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Judith Stuyvesant (Bayard) MP (1608 - 1685)

Peter Stuyvesant MP (c.1602 - 1682)

Peter Stuyvesant (c. 1612 – August 1672), served as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland from 1647 until it was ceded provisionally to the English in 1664, after whi...

Allen C. Stuyvesant (deceased)

Ann Eliza Stuyvesant (deceased)

Anna Stuyvesant (1604 - 1683)

Anna Stuyvesant (deceased)

Anna Catherine Stuyvesant (deceased)

Anne Stuyvesant (deceased)

Arthur Bird Stuyvesant (deceased)

Augusta Stuyvesant (Cheesebrough) (deceased)

Augusta Stuyvesant (deceased)

Augustus Van Horne Stuyvesant (deceased)

Augustus Van Horne Stuyvesant (deceased)

Balthazar Lazarus Stuyvesant (1648 - d.)

Balthazar Johannes Stuyvesant, ds. (c.1573 - 1637)

Balthazar Stuyvesant (deceased)

Benoni (Peter) Stuyvesant (1702 - 1770)

Betty Richards Stuyvesant (deceased)

Billie Fordyce Stuyvesant (deceased)

Bonnie Webster Stuyvesant (deceased)

Caroline Augusta Onderdonk (Stuyvesant) (1832 - 1857)

Casper Stuyvesant (1736 - d.)

Catharina Stuyvesant (deceased)

Catharine Stuyvesant (deceased)

Catherina Cheesebrough Stuyvesant (deceased)

Catherine Livingston Stuyvesant (Reade) (deceased)

Catherine Livingston Stuyvesant (Reade) (1777 - 1863)

Catherine Stuyvesant (Ackerly) (deceased)

Catherine Ann Catlin (Stuyvesant) (1801 - 1872)

Catherine Stuyvesant (deceased)

Catriena Stuyvesant (1744 - d.)

Charlotte McClurg Stuyvesant (deceased)

Christian Stuyvesant (deceased)

Christian Stuyvesant (deceased)

Clarence Earl Stuyvesant (deceased)

Content Augusta Chesebrough (1807 - d.)

Cornelia Ten Broeck (Stuyvesant) (1768 - 1825)

Dale Addison Stuyvesant (deceased)

Dorothy (Rusty) Stuyvesant (deceased)

Dorthia Louisa Forrest (Stuyvesant) (deceased)

Earl M Stuyvesant (deceased)

Earl M. Stuyvesant (deceased)

Edward Stuyvesant (deceased)

Eleanor Tolly (stuyvesant) (deceased)

Elisabeth van Stuyvesant (deceased)

Elizabeth Stuyvesant (NN) (deceased)

Elizabeth Slack (Stuyvesant) (1721 - 1809)

Elizabeth Van Slichtenhorst (c.1663 - 1738)

Elizabeth Styvesant Fish (Stuyvesant) (1775 - 1854)

Elma Kirkpatrick Stuyvesant (deceased)

Ethel Mae Hutcheson Stuyvesant (deceased)

Etta Murtland Stuyvesant (deceased)

Eva Stuyvesant (deceased)

Eva G. Stuyvesant (deceased)

Eve Christina Stuyvesant (Schall) (1739 - 1789)

IMMIGRATED 1748, Mittleschefflenz, Palatinate, Germany, Hampshire

Florence Probst Stuyvesant (deceased)

Florence Williams Stuyvesant (deceased)

Frederick Stuyvesant (deceased)

George Stuyvesant (deceased)

George Stuyvesant (1707 - d.)

George Washington Stuyvesant (deceased)

Gerard Stuyvesant (b. - 1921)

Gerard Stuyvesant (b. - 1859)

Gerard Stuyvesant (c.1805 - 1859)

Gerardus Stuyvesant (c.1690 - c.1777)

Gertrude RoDgers (Stuyvesant) (1853 - 1933)

Helen Stuyvesant (Rutherford) (1790 - 1873)

Henry Stuyvesant (1837 - 1919)

Herbert Dean Stuyvesant, Sr. (deceased)

Herman Wayne Stuyvesant (deceased)

James Vox Stuyvesant (deceased)

Jan Lodewyk van Stuyvesant (deceased)

uitlandig op 06-08-1786

Jenneke Stuyvesant (1738 - d.)

Johanna Jacoba van Stuyvesant (deceased)

Johannes Stuyvesant (c.1541 - d.)

Johannes Stuyvesant (1772 - d.)

Johannes van Stuyvesant (deceased)

in leven oud- kanunnik kapittel van St. Pieter te Utrecht

Johannis Stuyvesant (deceased)

John Reade Stuyvesant (1798 - 1853)

John Stuyvesant (deceased)

John Robert Stuyvesant (deceased)

Joseph Stuyvesant (deceased)

Joseph Reade Stuyvesant (1809 - d.)

Judith Winthrop (Stuyvesant) (1765 - 1844)

Judith Stuyvesant (b. - 1694)

Julia Rebecca Stuyvesant (Martin) (deceased)

Julia Stuyvesant (Martin) (1805 - 1883)

Justus Petrus van Stuyvesant (deceased)

Kenneth Stuyvesant (deceased)

Lee Warren Stuyvesant (deceased)

Lee Warren Stuyvesant (deceased)

Lorna Mae Stuyvesant (deceased)

Louisa van Stuyvesant (1740 - 1810)

Lydia Stuyvesant (Perry) (deceased)

Lydia Perry Stuyvesant (deceased)

Margaret Livingston Stuyvesant (1839 - d.)

Margaret Stuyvesant (1635 - 1682)

Margaret's son Nicolas was born in 1656 in New Amsterdam.

Margaret Livingston Stuyvesant (deceased)

Margaret Livingston Van Rensselaer (Stuyvesant) (1806 - 1845)

Margaret Livingston Wainwright (Stuyvesant) (1839 - d.)