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Oleg Sviatoslavich of Drelinia MP (959 - 977)

Sviatoslavich (-killed [976/77], bur Vruchiy). The Primary Chronicle names Yaropolk, Oleg and Vladimir as grandsons of Olga. His father designated him in 972 as ruler in Dereva. The source which record...

Saint Vladimir I "Velikiy" "the Great" Prince of Novgorod MP (c.957 - 1015)

Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great, also sometimes spelled Volodymer (Old East Slavic: Володимеръ Свя...

Oleg Mikhaïl Sviatoslavich Gorislavich Prince of Chernigov (1058 - 1115)

Pr Svyatoslav II of Chernigov (1054-73), Great Pr of Kiev (1073-76), *1027, +1076; m.2m: 1070 Oda von Babenberg, a half-sister of Archbp Burghard of Trier; He had issue: * A1. Gleb, Pr of Novgorod ...

Saint Vlarimir the Great Sviatoslavich, Grand Prince of Kiev (c.958 - 1015)