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Agnes St John, Countess of Devon MP (1275 - 1345)

Agnes St. John (F) d. 11 June 1345, #917 Appears on charts: Pedigree for Raymond John Newcombe to the time of his 20th great-grandfather King Edward I of England Pedigree for Susan Drake Comp...

Agnes St. John (Fisher) MP (1526 - 1572)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Agnes St. John: Agnes Fisher F, #31120 Last Edited=10 May 2003 Children of Agnes Fisher and Oliver St. John, 1st Baron St. John of Bletso 1. Oliver...

Agnes St. John MP (1438 - d.)

Albert St. John MP (1797 - d.)

Alexander St. John, Esq MP (1497 - 1551)

Alice St. John (Haselden) MP (1577 - 1641)

Alice St. John MP (deceased)

Alice St. John (Bradshaw) MP (1426 - 1511)

Alice Parker (St. John) MP (c.1460 - d.)

Anne St. John MP (c.1484 - 1552)

Amadeus St. John MP (c.1262 - d.)

Ann Neville MP (c.1505 - 1595)

'The Correspondence of Reginald Pole: A Biographical Companion: The British Isles By Reginald Pole, Thomas Frederick Mayer, Courtney B. Walters

Anna Benedict (St. John) MP (1674 - c.1701)

There are no sourced records which validate that Anna St. John married John Benedict (1676-1766); however, that does not mean the union did not occur. Anna died at a relatively young age (Approximately...

Anne St. John MP (deceased)

Anne Clifford (St. John) MP (c.1475 - 1506)

Anne St. John (Leighton) MP (1595 - 1628)

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Anne St. John MP (c.1604 - d.)

Anne Howard (St. John) MP (b. - 1638)

Anne St. John MP (deceased)

Barbara Villiers (St. John) MP (1592 - 1672)

'Barbara St. John1 'F, #105612, d. circa September 1672 Last Edited=31 Dec 2011 ' Barbara St. John was the daughter of Sir John St. John and Lucy Hungerford.1 She married Sir Edward Villiers, son...

Barbara St. John MP (c.1598 - d.)

Barbara St. John (Gore) MP (1539 - 1613)

Catherine St. John MP (b. - 1633)

Catherine St. John (Dormer) MP (c.1560 - 1615)

" Catherine, Lady St John of Bletso ", Westminster Abbey

Catherine Richmond Webb (St. John) MP (1568 - 1635)

Catherine Royce Rice (St. John) MP (c.1475 - 1553)

Charles St. John MP (1530 - d.)

Christian St. John MP (1643 - d.)

Constance St. John (Dawley) MP (c.1615 - 1666)

Cressida Butler (St. John) MP (c.1534 - 1612)

St. JOHN Cressitt St. JOHN Born: 1534, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England Died: 1612, Burch Hall, Roxwell, Essex, England Father: John St. JOHN (Esq.) Mother: Anne NEVILLE Married: John BUTLER ...

David St. John MP (1758 - 1844)

Dorothy Westland (St. John) MP (1602 - d.)

Dorothy Booth (St. John) MP (b. - 1654)

Dorothy St. John MP (c.1594 - 1632)

Edith St. John MP (c.1430 - 1482)

Edith St. JOHN Born: ABT 1430, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England Father: Oliver St. JOHN (Sir Knight) Mother: Margaret BEAUCHAMP (D. Somerset) Married: Geoffrey POLE (Sir) ABT 1461 Children: 1...

Edward St. John MP (1841 - d.)

Edward St. John MP (c.1380 - 1425)

'Edward St. John1 'M, #22338, b. circa 1375 ' Edward St. John was born circa 1375 at of Somersetshire, England. He married Joan Jewe circa 1404 at of Somersetshire, England. 'Family Joan Jewe b. ...

Eleanor St. John MP (deceased)

Eleanor St. John MP (c.1455 - d.)

Eleanor St. John MP (1570 - 1607)

Eleanor St John Birth: 1555/1590 Death: AFT 1 Feb 1607/1608 in living 1 Feb 1607/8 Parents: Nicholas St John of Lydiard Tregoze b: ABT 1526, Elizabeth Blount b: 1517/1556 Married: Thomas Cave...

Eleanore Grey (St. John) MP (c.1477 - d.)

Elizabeth Louisa Bagot (St John) MP (c.1744 - 1820)

Elizabeth St. George (St. John) MP (1566 - d.)

Elizabeth St. John (Waring) MP (1759 - 1820)

Elizabeth St. John MP (c.1565 - 1603)

Elizabeth St. John (Delebere) MP (c.1354 - 1428)

I think that Elizabeth & Sybil de la Bere are two sisters and Elizabeth married Oliver Saint John, Sybil married Thomas Crophull. ========== Elizabeth de la Bere1 F, b. circa 1354 Father Sir ...

Elizabeth de le Zouche (St. John) MP (c.1448 - c.1494)

Elizabeth la Zouche, 1432 MP (c.1432 - c.1468)

St. JOHN (B. Scrope of Bolton) 'Elizabeth St. JOHN (B. Scrope of Bolton) Born: ABT 1432, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England Died: BEF 3 Jul 1494 Father: Oliver St. JOHN (Sir Knight) Mother: Marga...

Elizabeth Comstock (St. John) MP (1716 - d.)

Elizabeth Bernard (St. John) MP (c.1640 - d.)

Elizabeth Whiting (St. John) MP (1604 - 1677)

ELIZABETH St JOHN b 1605 d 1677 She m Aug 6 1629 as his second wife Rev Samuel Whiting b 1597 at Boston Lincolnshire They came to New England in 1636 and settled at Lynn Mass. Lynn parishioner Obadia...

Elizabeth St. John MP (c.1471 - 1516)

Elizabeth Stockton (St. John) MP (1788 - 1870)

Elizabeth St. John (Paulett) MP (c.1387 - 1400)

Elizabeth St. John (Blount) MP (c.1540 - 1597)

Elizabeth Blount Birth: 1517/1556 1 Death: 11 May 1597 2 Parents: Richard Blount , Knt of Maple Durham Gurney, co Oxford b: 1470/1509 & Elizabeth Lister b: 1482/1515 Married: Nicholas St John...

Elizabeth St. John (Stanley) MP (1635 - 1732)

'Elizabeth Stanley F, #322816 Last Edited=27 Dec 2008 ' Elizabeth Stanley is the daughter of Timothy Stanley and Elizabeth (?). Child of Elizabeth Stanley and Mark St. John 1.Sarah St. Joh...

Elizabeth St. John (Whettle) MP (1511 - d.)

Ellen F. St. John MP (1839 - 1840)

Eunice Mead (St. John) MP (b. - 1835)

Frances C. St. John MP (1845 - 1848)

Sir Francis St. John, MP MP (c.1632 - d.)

Francis St John (1634 - 29 July 1705) was an English lawyer and politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1654 and 1698. St John was the eldest son of Oliver St John of Keysoe...

Sir Frederic Robert St John MP (1831 - 1923)

Hannah Mead (St. John) MP (1703 - 1746)

Harriet St.John-Mildmay (Bouverie) MP (1790 - 1834)

Henry St. John MP (b. - 1621)

SEE DATE OF BIRTH LISTED IN HISTORY OF PARLIAMENT ONLINE Henry St. John1 M, #570081, b. 1586, d. 21 June 1621 Last Edited=28 Oct 2012 Henry St. John was born in 1586.1 He was the son of William...

Henry St. John MP (c.1602 - d.)

Henry St. John (St John) MP (1545 - 1598)

'Henry St. John1 'M, b. circa 1545 Father Alexander St. John, Esq.2 b. c 1497 Mother Jane Dalyson2 ' Henry St. John was born circa 1545 at of Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England. He married Jane Ne...

Henry Clay St.John MP (1853 - 1889)

Henry Clay St. John, son of John Pierce St. John and Mary Jane Brewster, was born Feb. 11, 1853. He died 1889.

Baroness Isabelle St. John MP (c.1333 - 1393)

Isabel St. JOHN Born: 29 Jun 1333 Died: 16 Oct 1393 Father: Hugh St. JOHN Mother: Merabelle WAKE Married 1: Henry De BURGHERSH BEF 1347 Married 2: Luke De POYNINGS BEF 29 Jan 1349 Childre...

Isabel Sidney (St. John) MP (b. - c.1437)

Isabel St. John MP (c.1482 - d.)

Isabella Stopham (de St. John) MP (c.1300 - 1350)

Isabella Annie St. John (FitzMaurice) MP (c.1865 - 1948)

Isabella Annie St. John (FitzMaurice) MP (1865-February 29, 1948) was born at Southsea, Hampshire, England the daughter of James Terence FitzMaurice and Frances Rhoda Fitzmaurice. She married Sir Fre...

James St. John MP (1799 - d.)

James St. John MP (1674 - 1754)

Jane St. John MP (c.1567 - d.)

Jane St. John MP (deceased)

Jane St. John (Smith) MP (1715 - 1778)

Jane St. John (Dalyson) MP (1523 - 1551)

Jane Nicholas (St. John) MP (deceased)

Jane Nicholas (St. John) MP (c.1560 - 1596)

According to the Richmond Family Ancestry pedigree page on Jane St. John: Birthdate: ABT 1560 Birthplace: Lidieard, Wiltshire, England Spouse: Richard (Rici) NICHOLAS Married: ABT 1595 Plac...

Jane St. John MP (1372 - 1420)

Jane St. John MP (1528 - d.)

Jean St. John (Neale) MP (1549 - 1618)

'Jane Neale1 'F, b. circa 1545 Father Thomas Neale b. c 1515 Mother Goditha Throckmorton b. c 1524 ' Jane Neale was born circa 1545 at of Yelden, Bedfordshire, England. She married Henry St. ...

Joan St. John (Jewe) MP (c.1259 - d.)

Joan St. John (Iwardby) MP (1478 - d.)

Joanna St. John MP (1631 - 1705)

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Johanna St. John MP (c.1404 - 1463)

'Johanna St. John1 'F, #22335, b. circa 1405, d. 5 July 1462 Father Edward St. John b. c 1375 Mother Joan Jewe b. c 1375 ' Johanna St. John was born circa 1405 at of Somersetshire, England.2 Sh...

John St John, 3rd Baron St. John of Lageham MP (c.1308 - 1349)

John Pierce St.John, Jr. MP (1862 - d.)

John Pierce St. John Jr., son of Gov.John Pierce St.John and Susan Jane "Jenny" Parker, was born Feb. 9, 1862. He married with ROSE J. ENLOE of Missouri after 1900. He worked at the State Peniteniary i...

John St. John MP (1292 - 1329)

John St. JOHN (Sir Knight) Born: ABT 1292, Castle Faumont, Glamorganshire, Wales Died: Faumont, Glamorganshire, England Father: John De St. JOHN Mother: Beatrix ? Married: Elizabeth De UMFREV...

Sir John St. John of Bletsoe MP (c.1460 - 1525)

Born: ABT 1450/65, Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England Knight of the Bath.

John de St. John MP (deceased)

Sir John de St. John, K.B. MP (1426 - 1488)

'Sir John St. John1,2,3,4,5 'M, #23594, b. circa 1432, d. circa 1514 Father Sir Oliver St. John, Sheriff of Glamorganshire6,7 b. c 1398, d. 1437 Mother Margaret Beauchamp6,7 b. c 1410, d. c 3 Jun...

John St. John MP (c.1600 - 1627)

Sir John de St. John, Lord of Basing MP (c.1225 - 1302)

John St. John Governor of Aquitaine (M) 918 John St. John Governor of Aquitaine married Alice Fitzpiers, daughter of Reynold Fitzpiers. Child of John St. John Governor of Aquitaine and Alice ...

John St. John, Jr. MP (c.1505 - 1576)

John St. John1 b. circa 1495, d. 5 April 1576 John St. John was born circa 1495.1 He was the son of Sir John St. John and Joan Iwardby.1,2 He married, firstly, Margaret Carew, daughter of Sir Richa...

John Pierce St.John MP (1833 - 1916)

John Pierce St.John. 'Kansas Governor '. He served in the Indian Wars from 1853 to 1854, and was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1860. During the Civil War he served as Captain of Company C, 68th Illin...

John St. John MP (1319 - 1374)

Sir John St. John, Sheriff of Glamorganshire, Mayor of Bordeaux1,2,3,4,5 M, #16423 Father Sir John St. John Mother Elizabeth de Umfraville Sir John St. John, Sheriff of Glamorganshire, Mayor of...

John St. John, 2nd Baron St. John of Bletso MP (1549 - 1596)

John St. John, 2nd Baron St. John of Bletso was the son of Oliver St. John, 1st Baron St. John of Bletso and Agnes Fisher. He married Catherine Dormer, daughter of Sir William Dormer and Dorothy Catesb...