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Conchita Chuidian Sunico MP (b. - 1990)

Conchita Chuidian Sunico was crowned Miss Philippines at the 1935 Manila Carnival and is remembered as high society's "It Girl" before WWII. She founded Karilagan International to promote Philippine fa...

? Sunico (deceased)

abelardo sunico (deceased)


Antonio Sunico (1920 - 1987)

Antonio B. Sunico (c.1941 - c.2003)

Antonio T. Sunico (c.1920 - c.1987)

Arsenio S. Sunico (c.1923 - c.1923)

Baldomero Sunico (deceased)

Baldomero P. Sunico (c.1903 - d.)

Bruno Sunico (deceased)

Bruno Sunico (deceased)

Bruno P. Sunico (c.1908 - d.)

His son-in-law's great aunt was Gervasia Zamora, the basis for Severino Reyes’ Lola Basyang.

Bruno Sunico (deceased)

Bruno Jr Sunico (deceased)

Cesar Banzon Sunico (1934 - 2003)

Chanuangco Sunico (deceased)

Christopher Cirico Sunico (deceased)

Consolacion Sunico (deceased)

Consolacion Lozano (deceased)

Damiana D. Sunico-Ledesma (c.1893 - c.1956)

Damiana Sunico (deceased)

Danilo G. Sunico (c.1959 - c.2006)

Was in the US since 1984.

Dionisia L. Sunico (deceased)

Dionisia Sunico (deceased)

Dionisio D. Sunico (c.1889 - c.1952)

Dionisio Sunico (deceased)

Domingo S. Sunico (deceased)

Domingo Sunico (deceased)

Elisa Figueroa Sunico (deceased)

Emiliano P. Sunico (deceased)

Emiliano Sunico (deceased)

Emilita Sunico (deceased)

Erlinda B. Sunico-Bansil (deceased)

Faustino P. Sunico (deceased)

Faustino, a doctor, was among the first set of officers of the PASMETH (Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology and Public Health) when it was launched in 1971.

Felisimo Dominguez Sunico (deceased)

Flordeliza Sunico (1955 - 2008)

Florentina S. Salamat (deceased)

Florentina T. Sunico-Salamat (deceased)

Francisaca Sunico (deceased)

Francisca P. Sunico-Dimaano (c.1914 - c.1983)

Francisca L. Sunico-Monzon (c.1897 - d.)

Francisca Sunico (deceased)

Francisca Sunico (deceased)

Francisca Sunico (deceased)

Francisco D. Sunico (deceased)

Francisco T. Sunico (c.1902 - d.)

Francisco Jr. Melencio Sunico (deceased)

Hector Sunico (deceased)

Hilario Sunico (1847 - 1918)

Hilario S. Sunico (deceased)

It is unknown why Hilario and his brothers took on 'Sunico' as their surname, instead of following the usual practice at that time of either taking on a surname from Governor General Narciso Claver�...

Hyacinth Exito Sunico (Exito) (deceased)

Ireneo Rogelio Cirico Sunico (deceased)

Isabel Paras Sunico (deceased)

Isabel Paras Sunico (deceased)

Isidro Sunico (deceased)

Isidro S. Sunico (deceased)

Isidro Sunico (deceased)

Jorge D. Sunico (c.1884 - d.)

Jorge Sunico (deceased)

Jose T. Sunico (deceased)

Josefina B. Sunico-Salazar (deceased)

Juliana S. Sunico-Sevilla (b. - c.1945)

Juliana Sunico (deceased)

Julio Sunico (deceased)

Julio S. Sunico (deceased)

Julio is a full brother, not a half-brother.

Julito Lozano Sunico (deceased)

Julito Sunico (deceased)

Julito Sunico (deceased)

Kimberley Ann Ford Sunico (deceased)

leon sunico (deceased)

Lily Sunico (1925 - d.)

Lisa May Ford Sunico (deceased)

Lorenzo D. Sunico (c.1887 - c.1950)

Lorenzo Sunico (deceased)

Lorenzo Jr. P. Sunico (deceased)

Lorenzo was the first dean of the College of Criminology of the Manuel L. Quezon University, and Deputy Director for Technical Services of the NBI.

Loreto T. Sunico-Sarenas (deceased)

Loreto S. Sarenas (deceased)

Luciana Dela Cruz - Sunico (deceased)

Macaria P. Sunico (c.1880 - 1967)

Macario Dominguez Sunico (deceased)

Manuel Sunico (deceased)

Manuel R. Sunico (deceased)

Marcos Sunico (deceased)

Marcos T. Sunico (deceased)

Maria S. Sunico-Jaucian (c.1878 - c.1899)

Maria died a year after her only child, Jose, was born.

Maria Sunico (deceased)

Milagros R. Sunico-Zamora (b. - c.2014)

Nati Sunico (deceased)

Natividad C. Sunico-Eleizegui (1903 - 2001)

NELFA SUNICO (deceased)

Nicanora P. Sunico-Recto (c.1910 - d.)

Nicanora Sunico (deceased)

Nilda Sunico - Castro (1925 - c.2006)

Nilda Sunico (Castro) (deceased)

Nilda P. Sunico-Castro (c.1925 - c.2006)

Nilda, who was Chairman of the Pediatrics Department of the Manila Central University Hospital, was honored in 2003 as one of Ten Outstanding Citizens in Caloocan City

Oscar Sunico (1921 - 2008)

Oscar P. Sunico (c.1921 - c.2008)

Pacifico F. Sunico (deceased)

Pacita C. Sunico (deceased)