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Abraham Meier Stoessel (1922 - 2009)

Adelheid Rusterholtz (Stoessel) (1545 - d.)

Adolf STOESSEL (deceased)

Alejandro Stoessel (deceased)

Alfredo Stoessel (deceased)

Aloysius Stoessel (deceased)

Ana Stoessel (deceased)

Andreas Stoessel (1810 - d.)

Andres Stoessel (deceased)

Andrew Stoessel (1852 - d.)

Andrés Stoessel (1890 - 1942)

Anna von Stoessel (von Schönaich) (deceased)

Anna Honegger (Stoessel) (deceased)

Anne Lawson (Stoessel) (deceased)

Anton (Antal) Stoessel (c.1890 - d.)

Arnold STOESSEL (1861 - 1908)

Barbara J. Stoessel (1929 - 2012)

Bayla Mendel (Stoessel) (deceased)

Bertha Stoessel (Hirschmann) (1870 - d.)

Bubi (Jonathan) Stoessel (deceased)

Candelaria Stoessel (deceased)

Catalina Stoessel (1884 - d.)

Catalina Stoessel (deceased)

Catalina Margarita Stoessel (1903 - d.)

Clemente Stoessel (1889 - d.)

Elisabeth Litzler (Stoessel) (deceased)

Elisabetha Schneider (Stoessel) (deceased)

Elizabeth Margaretha Stoessel (deceased)

Emil STOESSEL (1891 - d.)

Emilia Stoessel (deceased)

Emilie Sofie Theresia Breier Doetsch Stoessel (Stoessel) (1910 - 1973)

Enrique Stoessel (deceased)

Flora Apugliese (Stoessel) (deceased)

Gemma Stoessel (deceased)

George Stoessel (deceased)

George Stoessel (deceased)

Died in WWII

Gertie STOESSEL (1916 - d.)

Gertie flew to England in one of the last planes to escape Vienna according to her sister Hilda. Gertie had a partner who was a Czech chemist who joined her living in England. Her nephew Peter DOWSETT ...

Gyusy Stoessel (deceased)

Hani Stoessel (Mozes) (deceased)

Hanni Stoessel (Gerstl) (1868 - 1935)

Heinrich Stoessel (1730 - d.)

Henriette Rose (Stoessel) (1896 - 1962)

Hermina Stoessel (Ausch) (deceased)

Hilda DOWSETT (STOESSEL) (1919 - 2012)

Israel Stoessel (deceased)

Jacobo Stoessel (1901 - 1995)

Johann Heinrich Stoessel (1732 - 1798)

Johanna Stoessel (Berger) (deceased)

John Stoessel (deceased)

Joseph Stoessel (deceased)

Joseph Stoessel (deceased)

Josephine Stoessel (deceased)

Juan Jacobo Stoessel (c.1859 - c.1936)

Juan Stoessel (1836 - d.)

Leon Stoessel, Borghouts (deceased)

Lepold (Lipot bácsi) Stoessel (c.1875 - c.1944)

Lydia Stoessel (deceased)

Madeleine Stampfler (Stoessel) (1731 - d.)

Margaret George (Stoessel) (1924 - 1999)

Margareta Ursu (Stoessel) (deceased)

Margareta Masche Stoessel (Bernat) (deceased)

Margarita Stoessel (deceased)

Margarita Catalina Stoessel (1879 - 1966)

Maria Klein (Stoessel) (deceased)

Marie Schock (Stoessel) (deceased)

Mary Rose Stoessel Weber (1891 - 1974)

Mary Stoessel (deceased)

Mashy Stoessel (deceased)

Matilda Stoessel (deceased)

Died when she was in her 30's.

Meralda Ernestina Stoessel (Martinez) (deceased)

Miguel Stoessel (deceased)

Miguel Stoessel (deceased)

Miriam Unknown (Stoessel) (deceased)

Mordechai Stoessel (b. - c.1925)

Mordechai Stoessel (deceased)

Moritz Stoessel (1777 - 1850)

Moshe Hillel (Hyman, Hermann) Stossel Stossal Stoessel (1897 - 1977)

Nelly Apugliese (Stoessel) (deceased)

Oscar Stoessel (deceased)

Otilia Stoessel (deceased)

Papy Stoessel (deceased)

Paul Stoessel (deceased)

Paulina Stoessel (deceased)

Pedro Stoessel (1899 - 1975)

Pedro Stoessel (deceased)

Pedro Stoessel (deceased)

Rineare Stoessel, Borghouts (deceased)

Rochel Glueck (Stoessel) (1862 - 1944)

Rose Hark (Stoessel) (deceased)

Roxy Stoessel, Borghouts (deceased)

Rudolf STOESSEL (1892 - 1909)

Left to right: Fritz AUFRICHT b 1882 Edward AUFRICHT his father Sabina STOESSEL his mother b 1871 Gertrude AUFRICHT his sister b 1896 Arnold STOESSEL b Vienna 1861 d 1908 Emil STOESSEL his son Katharin...

Sabina STOESSEL (deceased)

Samuel Stoessel (deceased)

Shlomo Stoessel (deceased)

Simon Stoessel (c.1880 - c.1960)

Simon Stoessel (c.1880 - d.)

Suzanne Trousch-Drusch (Stoessel) (1721 - d.)

Tereza (Terko) Stoessel (deceased)

Theofila Esther Stoessel (Dospil) (1929 - c.1996)

Theresa Stoessel (Roth) (deceased)