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Agnes Jane Wynne (Stith) MP (c.1657 - 1709)

Additional Curator's Notes: Agnes Jane Stith was the natural daughter of Jane Mosby and Joseph Parsons. Joseph Parson died before Agnes was born. Her mother married John Drury Stith before Agnes was ...

Ann Bolling (Stith) MP (1660 - 1709)

Additional Curator's Notes: Ann Stith who married Robert Bolling is NOT the same person as Ann Meriwether Bolling . Two of Ann Stith Bolling's sons married Meriwether girls and that is when Meriwethe...

Ann Stith (Alenson) MP (1573 - 1620)

Ann Stith (Washington) MP (c.1765 - 1824)

Parents: Father: Lawrence ( Laurence ) Washington b: 31 Mar 1728 in Bridge's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia &Elizabeth Dade b: in Albion Estates, Virginia Children Needham W. Stith Putn...

Ann Stith (Walker) MP (deceased)

Ann Meriweather Stith MP (c.1665 - 1709)

Buckner Stith, Sr. MP (1722 - 1791)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A110256 CAPT. BUCKNER STITH4 (Drury3, Drury2 , John1 ), of Rock Spring, Brunswick County, was born about 1722 and died in 1791. The B...

Buckner Stith, Jr. MP (1759 - 1800)

From Early American Stiths by Charles R. Stith: Birth family: Capt. Buckner Stith(4) (Drury(3),Drury(2),John(1)), of Rock Spring, Brunswick County, was born about 1722 and died in 1791. T...

Catherine Ann Pegram (Stith) MP (1796 - 1854)

Drury Stith, III MP (1718 - 1770)

Drury Stith, III, was the son of Drury Stith, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Buckner. He was born in Virginia about 1718 and died in Virginia in 1770. He married (1) Martha (?). He married (2) Elizabeth Jones,...

Lt. Col. Drury Stith, Sr. MP (c.1678 - 1741)

LIEUT. COLONEL DRURY STITH (John) had a patent, 24th April, 1703, for himself and Samuel Eale, for 680 acres in Charles City County (Patents, Book 9, p. 539). He was one of the Justices of the county i...

Drury Stith, Jr. MP (1695 - 1740)

Lt Col Drury STITH, II (from notes in his file on my computer) Judy Canant Drury STITH appears to have acquired a very considerable amount of land. 21 Nov 1724, "Mr Drury STITH, Jr, has surveyed ...

Elizabeth Stith (Buckner) MP (c.1700 - 1777)

Elizabeth Stith (Jones) MP (b. - 1799)

Elizabeth Jones Turnbull (Stith) MP (1788 - 1871)

Jane Llewellyn (Stith) MP (1665 - 1709)

This profile is locked because there are many daughters named Jane in the Stith family. It is too easy to merge the wrong ones, making a terrible mess of the tree. If you need access, contact a Curator...

Jane Stith (Mosby) MP (1624 - 1686)

Jane Mosby was born June 2, 1624 in Prince William County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Edward Mosby and his wife Hannah. She married (1) Thomas Gregory, no children; (2) Joseph Parsons, a daughte...

Jane Drury Hardaway (Stith) MP (c.1694 - 1749)

John Hardaway's son, Thomas Hardaway b ca 1685 married Jane Stith . She was the daughter of Lt Col Drury Stith and Susanna Bathhurst, the son of Major John Stith and his wife Jane. Her middle name may ...

Maj. John Drury Stith, Sr. MP (1631 - 1694)

Additional Curator's Notes: John Drury Stith was born in Kirkham Parish between 1631 and 1642. His baptism is recorded as March 25,1642 in the Lancashire Parish Register, as transcribed by the Lancas...

John Stith MP (1572 - 1612)

John Stith (sometimes shown as Steth or Styth) was the son of Richard Stith and wife Joan Baines. He was born August 24, 1572 in Kirkham Parish, Lancashire, England, and died there in 1612. He married ...

Capt. John Stith, Jr. MP (c.1658 - c.1724)

Capt. JOHN STITH (John) had patents, 29th April, 1692, for 470 1/2 acres in Charles City County made out to "Capt. John Stith, Jr. (Va. Land Patents, Book 8, p. 240) and (of same date) for 595 acres on...

Judith Stith (Randolph) MP (1715 - 1745)

Lucy Jordan (Stith) MP (1761 - 1817)

Mary Stith (Randolph) MP (c.1686 - 1742)

Mary Randolph, b. at Turkey Island, 1692. Married (1712) Capt. John Stith. Their only son, Rev. William Stith, was president of William and Mary College and historian of Va. He wrote his "History of Vi...

Mary Stith (Townsend) MP (c.1596 - 1668)

Mary Townsend was the daughter of Thomas Townsend and wife Mary Newgate. She was baptized at The Church of St Thomas and the Holy Rood, Melling, Lancashire, England on 5/3/1596. She married Robert Stit...

Rebecca Christian (Stith) MP (c.1695 - 1787)

Richard Stith Sr. MP (1727 - 1815)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A110272 Geographical note: Brunswick County was established in 1720 from part of Prince George County. Richard Stith, a fourth gene...

Richard Stith MP (c.1550 - 1608)

Richard Stith was born November 28, 1550 in Kirkham Parish, Lancashire, England and died there in 1608. He married Joan Baine in Kirkham Parish, Lancashire. She was born c.1552. They were the parents o...

Robert Stith, the Immigrant MP (1606 - 1654)

Additional Curator's Notes: Robert Stith (1606-1654) was born in Kirkham parish and died in Charles City County, Virginia. He married Mary Townsend (1622-1668), daughter of Thomas Townsend and Mary N...

Susannah Stith (Bathurst) MP (1674 - 1745)

Susannah Bathurst was the daughter of Lancelot Bathurst and wife Susannah Lane. She was born c.1690 in New Kent, Virginia. She married Drury Stith. They had seven children. Drury Stith was son of Maj...

Susannah Stith (Munford) MP (1734 - 1810)

daughter of James Munford and Elizabeth Bolling.

William John Stith MP (c.1707 - 1755)

REV. WILLIAM STITH (John2, John1) was born in 1707, and died 19th September, 1755. He matriculated, 21st May, 1724, at Queen's College, Oxford and is entered in the register as 17 years old and the son...

Stith (deceased)

Stith (deceased)

?Susannah Stith (deceased)

Ada Stith (c.1869 - d.)

Adaliza Stith (Preston) (1828 - 1894)

Adeline Adriana Travis (Stith) (1813 - 1871)

Adeline or Adaline Stith (Patton) (1822 - 1889)

Agnes Jane Wynne (Stith) (deceased)

Agnes Stith (1712 - 1782)

Agnes H. Stith (c.1921 - d.)

Albert Augustus Stith (1800 - d.)

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Albert Fletcher Stith (1871 - d.)

Albert Augustus Stith (1805 - d.)

Alonzo Stith (c.1854 - d.)

Alta Lula Stith (deceased)

Alvin Glenn Stith (c.1876 - d.)

Alvoncie Stith (deceased)

America Jane Stith (Witt) (1822 - d.)

Amos Stith (1885 - d.)

Amos Ralph Stith (deceased)

Amy Stith (Myrick) (1786 - 1866)

amy STITH (williams) (1764 - d.)

Anderson Stith (1732 - 1768)

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Maj. Anderson Stith (c.1724 - 1768)

Andrew B. Stith (deceased)

Ann Parham (Stith) (deceased)

Ann Westwood (Stith) (deceased)

Ann Gains Stith (McGee) (c.1788 - c.1867)

Ann Meriweather Stith (c.1705 - d.)

Ann Eaton (Stith) (c.1767 - 1791)

Ann Hall Hardaway (Stith) (c.1757 - 1831)

Ann Meade (Stith) (deceased)

Anna Bell Foote (Stith) (deceased)

Anne Bolling (Stith) (c.1660 - 1709)

Anne Dade Bolling (Stith) (c.1759 - 1846)

source: (note different birth date) Anne Dade Stith F, b. 1778, d. March 1846 Anne was born at 'Rock Spring', Brunswick County, Virginia, in 1778. She married Robert Bolling IV at King George Count...

Anne Stith (c.1650 - 1709)

Anne Stith (Montgomrey) (1797 - 1849)

Anne Stith (1720 - d.)

Annie Stith (deceased)

Annis Daugherty (Stith) (deceased)

Archy Stith (deceased)

Ariana Washington (Stith) (c.1789 - d.)

Ariana Stith b: ABT 1789 in Brunswick Co Va Parents: John Stith b: 24 MAR 1755 in Brunswick Co., Virginia and Ann Washington b: ABT 1760 in 'Chotank', King George Co Married 27 Jan 1805 to ...

Audrey Stith (1922 - 1996)

Barbara Stith (deceased)

Barbara A Stith (1861 - d.)

Col. Bassett Stith (c.1765 - 1816)

Bassett Stith (1765 - 1817)

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bathney anne STITH (neuman) (1789 - 1881)

Bathurst Stith (c.1729 - 1801)

Bathurst Stith (1729 - 1801) was a member of the Stith family. Bathurst was born on September 19, 1729 in Bristol Parish, Prince George, Kentucky, USA. Bathurst died on 1801 in Brunswick, Virginia, USA...

Belle Lee (Stith) (1856 - d.)

Benjamin Stith (c.1766 - 1837)

Benjamin Stith (1776 - 1837)

Benjamin Stith (deceased)

Bernard Stith (deceased)

BERTHA BELL Johnson (STITH) (1924 - d.)

Bertha Matney-Stith (Handley) (1872 - 1967)

Betty Stith (deceased)

Blanche Drury Gailbreath (Stith) (1904 - 2004)

Buckner Stith (deceased)

Buckner Jones Stith (c.1807 - 1856)

BUCKNER STITH1, b. May 31, 1807, Hardin Co, Kentucky1; d. September 01, 1856, Hardin Co, Kentucky1; m. CINDERILLA MOORMAN1, March 02, 1829, Hardin County, Kentucky

Buckner Stith (deceased)

Buckner Stith (1739 - 1800)

Buckner Stith (1722 - 1791)

Buckner Stith (c.1796 - 1807)

Caroline Stith (c.1840 - d.)

Caroline Lewis Kincheloe (Stith) (c.1807 - 1899)

Carrie Stith (Branam) (1888 - 1965)

Carry Stith (McCall) (deceased)