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Fran Tarkenton MP

Atlanta, GA, USA

Francis Asbury "Fran" Tarkenton (born February 3, 1940) is a former professional football player, TV personality, and computer software executive. He is best known for playing quarterback with the ...

Addie J. Cross (Tarkenton) (c.1856 - c.1930)

Albert Lee Tarkenton (1908 - 1958)

Alethea Hall (Tarkenton) (1850 - c.1905)

Alice T. Tarkenton (deceased)

Alletha Tarkenton (Goff) (deceased)

Amanda Tarkenton (Thompson) (deceased)

Amanda Elizabeth Tarkenton (Lambert) (1856 - 1921)

Amanda E. Davis (Tarkenton) (deceased)

Amelia Tarkenton (Phelps) (deceased)

Amelia Tarkenton (deceased)

Amelia West (Tarkenton) (c.1812 - c.1883)

According to the 1850 census in Tyrell County, NC, Amelia West went by "Milly" and was 38 years old at the time with two children -- Mathias (4) and Rodea (2). The census reveals that she and William W...

Angeline Campbell (Tarkenton) (c.1831 - d.)

Ann Tarkenton (1817 - 1894)

Anna Tarkenton (Norman) (deceased)

Anna May Tarkenton (c.1875 - c.1965)

Anne Tarkenton (Starke) (c.1700 - c.1777)

Annie L. Tarkenton (c.1888 - d.)

Araminta Tarkenton (c.1850 - c.1851)

Artie Beatrice Tarkenton (Calhoun) (1910 - d.)

Barnett Tarkenton (c.1909 - d.)

Bathesba Tarkenton (Layden) (deceased)

Bertie Tarkenton (c.1890 - d.)

Bessie Tarkenton (Worley) (deceased)

Betsy Tarkenton (Cox) (deceased)

Beulah Tarkenton (c.1893 - c.1920)

Booker Charter Tarkenton (c.1832 - d.)

Burrell Washington Tarkenton (1807 - 1888)

Catherine Tarkenton (Duty) (deceased)

Charles Eugene Tarkenton (deceased)

Charles E. Tarkenton (c.1852 - d.)

Clyde Tarkenton (deceased)

Cora L. Tarkenton (c.1868 - d.)

Cora Tarkenton (Patterson) (deceased)

Curtis Lee Tarkenton (deceased)

Dallas Matthew Tarkenton, Jr. (1913 - 1975)

Dallas M Tarkenton (1886 - 1920)

Delilah Castleman (Tarkenton) (c.1839 - d.)

Della Susan Tarkenton (Neely) (1879 - 1951)

Devora Lee Tarkenton (Stevens) (deceased)

Dorcus Tarkenton (1846 - 1916)

Eddy Tarkenton (deceased)

Edith Elizabeth Tarkenton (Lewis) (1902 - 1936)

Edith Tarkenton (Capps) (deceased)

Edna Tarkenton (c.1903 - d.)

Elgin Harrison Tarkenton (1877 - 1955)

Elizabeth Tarkenton (deceased)

Elizabeth Tarkenton (c.1871 - c.1953)

Elizabeth Tarkenton (Perisho) (1795 - 1817)

Ellen Tarkenton (Durley) (deceased)

Ellen Tarkenton (Durley) (1804 - 1846)

Elton P. Tarkenton (c.1876 - d.)

Elvira Tarkenton (c.1840 - d.)

Emily Mabern Tarkenton (Beasley) (c.1831 - c.1870)

Ena Tarkenton (c.1907 - d.)

Ernestine Tarkenton (deceased)

Esther Tarkenton (c.1767 - d.)

Esther Tarkenton (Hassell) (deceased)

Esther Tarkenton (1790 - d.)

Esther Tarkenton (Hassell) (1737 - 1830)

Ethel Tarkenton (c.1900 - d.)

Evilene Tarkenton (Turner) (c.1853 - d.)

Fannie Yates (Tarkenton) (1886 - d.)

Felix Tarkenton (1828 - 1902)

Finis J. Tarkenton (b. - 1943)

Flo Tarkenton (deceased)

Frances Tarkenton (deceased)

Frances Tarkenton (deceased)

Francis Marion Tarkenton (c.1823 - c.1891)

George Tarkenton (deceased)

George C. Tarkenton (c.1878 - d.)

George Rayford Tarkenton (c.1882 - c.1962)

George Clevelin Tarkenton (1888 - 1890)

George Washington Tarkenton (c.1845 - d.)

George Tarkenton (deceased)

George Mabern Tarkenton (c.1854 - c.1926)

Georgia Alma Tarkenton (deceased)

Gertrude Brickhouse (Tarkenton) (c.1883 - 1914)

Guilford D. Tarkenton (c.1829 - c.1863)

Harriet Jane Tarkenton (c.1833 - c.1923)

Hattie Ann Trotter (Tarkenton) (1884 - 1959)

Helen Tarkenton (deceased)

Helen Isabelle Tarkenton (c.1851 - c.1930)

Henry Fisher Tarkenton (deceased)

Henry Clay Tarkenton (c.1896 - d.)

Hollie Tarkenton (c.1872 - d.)

Horace Tarkenton (c.1898 - d.)

Hugh Tarkenton (c.1851 - c.1930)

Hugh Tarkenton (deceased)

Ida M. Tarkenton (c.1872 - d.)

Ioda B. Tarkenton (deceased)

J. Henry Tarkenton (deceased)

James Foster Tarkenton (c.1882 - c.1963)

James F. Tarkenton (c.1841 - d.)

James White Tarkenton (c.1806 - c.1868)

Jefferson O. Tarkenton (c.1852 - c.1854)

Jefferson O. Tarkenton (c.1804 - 1893)

Jesse Tarkenton (deceased)

Jesse B. Tarkenton (c.1767 - c.1854)

Jimmie Lee Tarkenton (1895 - 1971)