander wilson jr spivey (deceased)

Anderson Coolidge Spivey (deceased)

Andrew Jackson Spivey (deceased)

Angus Spivey (deceased)

Ann Walton (Spivey) (c.1722 - d.)

Ann Wimberly (Spivey) (1745 - d.)

Ann Spivey (Justice) (deceased)

Ann M Taylor (Spivey) (c.1861 - d.)

Ann Spivey (Inglishe) (deceased)

Anna Spivey (deceased)

Anna Curren (c.1853 - c.1957)

Anna May Walker (Spivey) (c.1905 - d.)

Anna Jane Spivey (Crews) (1885 - 1932)

Annabel Vandiver (Spivey) (deceased)

Anne Spivey (?) (deceased)

Anne Spivey (deceased)

Anne Spivey (deceased)

Annie Spivey (Watson) (deceased)

Annie Spivey (1894 - d.)

Annie Mae Wright (Spivey) (deceased)

Annie Mae Spivey (deceased)

Annie Jane Spivey (Senn) (deceased)

Annie Julia Richardson (Spivey) (deceased)

Annie Bell Spivey (deceased)

Antonio Spivey (c.1887 - 1943)

Archer Spivey (deceased)

Archer Spivey (deceased)

Archie Monroe Spivey (1905 - 1967)