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Abigail Stoughton (Edwards) MP (1671 - 1754)

The descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who came from old to New England in 1635, and settled in New Haven in 1639, with numerous biographical notes and sketches : also, some account of the de...

Agnes de Stoughton MP (c.1175 - d.)

She gave land at Stoughton to her daughter Anastasia, mentioning her brother John as Lord of the Manor. This is the first mention of Stoughton as an independent manor.

Anthony Stoughton, of Stoughton MP (1598 - 1644)

According the the family history prepared by his son (MS. Additional 1674, British Museum), Anthony served as an Ensign in the Parliamentary army during the English Civil War, and was a "Puritan, and v...

Dorothy Stoughton (Talcott) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Stoughton (Knapp) MP (c.1657 - 1681)

Elizabeth Stoughton (Lewknor) MP (1532 - 1630)

She was born before the christening records were kept at Tangmere, but her identity is known from her father's will. Sources Martin Hollick, The Royal Line of Rose (Stoughton) Otis 1629-ca. 1677 ...

Elizabeth Mather (Stoughton) MP (1682 - 1760)

1698c: John Cady married Elizabeth Stoughton at South Windsor Village (Hartford) Connecticut Colony. Children: 1) John, Jr.; born August 7, 1699; 2) Elizabeth; born March 5, 1701; married August 22 172...

Elizabeth Stoughton MP (1613 - 1642)

Notes  "Kingsley Genealogy" calls the wife of John Kingsley, Alice; another reference, the "History of Taunton, Massachusetts" indicates her name was possibly Elizabeth. Links

Elizabeth Peasley (Stoughton) MP (1590 - 1619)

Elizabeth Stoughton (Bissell) MP (1666 - c.1688)

Gilbert Stoughton, of Stoke MP (1470 - 1516)

He was 5th Lord of Stoughton (Surrey), and Lord of Chalgrove (Oxford). He lived in the time of Kings Henry VII and VIII. Educated for the bar, he was Escheator of Surrey and Sussex in 1492 and 1493, an...

Henry de Stoughton, 2nd Lord of Stoke Manor MP (c.1300 - 1345)

He apparently inherited the Manor of Stoughton from his uncle John. In 1330 he obtained a license to impark 160 acres in Stoughton. In 1335 Edward III confirmed the license and appointed him Verdurer o...

Hugh de Stoughton, 1st Loard of Stoke Manor MP (c.1270 - d.)

He was a clerk, that is, a priest in minor orders.

Col. Israel Stoughton MP (1602 - 1644)

He was a member of the Massachuesetts Company which was sent to America by King Charles II to make a settlement in the colonies. He returned to England in 1644 to fight for Cromwell as a Lieutenant Col...

John Stoughton MP (1657 - 1712)

John de Stoughton MP (c.1168 - d.)

He was 1st Lord of Stoughton (before 1216). He acquired the manor of Stoughton when King John (1199-1216) separated it from the manor of Stoke, granting Stoke to the Bishop of London and Stoughton to J...

Judith Smead (Stoughton), of Dorchester MP (c.1591 - 1639)

After Judith became a widow the second time, she made plans to join two of her brothers in America, one of whom had traveled back to England on several occasions. This proved to be no easy task. By now...

Katherine Stoughton (Evelyn) MP (c.1557 - 1603)

Some sources give her maiden name as Montpesson.

Sir Lawrence Stoughton, of Stoughton MP (1554 - 1615)

He was 8th Lord of Stoughton, and Lord of East Horsley. In 1575 his wife's step-father William Hammond left the manor of East Horsley (Surrey) to Lawrence, and they were in possession of it in 1580, se...

Lawrence Stoughton, of Stoke MP (1495 - 1571)

On 26 January 1529 he renewed his father's lease of Stoke Manor for £5 6s. 8d. per year. He entered into this agreement with his mother and step-father, but three days later they released their ...

Mary Allyn (Stoughton) MP (1693 - d.)

Mary Stoughton (Wadsworth) MP (c.1632 - 1712)

Sir Nicholas Stoughton, Baronet MP (c.1634 - 1686)

He was 12th Lord of Stoughton and Stoke. He inherited the estates at the age of 14 on the death of his infant cousin in 1649. His father had died when he was 10 or 11, and his sister Rose had been sent...

Nicholas Stoughton MP (1634 - 1694)

He was not the Nicholas Stoughton who was son of Sir Anthony Stoughton and Agnes Pierce .

Rose Lydia Otis (Stoughton) MP (1629 - 1672)

Rose Stoughton (1629-1672), according to a manuscript history prepared by her brother was sent by her father to New England with Capt. Stoughton in 1643 "now living there, the wife of --- Otis, with 's...

Rose Stoughton (Ive) MP (c.1560 - 1632)

She inherited much property from the will of her step-father William Hammond. On 4 October 1571, a Rose Ive, widow, of Kentish Town, co. Middlesex and Robert Kymberlie, of City of London, Gentleman, ob...

Sarah Jane Denman (Stoughton) MP (c.1623 - 1652)

Sarah Stoughton (Hoar) MP (1658 - c.1713)

Thomas Stoughton, of Stoke MP (1521 - 1576)

He was 7th Lord of Stoughton, and Steward to the 12th Earl of Arundel. He was a Catholic or Catholic sympathizer (1564 "misliker"). [Michael Questier, Catholicism and Community in Early Modern England ...

Thomas de Stoughton MP (c.1405 - 1479)

He was 4th Lord of Stoughton (Surrey), and Lord of Unstead (Buckingham). He was Coroner of Surrey in the reign of Henry IV, and lived into the time of Henry VI. In 1428 he leased Stoke Manor from the B...

Rev. Thomas Stoughton MP (c.1557 - 1622)

He received his BA degree from Queens College in 1577, was made a fellow of the College in 1579 and became a master of arts in 1583. He was ordained deacon and priest at Loncoln 13 February 1581/2. He ...

Ensign Thomas Stoughton MP (1624 - 1684)

Thurbet de Stoughton MP (c.1140 - d.)

Walter de Stoughton, 3rd Lord of Stoke Manor MP (c.1350 - 1416)

He inherited the manor of Stoughton from Henry de Stoughton, apparently his father. In 1365 a relative of his, Richard de Stoughton, was sued for £1,000 by the Bishop of London (Lord of Stoke Ma...

Stoughton (deceased)

de Stoughton

? stoughton (lockhart) (deceased)

Aaron Stoughton (deceased)

Abbie Louise Stoughton (Eaton) (1839 - 1863)

Abbie Louise Stoughton (1863 - 1863)

Abbie Louise Stoughton (1865 - d.)

Abiah Stoughton (Wolcott) (1709 - d.)

Abiah Stoughton (1734 - d.)

Abigail Stoughton (Edwards) (c.1668 - d.)

Abigail Stoughton (1590 - d.)

Abigail Stoughton (1704 - d.)

Abigail Stoughton (Potwine) (c.1755 - 1848)

Abigail Stoughton (1704 - d.)

Abigail Potwine (Stoughton) (1773 - 1833)

Abigail Willis (Stoughton) (1685 - 1740)

Abigail Stoughton (deceased)

Abigail Stoughton (deceased)

Abigail Stoughton (Wolcott) (1716 - d.)

Abigail Barnes (Stoughton) (1809 - d.)

Ada Ripley Stoughton (Hooper) (c.1848 - d.)

Ada Stoughton (c.1871 - d.)

Ada Stoughton (1892 - d.)

Ada Willard (Stoughton) (1855 - d.)


Agnes Fordham (Stoughton) (1508 - d.)

Agnes Stoughton (1855 - 1886)

Agnes Martyn (Stoughton) (1855 - 1876)

Agnes Stoughton (Tringall) (1535 - 1557)

Agnes Stoughton (c.1545 - d.)

Agnes Isabella Stoughton (DuBois) (1873 - 1954)

Agnes Stoughton (Pierce) (1612 - 1643)

Sources Martin Hollick, The Royal Line of Rose (Stoughton) Otis 1629-ca. 1677 of Dover, N.H. Part II , Feb. 6, 2010 Family of Stoughton in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vo...

Agnus Stoughton (1873 - 1954)

Aileen Stoughton (deceased)

Alan Thomas Stoughton (1947 - 1947)

Alice Lillian Stoughton (Beecher) (deceased)

Alice Marten (Stoughton) (c.1547 - c.1591)

Alice Stoughton (Lyman) (1843 - 1883)

Alice Stoughton (1556 - d.)

Alice Everett Rumrill (Stoughton) (1876 - d.)

Alice Stoughton (1894 - d.)

Alice Stoughton (Payne) (1847 - 1858)

Alice Ryan (Stoughton) (1895 - 1992)

Alice Stoughton (Stiles) (deceased)

Alice Omer (Stoughton) (c.1535 - d.)

Alice Stoughton (1906 - d.)

Alice Stoughton (1874 - d.)

Almeda A Stoughton (Spaulding) (1850 - 1923)

ALMIRA Stoughton (1836 - d.)

Alvin N. Stoughton (deceased)

Ame STOUGHTON (deceased)

Amy Dickinson (Stoughton) (c.1720 - 1784)

Andrew Stoughton (1802 - 1867)

Ann Stoughton (Combe) (1491 - 1594)

The Visitation pedigrees call her "Ann, daughter of Thomas Combes, of Ford." She probably belonged to the Combe family of Stratford. Sources Martin Hollick, The Royal Line of Rose (Stoughton) Oti...

Ann Stoughton (Ellsworth) (c.1741 - 1819)

Ann (Combes) Stoughton (c.1490 - d.)

Ann Stoughton (1719 - 1784)

Ann Barker (Stoughton) (deceased)

Ann Gantt (Stoughton) (deceased)

Ann Stoughton (1699 - d.)

Anna Stoughton (deceased)

Anna Stoughton (deceased)

Anna Stoughton (1615 - d.)

Anna Jane Stoughton (Bissell) (1876 - 1969)

Anna Lucille Stoughton (1934 - 1936)

Anna Stoughton (Staughton) (1872 - d.)

Anna Stoughton (b. - 1820)